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ENB preset for a bunch of weather mods with focus on customization and screenarchery while still being usable for gameplay. Description with a massive tutorial for most enb parameters and their effects.

Permissions and credits

Originally this preset should focus heavily and almost exclusively on screenarchery (a bit like Snapdragon ENB for Oldrim). That is still the main focus of the preset and includes some new unique features that should come in handy.
The switching between styles didn't only benefit screenarchery however, it also helped everyone that wanted to customize his/her preset and I begann to add more options to quickly and extensively adjust the settings where they are needed. Combined with the detailed tutorial I wrote down below, it should be easy to tweak the preset exactly the way you want to.
While I could have simplified a lot of parameters for easier tweaking I felt like that would limit the control the user has over the preset.

This doesn't mean that the preset won't look good without any tweaking! The base preset is good to go as is and represents the way I wanted my ENB to look like. I only included the customization options because everyone wants a different look for his/her ENB and to make it as easy and as fast as possible to achieve exactly that.

I also used ELFX (+ Enhancer) for my screenshots, so install that one too if you want the same look I have.

Now, lets get into the details of the preset - What functions can you expect?

Styles and Color Correction

The ENB contains 9 bigger styles (LUTs++) and some smaller ones (normal LUTs) at the moment, that can be switched ingame.
They range from a good all round preset (Main) to more stylized and cinematic ones (Heastrom/Somber).
They can be used to create a desired atmosphere for a screenshot or to simply customize the preset.

ENB Ambient Occlusion
Because the vanilla Ambient Occlusion is a joke for character screenshots.


Not only used to enhance bright lights but also to soften the image without loosing details and to bring in more color in some styles.

Subsurface Scattering
Vastly improved lighting for translucent materials like skin. Turns the skin from plastic to realistic.

More realistic rain with environment refraction. If you don't like it you can easily disable it.

Depth of Field +
High Quality DoF with some neat and unique features like focusing with your mouse, Color Correction of the DoF area or a built in green screen.

Two kind of Lenses are available. One of them produces a more realistic and heavier lensflare effect and the other one is a more subtle version from the Oldrim base ENB.

SMAA is implemented into the ENB and can be deactivated ingame. Its one of the best AA methods for Special Edition atm.

Create the perfect mood for a specific screenshot beyond the possibilities of the included styles.
A "little" realtime photoshop/lightroom inside your ENB to customize everything to your liking.

Unique customizable vignette effect with four different blending modes. Easy to disable if you don't like it.

Enhances the image quality by bringing out texture details. "Unsharp Mask / Luma Sharpening on steroids"

ENB Night Eye
Fixes the night eye by replacing the normal one that doesn't work when an ENB is used with a new customizable one.
Look for the Night eye section in the customization chapter below to learn more about it.

Moderate to high performance impact. This isn't a lightweight preset!

For more performance or quality tips read the additional infos in the customization section!

The different presets represent a mix of my vision for the ENB and my take on the weather mod authors inteded look. They range from high fantasy (Dolomite and Mythical) to a mix between fantasy and realism (Obsidian and Vivid) and finally to the most realistic one (NAT).

Dolomite Weathers
Bright colors with more bloom than the other presets. One could say it's like a brighter more colorful version of Obsidian. If you want a high fantasy skyrim this is the one you want to use (or you can test the preset for mythical ages).

Obsidian Weathers
Balanced weathers and a good consistent look thanks to its design. This preset is a hyprid between fantasy and realism but leans more towards fantasy. Thick storms, clear and colorful days and medium intensity rainfall.

Vivid Weathers
Fantasy with a touch of realism again. Tons of weather variations with some unique features like real snowflake particles. A more than solid alternative to Obsidian Weathers if your looking for a fantasy/realism hybrid preset.

NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel
This preset leans far more towards realism than the first three while still having a touch of fantasy to it.
Procedural Sun and Lensflare have been disabled by default because NAT uses its own lensflare effect when looking into the sun.
ENB Rain has been disabled as well, because of the way NAT cuts of rain particles (doesn't look good with the ENB rain).
The disabled effects are still available and tweaked for NAT if you want to use them!

Recommended - disable NATs SSS, sunlight variation and wet effect features

Requested Presets
Whats the difference between the normal ones and requested ones you ask? I made the normal preset with the weather mods that fit the ENB the most in my opinion, so the four main presets are basically just my recommendations.
These requested ones are the presets for everyone that wants to stick with their favourite weather mod and doesn't care for my recommendation (which is totally fine, thats why I made those presets in the first place).

Climates of Tamriel
Another more realistic preset. This one is more washed out and cloudy/dull because it uses more fog/volumetric lighting when compared to the NAT version.
I don't use CoT myself, but if you like the atmosphere that it provides you will most likely enjoy this preset as well.

Mythical Ages
I wanted to throw the preset for this weather mod into the normal section first, because it looks fantastic. Colorful sunsets/-rises and bright days make this a superb option for a high fantasy skyrim setup. If you don't like Dolomite but still want a fantasy preset you have to try this one.

Vanilla Weathers
For everyone that likes Bethesda's weathers. Thats it basically!

Feels like a less intense (but somehow also less consistent) version of Obsidian and Dolomite. Has some dark toned cloudy and stormy weathers but also bright and colorful clear days.

Showcase by Digital Dreams (older Dolomite Version)

Showcase by Hodilton (older NAT Version)

Some screenshots from users


Big thank you to everyone that made a video or posted screenshots of the ENB! <3

Styles are the first and easiest step in customizing your ENB or setting up a specific mood for a screenshot.
And if you aren't quiet satisified with any of styles you can also use lightroom to tweak it even more (for infos on that look into advanced customization down below)

All styles that begin with "Silent Skies" are bigger ones. They have different LUTs I created myself and also modify some other settings (only bloom atm).
The other ones are smaller styles that only use different LUTs.
The prefixes have different meanings, "PS" for example indicates a LUT that I created from one of the Photoshop 3D-LUTs.

To swap between the different styles go to the TECHNIQUE entry of the ENBEFFECT.FX in the ENB GUI and choose one from the drop down menu.
Click on the "Spoiler" to see how it looks ingame!


Pre-setup and helpful tweaks:

Required - Set Dynamic Range to full


Required/Highly Recommended - Ini tweaks


Required - Disable vanilla Depth of Field

Highly Recommended - Install ENB Particle Patch

Go to the ENB Particle Patch post and download the SE version.


- Download the 0.352 ENB Binary here (newer SHOULD also work)
- Copy d3d11.dll and decompiler_46e.dll into you skyrim game folder
- Download the preset from here
- Choose the right weather version you want to use
- Copy everything in that folder into the game folder
- (Optional) Copy one of the Depth of Field options into your game folder

This chapter will have two/three smaller sections that are targeted at differently skilled users/modders.
I'll give my best to describe all features as clear as possible, but English is not my native language!

Before you begin customizing your preset you should learn how the ingame GUI of the ENB is set up. (If you already know how the layout works just skip this step)


The most basic customization features are the different Depth of Field presets, antialiasing and turning on/off some features.
NOTE: Press shift + enter to open the ENB GUI when you are ingame.
NOTE: If I don't specify what a spoiler contains, it usually includes images of the ENB GUI with everything highlighted that I talk about in that specific paragraph.

You have four options here. SMAA, FXAA, TAA or ENB Edge AA (Or a combination of them)

Blurs all edges even the ones inside textures which can create a blur like effect for the whole image but has almost no performance impact. Can be easily combined with any other AA method.
Enable it inside the Skyrim Launcher or by changing bFXAAEnabled to 1 in the skyrimprefs.ini.

Looks really great when standing still, but introduces a motion blur like effect when moving.
Enable it inside the Skyrim Launcher or by changing bUseTAA to 1 in the skyrimprefs.ini.

Edge AA
Blurs the edges far too aggressive for my taste. I don't use it, but you can try it out yourself by activating it in the enblocal.ini (change EnableEdgeAA to true).

This is the best option right now imo and is included and activated out of the box in the preset (you could also try to combine it with other AA methods like FXAA if it isn't enough for your taste). If you don't want to use it you can just change the TECHNIQUE of the ENBPOSTPASS.FX to the one without "(SMAA)" in the name.

Depth of Field
There are some preconfigured options inside the download that you can just copy into the game folder.

Disable/Enable other effects

Rain, Lens or the Depth of Field effect can be toggled on and off on the left side of the GUI under EFFECTS.
Letterbox, Grain, Vignette or Sharpening can be turned on/off in the ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.FX on the right side (just scroll down a bit).


This is the part for all the screenarchers and tweakers.

This little sections contains the most performance intensive effects and how they can be toned down to safe a lot of frames or even turned up, if you still have some headroom and won't settle for anything but the best.

Ambient Occlusion
This sucker eats your performance for breakfast, but impacts the look of the game a lot!

Go into you enbseries.ini (not the ingame GUI) and search for "ResolutionScale" and "SourceTexturesScale". The best quality to performance ratio is somewhere between 0.5 and 0.7.
Lower values cost less performance but also reduce the quality of the effect, so keep that in mind!

If you want the best looking AO you can crank those values up  and reduce the FilterBluriness. You could also increase the SamplingQuality by changing it to -1.

This one can be done in the GUI again! Go into the ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.FX and scroll down to SHARPEN. The "Step Count" is the main value we are looking for.
If you increase it, more and finer details will be picked up by the sharpening and the overall image will look crisper and more detailed.
This doesn't come for free tho and if you want to save some frames you could try to reduce it.

Depth of Field
Basically, the heavier the DoF effect is the more performance you're going to loose. So choose a lighter DoF version from the folder I included if you want to safe performance!

Color Correction and Styles (the lightroom inside your ENB)

Even after choosing your preferred style you just can't get the look you want? Not a problem, this is where the built in "mini photoshop" can be used.
In the ENBEFFECPOSTPASS.FX is a long section called LIGHTROOM that is separated in Day, Night and Interior.
Hue, Exposure and Saturation can be set globally but also for every color separately.

The reds are too weak or you want to shift all yellow tones more towards orange? Or you want to filter out every color so only the blues are visible and all the other ones are black and white? You can do all of that right here.

The global settings apply to all colors and can be used to increase the contrast or to deepen the shadows for example.
And everything can be tweaked for Day, Night and Interior separately.

Create your own LUT

You have two options if you want to make your own LUT.
If you want to include one from somewhere else (like another ENB) you can skip to the third step.

Create a LUT through the ingame "LUT creation tool"

With the 1.6 update a new feature has been added to the ENB that gives you the possiblity to bake all your Color Correction settings from Lightroom into a LUT.
Note: This only works if you play with a resolution of 1920x1080 (so FullHD)! If you use another resolution use the next step

What gets baked into the LUT?
Everything that gets processed after the LUT overlay. So the LUT that you have selected (and its intensity) and every setting inside Lightroom (only Day, Night OR Interior, depending on the time of day and your location).
Another interesting interaction would be with ReShade. ReShade gets processsed after the ENB so everything that affects the colors of the image (FakeHDR, DPX, Curves, etc.) will be baked into the LUT aswell.
This can come in handy if you want to use the Color Correction options of ReShade shaders without having to run the application itself after you're done with your LUT. This does not include effects like Bloom, DoF, etc but that should be obvious.

How to create your own LUT?
First of, DISABLE all effects that have nothing to do with color correction in enbeffectpostpass.fx (and ReShade if you use it)!
This includes Vignette, Antialiasing (SMAA), Sharpening, Chromatic Aberration, Letterbox, Grain and Emboss.
If a non color correction effect is still active your LUT will come out wrong!

After you disabled all the effect, disable your ingame HUD (console command: tm) and take a screenshot with the "Print" key. Don't use steam screenshots function, unless you have the option activated to safe them as .png (you have to use a lossles format like .bmp or .png for the LUT).
The screenshot you took with the print key should have laneded inside your skyrim folder and is named "enb + the date and time of the capture.bmp".

Now you have to load the screenshot into a photo editor (Photoshop, GIMP or should work).
Crop out the LUT from the ingame overlay and save it as .png! (The LUT should have a resolution of 1024x32 now)
Now copy the LUT into "enbseries/LUTs/Custom" inside your skyrim folder and replace one of the LUTs that are already in there.

Depending on what number you choose you can now select your LUT ingame.
Don't forget to disable or reset all effects you baked into the LUT!

Create a LUT with Photoshop

The other option is to use a image editing software like Photoshop (GIMP or would also work, but this tutorial will be focused on Photoshop)
The benefit of this method is that you screen resolution doesn't matter and you have more control over the effects that will be baked into the LUT.

So, to begin you have to make a screenshot that you want to use as reference for you color correction. Deactivate any LUT (untick the box "Enable LUT" inside eneffect.fx) before taking your screenshot.

After you have taken your screenshot load it into Photoshop and add all the color correction you want to add. Curves, Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation, etc. Almost everything that can be added onto the image as adjustment layer can be baked into the LUT. Only effects like blur or sharpening and other stylized filters that can be selected at the top under "Filter" don't work.

If you are happy with the result go into "enbseries/LUTs/Custom" inside your skyrim folder and drag one of the LUTs into photoshop (they are all neutral LUTs). Put the LUT above your screenshot and under all the adjustment layers. Crop out the LUT and save it (it should have a resolution of 1024x32 now). Replace one of the custom LUTs with your own now.

You can choose your LUT ingame now (Depending on what number you choose to replace).
If some things still feel off rememer that you can still use Lightroom to tweak the preset in realtime.

Use a LUT from somewhere else

After the last update you can use all kind of LUTs as long as they are .png or you can convert them to .png (256x16, 1024x32 and 4096x64 are supported).

Copy your desired LUT into either:
"enbseries/LUTs/Custom 256" for 256  x 16 or
"enbseries/LUTs/Custom" for 1024 x 32 or
"enbseries/LUTs/Custom 4096" for 4096 x 64
indside your skyrim folder and replace one of the custom LUTs with the new one.

ENB Binary Parameters
Updated and moved to Silent Horizons articles section!

Depth of Field

All the Depth of Field options can be found in ENBDEPTHOFFIELD.FX on the right side of the GUI.


Choose your focus at the top by changing the "Focus Type" parameter.

Autofocus - Great for gameplay. Focus the middle of the screen automatically.
Mousefocus - Right click somewhere on the screen and the point will be focused automatically. Intuitive and fast, works great for taking screenshots.
Manuall Focus - If you want full control over the focus this is the mode for you.

More details with a quick explenation of all values from FOCUS,DOF and BOKEH in the "Spoiler"!


Color Correction of the DoF area.

CC Mask - Choose where the Color Correction should do it's thing. Should it only affect the heavier DoF region (bokeh mask) or should the CC include the entire effect?

Contrast, Saturation, Brightness - I don't think I need to explain those. But I will give you some ideas to spark your imagination of what you can do with this effect. You can decrease the saturation until everything except the focused object is black and white for example or Increase the contrast to enhance the bokeh effect of a starry nightsky.

Comparisson in the "Spoiler"


Did you ever want a dynamic ingame greenscreen? Here it is! Everything out of focus will be painted in the specified color and you can easily key out everything around the focused object later.

ENB Night Eye (aka. the Nighteye fix)

You can find the night eye options under ENBEFFECT.FX on the right side.

It is deactivated by default, because of bugs with different night eye and lighting mods.
The included values should work for ELE and ELFX (+Enhancer) with the vanilla night eye.

If you use other lighting or night eye mods you have to tweak the "NE:Params01[3].w Offset [I]" (Luminosity needs -1.3 for example).

How to tweak it you ask? First of, go indoors and activate the "NE:Debug". The bottom two squares in the top right corner have to be all white when your nightvision is active and all black when it's not. Now manipulate the parameter until you achieved exactly that.

The Night eye Color Correction and Vignette can be tweaked how you want the night vision to look like.

Lens Effect

Switch between the realistic lens and the oldrim lens by going to TECHNIQUE in ENBLENS.FX and select the one you want in the drop down menu. The "realistic" lens can be customized a lot and is perfect for making screenshots, if a lensflare effect is needed.

More infos for lens customization in the "Spoiler"

Additional Postpass effects

Other than Lightroom the postpass has a bunch of effects you can play with. Let's begin with the vignette.


It includes a chromatic aberration effect as well as different blending modes for the normal vignette effect.


This sharpening works a bit different from the ones that most other ENBs use. I tweaked it to make the image more defined and to bring out textures details. You can just play around with the options but don't increase the "step count" too much! It will look much better and even finer edges will be found and sharpened but it will tank your performance if you go too high.


The infamous black bars!
You can achieve a letterbox (top and bottom), pillarbox (left and right) or windowbox (every side) with this effect and choose which color the bars should have.


Well, grain! Thats it. I only use that one for specific screenshots that call for such an effect. Other than that it's always disabled because I hate it for gameplay.


This is more of a gimmick. Can create a neat little effect, but should only be used in very specific scenarios. Maybe I will remove it in a later version, but it doesn't impact performance when deactivated, so I don't know.

More Advanced

Only proceed if you want to tweak one or two more things and aren't afraid to modify the .fx files! (no coding knowledge required, only a text editor)

I didn't include the SMAA GUI settings, because the performance of runtime tweaking is worse than the one with predefined values.
If you want to change the SMAA settings go into the enbsmaa.fx file and look for "#define SMAA_PRESET". This setting gives you the option to choose between different presets(0-3) or to enable the ingame tweaking (5).

Additional Depth of Field effects
If you want to disable the optical vignette or want to enable the chromatic aberration for the bokeh lights you can do that at the top of the enbdepthoffield.fx file. Look for "ADOF_OPTICAL_VIGNETTE_ENABLE" and "ADOF_CHROMATIC_ABERRATION_ENABLE".
If you don't like my new focusing mode, you can also go back to the normal one by changing "Enable_LKS_Focus" to 0.

Thanks for all the shaders, code or files I used:

Boris Vorontsov - ENB Binary
kingeric1992 - Lensflare, Adaption and other code
Tapioks - DNI Code
MartyMcFly - Depth of Field, Lightroom, Unsharp Mask and Vignette
JawZ - some code and shaders from MSL
Matso and JawZ - Nighteye
MaxG3D and SonicEther - Bloom - Letterbox and CA
Reshade Team and Insomnia - Emboss
Rudy - Rain texture
Bethesda - Skyrim

And thanks for Inspiration, Help or Knowledge:

Adyss - Ady's Shader Setup
Kyokushinoyama - enbbloom and enblens shader
Tetrodoxin - Snapdragon ENB
TreyM - FO4 Film Workshop