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This mod aims to make Skyrim feel a little more gritty, and a little more "realistic". I've changed a few things. most of the things already have mods out there to make the changes i have, this just puts them all in one big mod. I have included all the mods individually encase you already have a mod that you like that changes something my mod does.

Permissions and credits
Ok,so i set out to make this mod to try and make Skyrim feel more like a challenging action/adventure game. After I put a hundred hours or so into the Vanilla game i felt a little underwhelmed. But i know that not everyone will agree on what Skyrim should play like, so i added all aspects of my mod as individual files as well, and any mods that i have adapted into mine. So whether you are for some reason just now getting into Skyrim, or just looking for a different feel of the game, i hope this mod finds you well.

*this is the first iteration of my mod, i have done several hours of testing with other mods (which i will link) but i'm sure there is still work to do. Specifically with the food part of the mod. So please, please, PLEASE. leave me some feed back, it will be so greatly appreciated.

So what exactly does this little overhaul do?

-increases the overall damage done. You will do slightly less damage on very hard and significantly less damage on Legendary. The only thing changing the difficulty in game does otherwise is control how much damage you take. (on hard the damage multiplier for the player and AI is the same)

-along with that i had to make a few more changes to combat: decreased sneak attack damage some, increased the amount of damage that is blocked by default, get slightly more xp since game is more challenging, and increased max damage resistance from 80% to 88%. 

-makes it so that warlocks and necromancers give a proximity warning  before attacking, since magic is alot more nasty.

-greatly reduced health regen so that you will have to eat or rest after a nasty fight, cut magica regen in half to make it more strategic and balanced, slightly reduced stamina regen.

-got rid of starting spells

-adjusted carry weights to be less (depends on race)

-unlevels quest items

-changes stealth (see 'Realistic AI Detection')

-changes archery (see 'ArcheryV2')

-removes alchemy and enchantments that increase crafting skills. i was initially only going to get rid of enchanting effects, but the alchemy works for the next part. (see 'BASE')

-changed poison damage for spiders and chaurus, AND MADE IT SO CURE POISONS DO SOMETHING. Because in vanilla cure poison had no real effect because those 'abilities' were considered spells, not poisons. Along with that i made it so that you can actually CRAFT cure poisons. All the ingredients that had fortify enchanting or smithing now cure poison when combined!

-made some slight changes to perks. Mainly that for your armour perks, it now requires 4 perk points instead of 5 for the first perk.

-some other misc. minor changes.

So thats pretty much it as is, remember you can download all of these separate and pick and choose what fits you! 

Changes i would like to add to this mod in the future:

-alchemy xp for picking alchemy ingredients/\maybe change of getting different amounts of ingredients depending on skill lvl.

-alch recipes give xp and teach you properties of ingredients.

-add different qualities of gear in loot drops

-probably make a seperate mod, but i would love to make materials have different effects like spell resistance and armor piercing for weapons.

-make changes to enemies to make them more challenging, more interesting.

-change racial abilities for playable races (kahjit night eye has no time limit)

Known bugs:
-crafted cure potions are expensive.

-Not really a bug per se. but you will need to make compatibility patches depending on what mods you grab from the "a la carte" files.

Load order/Compatibility:

Load near the bottom, as long as you go "a la carte" then it should pretty much be compatible with anything then other than damage mods.


please let me know in the forums if there is any compatibility patches you would like me to make for your favorite mods!

Other authors mods included in this one:

Let me know if you can think of any other mods out there that would be a good addition please!

Highly recommended mods: Mod Organizer 2 (currently the best mod organizer out there really) static mesh improvement TK dodge Run for your lives RS Children Overhual Realistic Water Two Realistic Lighting Overhual No Spinning Death Animation Lean Wolfs Improved Enchanters Candle Mesh Lean Wolfs Better Shaped Weapons Dual Wield Blocking for Idiots Cutting Room Floor Better Horses Beast Skeletons Bags and Pouches WICO (WARNING: some versions contain nudity) Unique Uniques KS Dragons Overhual

My current mod list/ load order:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Cutting Room Floor.esp
WICO - Immersive People.espRSChildren.esp
RLO - Interiors.espReverb and Ambiance Overhaul -
Skyrim.espRLO -
Effects.espRLO -
Run For Your Lives.esp
RLO - Illuminated Spells.esp
RLO - VIS Patch.espImmersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
Dual Blocking for Idiots v1.35a.esp
Better Horses 3.0.esp
Immersive Patrols II.esp
The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp
Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
Athletik Combat SSE.esp
Ars Metallica.esp
WICO - Immersive Character.esp
WICO - Wild Hunt Gears.esp
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
WICO - Immersive Dawnguard.espUnique Uniques.espAnimations.esp
KS Dragon Overhaul.esp
dD-No Spinning Death Animation Merged.esp
Unleveled_Items.espRealistic AI Detection 2 SE - Medium Interior, Medium Exterior.esp
aofyc-damage and combat mod.esp
aofyc- perk change mod.esp
aofyc- food mod.esp
aofyc- Carry Weight mod.esp
aofyc- carry wieght.esp
aofyc- regens mod.esp
aofyc- no starting spells.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
RealisticWaterTwo - FlowingLakes.espRealisticWaterTwo - Watercolor.esp
carry wieght PATCH.esp

Special thanks and credit:

Vactrol- archery mod

OlivierDoorenbos- AI detection

SkylerModder- unleveled items

Qwesar- Balanced Alchemy Smithing and Enchanting

Thanks so much to these great people for letting them include their content in my mod!!!