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Adds sneak attacks, skill level damage scaling, enchantments, and better enchantments on unarmored clothing to give destruction magic a bit more punch at higher levels.

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  • German
This mod makes destruction magic more competitive with other combat disciplines, and makes the damage scale better with level, by adding:

  • Destruction skill level damage boosts (0% at zero skill up to 100% at 100 skill)
  • Destruction damage enchantments on head, hands, rings and necklaces
  • 25% stronger combat, magic, health, magicka, and stamina enchantments on unarmored clothing
  • Better balanced Equilibrium spell (damage no longer increases with difficulty level, and is halved by the novice level alteration perk)
  • Triple damage for destruction sneak attacks
  • Three new spells, Inferno, Electrocution, and Frigid Grasp, offer high damage, low magicka cost fallback spells for when magicka runs low (50% more damage than Flames, Sparks, and Frostbite at 2/3rds the magicka cost and 1/3rd the range)

New spells and enchanted items are added to leveled lists via script, so there are no compatibility issues. The only vanilla record that is changed is the Equilibrium spell, so it won't conflict with perk overhauls. Sneak attack damage boost and skill based damage boost can be disabled via the Deadly Destruction Configuration lesser power.

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