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This mod aims to make Skyrim feel a little more gritty, a little more logical, and a little bit more like well thought out elderscrolls game... no im sorry, i didn't touch any of the quests... yet..

Permissions and credits
Ok, so i set out to make this mod to try and make Skyrim feel more like a challenging action/adventure game. After I put a hundred hours or so into the Vanilla game i felt a little underwhelmed. I tried not only adding and changing things a little more to my liking, but also adding some mods into this one that are just overall great QoL and game play mods to try and make modding skyrim a little easier. But i know people like mods they already have that change the same things in a different way, or just don't like the changes at all. So i added all aspects of my mod as individual files as well, and any mods that i have adapted into mine. So whether you are for some reason just now getting into Skyrim, or just looking for a different feel of the game, i hope this mod finds you well.

*This mod is complete as far as my testing has gone. I'm sure there are improvements i could make, please feel free to leave your honest feedback and i would be glad to make updates. If you leave feedback on what could be better or changed ii would appreciate it greatly!

Who is this mod for?

Anyone who wants to have a slightly different Skyrim experience, but wants to stay pretty close to vanilla. This really just an improved vanilla overhaul (i guess thats what most mods are) I tried to just make the vanilla mechanics a little more convenient, a little more rewarding, or in some instances the game a little more challenging.

So what exactly does this slight overhaul do?

-increases the overall damage done to and by you. But you can decrease/ increase how much damage is done to you with the difficulty setting. It isn't until you hit the bottom rung (very easy) or top rung (legendary) that the damage you deal is effected. So essentially you always deal the same amount of damage (about 1.5x more damage than vanilla). Here is how it stacks up compared to Vanilla:

aofyc damage to(how much you do)/ damage by (how much is done to you)

Very easy: 1.825/ .5
Easy:         1.675/ 1.0
Normal:    1.675/ 1.525
Hard:         1.675/1.675
Very hard: 1.675/ 1.825
Legend:     1.525/ 1.825

Vanilla damage to/ to you

VE:   2/ .5
E:     1.5/ .75
N:     1/ 1
H:    .7/ 1.5
VH: .5/ 2
L:    .25/ 3

-this mod also changes armor rating a little. I reduced the amount of protection each armor point of armor rating gives you (from .12 to .09) but increased the base amount of protection armor gives (from 3% per piece, to 5% per piece). And also increased max protection rating (from 80% to 89%). So if you put on a full set of armor (4 pieces, heavy or light, shields dont count as) you get 20% damage reduction, plus just shy of 10% reduction for what ever your armor rating is (max protection with 4 pieces of armor would be 770 armor rating) This makes armor a bit more protective at the start of the game, making it more imperative that armor is the reason you can survive getting hit multiple times with sharp objects. Yes this does make Mage armor slightly Nerffed, but you kill anything before it gets to you with magic anyways with the extra damage you do. This also give NPCs wearing armor better resistance, since most of the time you wont find them wearing anything all to protective (light armor, occasionally steel plate, and ebony later) But if you a are a mage you ignore armor rating anyway....

-along with that i had to make a few more changes to combat: decreased sneak attack damage some, increased the amount of damage that is blocked by default (increased), get slightly more xp since game is more challenging and combat goes quicker. And make it so that warlocks and necromancers give a proximity warning  before attacking, since magic is a lot more nasty.

-Health, Magica, and stamina regeneration has been reduced. But depending on the race you pick, the regen for one of those stats might say more or less the same (more on this later).

-got rid of starting spells since i didn't like that you are forced to start out with leaned spells. (added spells to be found in beginning of the game) 

-adjusted carry weights so they are all a flat 200

-unlevels quest items

-changes stealth (see 'Realistic AI Detection')

-changes archery (see 'ArcheryV2')

-removed the ability to disenchant enchantments that increase crafting skills to eliminate the crafting loop.

-changed poison damage for spiders and chaurus, AND MADE IT SO CURE POISON POTIONS DO SOMETHING. Because in vanilla cure poison had no real effect because those 'abilities' were considered spells, not poisons. BE WARNED POISON NOW LASTS A LOT LONGER AND YOU SHOULD TRY TO BE PREPARED WITH A FEW CURE POISONS ON YOU. Or be able to out heal the damage for duration.

-Along with that i made it so that you can actually CRAFT cure poisons. Ingredients that now combine to make cure poisons: Glowing mushrooms (replaced fortify health), spawns ash (replaced ravage magica), red mtn flower (replaced ravage magica), grass pod (replaced ravage magica), blue dart wing (replaced restore health), Sprigan sap (which now cures disease and poison, replace fort enchanting and smithing, since we already have enough ingredients for that). 
If it seems i removed everything with ravage magica there is still; Frost mirriam, lavender, orange dartwing, scathecraw, and white cap. So i thought 7 ingredients with ravage magica was a bit much.

-*As i noted earlier, i added spells to the vanilla start of the game, as well as a list of ingredients that now cure poison. As poison is very deadly now, i recommend doing the vanilla start with this mod to get use to the changes, as it will be a lot easier starting out.

-made food significantly more powerful, with a resource over time regen that gives about 20pts depending on what kind of food. And also a slight 5-20pt buff to your resource(s) depending on what kind of food you eat (sort of based it on ESO meat for health, vegitables for stamina, and sweets for magica).

-Changed standing stones to be more significant, and nerffed some of the OP ones "cough atronach", and tried to make them all equally feesable. But i didnt go that deep into them, just improved on what was already there basically. For the ritual and the serpant: i left them mostly the same, but are much more powerful now, as the ritual effect now lasts 24 hours. And the serpent is a lesser power and can be used every 5 seconds (reduced the speed of projectile, added gravity to it, and made it so poison resistance resists the effect so Vampires, drougr, automations, and anything else that cant be effected by poison are not effected)

-I made some changes to the vanilla perks. But since most people like to have their own perk mods, and because changing perks mid game is ill advised, i left the perk changes out of the main file. You can download and install it under the "optional" files.
  • removed helmet requirement for all but last perks in the armor trees. 
  • Any perk that had 5 ranks that increased effectiveness up to 100% has been changed to one rank that scales off skill up to 100%
  • Pretty much overhauled smithing. You now can improve better based off of skill level, and the types of armor you can create are clumped together so that you dont have to choose light or heavy armor, but they are separated by different classifications: basic armor, advanced armor, rare armor, crystalline armor, deadric armor, and dragon armor. 

-some other misc. quality of life improvements.

Race regen changes

As mentioned before regens have been altered, health regen has been altered to be very slow, at best it will regen at .55 (vanilla was .7). Magica will regen a little bit slower, at best 2.5 (vanilla 3.0) and stamina is the only one that as a main stat, remains the same (5.0)

Now here is how the regens for races works:
Every race has a strong ability, a weak ability, and a medium ability (unefected/ mid strength). The first stat means it has the best regen, and a 5pt. starting stat boost. middle remains unaffected stat wise, and will have less than vanilla regen. The tertiary stat gets -5pt. starting debuff, and has the worst regen.

But not all regens are not equal. Here is how they play out depend on which place they are in;
health: .55, .3, .18   (vanilla .7)
Stamina: 5, 4, 3       (vanilla 5)
Magica: 2.5, 2, 1.5  (vanilla 3)

Races and thier stat placements:
Woodelf: S,M,H
Redguard: S,H,M
Orc: H,M,S
Nord: H,S,M
Khajit: S,H,M
Imperial: S,M,H
High Elf: M,H,S
Dark Elf: M,S,H
Breton: M,S,H
Argonian: H,M,S

I did this so that each race at least is slightly more viable for a build than another, and i didnt go too extreme so you can still play any race anyway you want. But you will not find it quite as easy. Now of course there are standing stones that (now especially) make up for the lowered regens if you want to play a magica Nord (H,S,M) or something that breaks the mold.

So thats pretty much it, remember you can download all of these separate and pick and choose what fits you! (for the most part, let me know if there is something you wish was optional that isn't)

Changes i would have liked to have added to this mod, but i couldn't figure out.
  • Food only being a buff at full health
  • Marksman base skill increases reload/ draw speed instead of damage per skill level
  • Add different quality (fine-legendary) of gear into drops and gear NPCs use
  • Make things taken off of dead guards, imperials, and storm cloaks considered stealing (since looting bodies is a crime)
  • Make it so getting to a certain association with a guild would make training withing the guild free.

Known bugs:
-crafted cure potions are slightly expensive.

-Not really a bug per se. but you will need to make compatibility patches depending on what mods you grab from the "a la carte" files.

Load order/Compatibility:

Load near the bottom, as long as you go "a la carte" then it should pretty much be compatible with anything then other than damage mods.


please let me know in the forums if there is any compatibility patches you would like me to make for your favorite mods!

Other authors mods included in this one:

Let me know if you can think of any other mods out there that would be a good addition please!

Highly recommended mods: Mod Organizer 2 (currently the best mod organizer out there really) static mesh improvement TK dodge Run for your lives RS Children Overhual Realistic Water Two Realistic Lighting Overhual No Spinning Death Animation Lean Wolfs Improved Enchanters Candle Mesh Lean Wolfs Better Shaped Weapons Dual Wield Blocking for Idiots Cutting Room Floor Better Horses Beast Skeletons Bags and Pouches WICO (WARNING: some versions contain nudity) Unique Uniques KS Dragons Overhual

My current mod list/ load order:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Cutting Room Floor.esp
WICO - Immersive People.espRSChildren.esp
RLO - Interiors.espReverb and Ambiance Overhaul -
Skyrim.espRLO -
Effects.espRLO -
Run For Your Lives.esp
RLO - Illuminated Spells.esp
RLO - VIS Patch.espImmersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
Dual Blocking for Idiots v1.35a.esp
Better Horses 3.0.esp
Immersive Patrols II.esp
The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp
Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
Athletik Combat SSE.esp
Ars Metallica.esp
WICO - Immersive Character.esp
WICO - Wild Hunt Gears.esp
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
WICO - Immersive Dawnguard.espUnique Uniques.espAnimations.esp
KS Dragon Overhaul.esp
dD-No Spinning Death Animation Merged.esp
Unleveled_Items.espRealistic AI Detection 2 SE - Medium Interior, Medium Exterior.esp
aofyc-damage and combat mod.esp
aofyc- perk change mod.esp
aofyc- food mod.esp
aofyc- Carry Weight mod.esp
aofyc- carry wieght.esp
aofyc- regens mod.esp
aofyc- no starting spells.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
RealisticWaterTwo - FlowingLakes.espRealisticWaterTwo - Watercolor.esp
carry wieght PATCH.esp

Special thanks and credit:

Vactrol- archery mod

OlivierDoorenbos- AI detection

SkylerModder- unleveled items

Qwesar- Balanced Alchemy Smithing and Enchanting

Thanks so much to these great people for letting them include their content in my mod!!!