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Greatly increases the Skyrim sneak difficulty.

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Hardcore Sneaking

Hardcore Sneaking greatly increases the sneak difficulty in Skyrim. Long gone are the days of remaining undetected in broad daylight or standing right in front of enemies that somehow cannot see you.

- Player is now worse at sneaking at level 0
- Enemies are now 50% better at detecting the player by sound if they have a line-of-sight
- It is now twice as hard to sneak in lit areas
- It is now 2.5x as hard to sneak in lit areas outside, making it near impossible to sneak in daylight
- Enemies will not stop searching for the player if they have been attacked
- Enemies' detection distance has been increased by 20%
- Enemies are 20% better at detecting the player by sound
- Sleeping enemies are worse at hearing the player (before sleeping enemies had the same sound detection as if they were awake)
- Armor weight plays a more important role in detection (don't try to sneak in heavy armor)
- Enemies react to dead bodies at a further distance
- Enemies' view cones have been decreased from 190 degrees to 135 degrees, allowing the player to sneak more effectively on their sides
- Sneak scale detection has been decreased by 25%, meaning you do not get as good at sneaking per level of sneak

- Install into data folder using mod manager of choice or manually
- Safe to uninstall at any point as it only changes vanilla game settings

Recommended Mods:
This mod is designed to be used with interior lighting mods as vanilla interior lighting is very bright to where any enemy should be able to see you. Using an interior lighting mod will make interiors and shadows much darker and more immersive for sneaking.

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