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This mod allows you to start as a werewolf, without doing any ques t! The mod is now also compitatable for all SkyrimSE Races.

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So this mod allows the game to start as a werewolf without doing any quests.

It is fairly simple when you have to choose a race you can choose from the 10 regular races or the 10 counterfeit werewolf races.

Extra features:

1. You have NightEye as an standerd ability.
2. Stanima regenerates in playerform very fast.
3. Health regenerates faster than normal.

If you want to change ingame of race you can do this by opening the console and executing the command showracemenu
(not recommended)

It is wise to make a save of your game before updates or beforefor using the mod because if you remove the mod theraces will no longer exist and the game will crash immediately !

Have fun with the mod and if there are any problems or suggestions please contact me via my Nexus account.

How to install ?
1. Download the .rar file
2. extract the .esp file
3. paste this file in your skyrim data folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data)
If there is a problem please contact me.