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I used to play Skyrim and end up with 100 petty soul gems, ALL THE TIME and they were useless because I used Azura's Star to recharge my weapons. This mod let's you spend 2 soul gems to improve it to the next tier.

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Upgrade your soul gems at a forge. You need two of the same type of soul gems to upgrade it to the next tier. So let's say you find 2 Greater soul gems and want to put on an enchantment, but you don't have a Grand soul gem. Simply go to the Forge and spend those 2 Greater soul gems for a Grand soul gem.

The recipes will only show up if you have the required ingredients and the perk "Arcane Blacksmith" and can be crafted under "MISC". Only works with unfilled soul gems.

Install: Use a mod manager or the file into the Data folder.

Compatibility: None so far that I know of.