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This mod gives you the ability to melt down every piece of metallic ammo, armor and weapons (also from mods) at any smelter. Most settings are can be adjusted ingame with SkyUI MCM. SKSE is required. Optional plugins provide an extension to non-metallic equipment and a smelting overhaul.

Permissions and credits
This mod requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE64) and SkyUI 5.0 or higher!

This is a port of ogerboss' mod from here (rehosted for SSE with their gracious permission):


See that page for detailed instructions, I just ported it to SSE in loose file format.

I have tested it against numerous mods and all official expansions and found no outstanding issues, this works out of the box.

I do, however, recommend against trying to do the following:

1. Use with any mods that affect the same features this one does or do similar things, they will conflict.

2. You may wish to install mid-game, especially if you have a bunch of mods that have loading messages that crop up at game start, this may lead to rare CTDs from so much loading at once if your game is already heavily modded. It can be removed at anytime without issues.

3. This can be repackaged back into a BSA fit for Skyrim SE, but don't try to turn this into an ESL or an ESP with an ESL flag to reduce your load order. Tried both, will cause scripting breakage.