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This mod adds a ladder out of the Ragged Flagon into the well of Riften and it adds a spell which teleports you direct into the Ragged Flagon.

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The Thieves guild ladder

This mod is a port to Skyrim: Special Edition, the original file can be found here: The Thieves Guild Ladder - Skyrim


This mod adds a ladder in the ragged flagon to quickly exit to the market of Riften without going over the Thieves guild HQ. The well is locked during the day (from 6am to 8pm) but there is a key hidden in the ragged flagon to open it anytime. You'll just have to find it :)
Also included in this mod is a teleport spell-tome which is also located somewhere in the ragged flagon, with this spell you can return anytime from anywhere.

In version 1.4 major changes were made. Well I basically rebuild the whole mod from scratch. As a result the .esp is much smaller, does not contain any dirty edits and is cleaner in general. For more information consult the change log.

V 1.6 Fixes the esp's formats, update immediately otherwise save-game corruption can occur!

  1. Use Vortex or the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM).[Recommended]
  2. Unpack the archive and copy/move the .esp and the scripts folder to your ".../Skyrim Special Edition/Data" directory.
Uninstall the mod:
  1. Use Vortex or the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM).[Recommended]
  2. Delete these files thievesguildentrance.esp, thievesguildteleport.psc,thievesguildteleport.pex, TGL_TimedEntrance.pex and TGL_TimedEntrance.psc!
  • A compatibility patch for "Open Cities Skyrim" is available! (Accidentally I named the patch-file "OSC" and not "OCS", sorry)
  • A compatibility patch for "Opulent Thieves Guild" is available!
  • A compatibility patch for "Cleaned up Thieves Guild" is available! (Special Edition only)
  • A compatibility patch for "Distinct Interiors" is available! (Special Edition only)

Note: The OCS and OTG patches run smoothly together, OCS and CuTG were not tested but they should work together. OTG and CuTG wont work together for obvious reasons (both mods change the RiftenRaggedFlagon-cell and aim to improve it but wont work together).

No other incompatibilities are known
Incompatibilities however can arise as soon as another mod changes following cells: RiftenOrigin, RiftenRaggedFlagon! If this happens just contact me and I'll see if I can make a patch for it.

Please see the "Translations"-Section on the top section of the page.

Created by TheTruhvanor
Font in the images by Dark (darksskyrimfont)