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Adds (removable) outdoor merchant stalls to 6 towns: Ivarstead, Dawnstar, Dragonbridge, Morthal, Rorikstead, and Karthwasten.

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  • French
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QAXE'S CONVENIENT SHOPS adds 6 outdoor vendor stalls to towns lacking useful merchants in the base game.

  • Dawnstar
  • Morthal
  • Ivarstead
  • Karthwasten
  • Rorikstead
  • Dragonbridge

  • Vendors are OUTSIDE, work 24/7, and sell a variety of goods.
  • Stalls are small for better mod compatibility (many town overhauls out there)
  • Vendors have a bit more coin than standard merchants (around 2k at game start).
  • Merchants are marked as "protected", and part of their local crime faction.

Look at the screenshots above and compare with the other mods you're using. If you discover that some, but not all of these merchant stands aren't compatible with your load-order, you may remove any number of them via dialogue options with "Duzzal" (a khajiit merchant found between the Helgen cave exit and the Standing Stones.)

NOTE: If you remove one of these merchants, there is no dialogue, nor console option to get them back.

NOTE2: Realism is not my focus. This game is neither real or consistent in terms of lore. Please don't expect me to follow norms that Bethesda doesn't obey itself.

PERMISSIONS: This mod was provided by the author for free game-play use only, and is the creative property of the author. The author does NOT give permission for use of this mod or assets to this or any other website(s), this includes edits, renditions, merges or “fixes”.

Sharing patches is great, just do not include my files along with your patch.

Conditions for Translators: Translations may not include any files other than those being translated. Post your translated .esp file along with a link to the original mod page so that players can download the rest of the mod.

BELOW: Video discussing features of this mod. :)