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Last updated at 15:11, 1 May 2017 Uploaded at 18:56, 31 Oct 2016

A special 'lite' version of KS Hairdos - this version features 20 male and 20 female hairstyles that can be applied by visting the face changer in Riften or by typing 'showracemenu' in the console (can be slow to load if you have lots of cosmetic add-ons). 

As an added bonus, KS Hairdos Lite changes the hairstyles of most of the followers in Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn too. If you just want the hairstyles there's also a standalone 'No NPCs' version.

Created with the kind permission of KS Hairdos creators: Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos and Shocky - you can find the full KS Hairdos - Renewal here.

*New for v1.3* Adds an extra 5 male and 5 female hairstyles - also finished adding KS hairdos to most of the followers in Skyrim. Removed hoods from Brelyna, Onmund, Illia & Erandur and also Njada's helmet so you can see their hair.

Known issues: due to changing their default clothing, if you've already used Brelyna, Onmund, Illia, Erandur or Njada as a follower you might find them running around in their underwear - take any items off them you want to keep then open the console, click on them and type 'resetinventory'