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This is an attempt, through use the Creation Kit, to fix the "broken" transaction script when purchasing a house from a steward. The issue addressed is when the purchase dialog option appears but selecting it does nothing. Likewise when purchasing decorations for the house. This "fix" only accounts for houses in the vanilla game.

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Skyrim – House PurchaseDialog Fix (Experimental)
Issue: Dialog options for purchasing houses and decoration packages appear, but do nothing when selected. I can purchase land plots from the Hearthfire DLC, but default houses for purchase in cities does not work properly.
Notes: No mods to modify houses, house purchasing or steward dialog have been installed.
Potential Fix: I spent a few hours toying around in the creation kit and console to look at dialogs and quest stages. I had put
notification messages (Debug.Notification(“...”))in the scripts (i.e. TIF__000A7B1E.psc)and compiled them, but nothing seemed to work. I appeared as if the script
fragment wasn’t even firing. Then, sort of willy-nilly, I edited the content of the Papyrus Fragment tab (in the Scripts section at the bottom center of the Topic
Info window) and compiled it. Suddenly, the dialog option to purchase the house worked!
After getting the house purchase to work, I did the same forthe purchasing of decorations and everything went smoothly (save for the
conversion to Child Bedrooms as those options require Hearthfire scripts and I haven’t messed with those yet).
In any event, I hope my research proves beneficial to others who are having similar issues with dialog scripts not working. I’ve only tested this with Whiterun so far since that’s the only city house available to me in my current play through. If I can verify that edits to the ESP can correct this issue without including compiles scripts/ESM, I’ll update this post with a real ESP file (or if it only works with the additional resources, I'll update with that bunch of files instead. If none of that works, well...).
In the Creation Kit Object Window,
  1. Open the Character menu in the left menu tree
  2. Select Quest menu item
  3. Find/Filter for the quest HousePurchase and open it
  4. Select the Player Dialog tab
  5. In the Branches list, select the House[city]* EditorID branch you want to edit ([city] is the name of the city the house resides in)
  6. In the Topics list, select House[city]Reply1 (it will be the one with “Wonderful! Here is the key to your new home” as the reply text)
  7. In the Scripts section, add some arbitrary code to the Papyrus Fragment tab in the End section (I chose to use ;nocomment). This is required to force the code to compile, thus updating whatever bit of script the game needs to trigger the transaction.
  8. Close everything up, save the mod and you shouldbe good to go

Note: Compiling the Topic Info in the Decorate[city]View* branches is handled the same way.
Quest: HousePurchase,HouseWhiterunBranch, HousePurchaseResponse1

Quest: HousePurchase,DecorateWhiterunViewTopic1, DecorateWhiterunAlchemy