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Are you looking for a better crafting experience in Skyrim but sick of all the patches? Look no further!

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NOTICE: This mod is now superceded by Crafting Skills Revamped. Please see that mod instead.

This mod was inspired by mods like Skyrim Alchemy Fixed, Alchemy Potions and Ingredients Adjustments, and Elegy. They all do very good work on improving the alchemy system in Skyrim, but they unfortunately require patches for several other mods to work properly. This mod edits the potion and enchantment effects directly, and it only edits potions/ingredients themselves indirectly with a perk applied to the player.

  • Most Fortify and Resist effects on potions last for 120 seconds.
  • Fortify Speechcraft effects on potions last for 300 seconds.
  • Fortify Smithing potions have been changed to Fortify Armor Rating.
  • Fortify Smithing enchantments have been changed to Fortify Weapons.
  • Fortify Enchanting potions have been changed to Fortify Enchantments which increases enchantment effectiveness while decreasing weapon effectiveness.
  • Fortify Alchemy enchantments have been changed to Fortify Potions which increases potion magnitude while decreasing potion duration.
  • Restoration potions apply over 5 seconds and do not stack (like Skyrim Alchemy Fixed).
  • "Ultimate" (restore all) restoration potions restore 100 points of the respective attribute.
  • Selling values of alchemy effects have been reduced across the board (like Skyrim Alchemy Fixed and Elegy).
  • Alchemy experience no longer scales with potion value (like Elegy).
  • Skooma and all of its variants are now food items and have double the effect.

Fully compatible with virtually everything as long as load order is correct, including:

Requires only a trivial patch to work with perk mods such as Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim. Using it together with other similar alchemy overhauls is not recommended.

This mod should load after anything that modifies the Fortify Smithing or Fortify Enchanting magic effects, such as Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim. When in doubt, load this mod later.

Any mod that reworks the experience formula (in particular the fSkillUseCurve game setting), should load after this mod, if not be patched manually to correct the Skill Improve Mult for Alchemy. I have a patch provided for Elegy - Difficulty and Balance Overhaul; however, the required changes are also covered by Elegy's Ordinator patch, if you use both Elegy and Ordinator.

Recommended mods
- This mod is a drop-in replacement for the Restoration Potion Duration + No Fortify Crafting add-on.