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Just a recolor of elven armor with Shirou Emiya's Command Seal from Fate/Stay Night

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HD version added. Though, I don't see a huge diff personally, the textures are higher scaled and look better in photoshop. If anyone knows
of extremely good HD elven armor that is vanilla design, let me know
and I'll work on it if this isn't pretty enough :P

Inspired by Fate/Stay Night. I always loved the command seals, so I decided to put it on some recolored Elven Armor. The armor (normally light) Is now heavy armor and doesn't require anything to craft except Iron Ingots.

Go to the forge, go under iron, craft.

Pretty sure you can just add this to mod manager no problem. If you want to manually add the files, just drag and drop everything that is in the zip into the Data folder of your main game directory.

To uninstall:
Remove from Mod Manager or delete the "Command Armor" folder inside of Meshes and inside of Textures, and delete CommandSealArmor.esp

(One issue is that a command seal shows on the male chest in preview window, but not when he wears it. I tried a work-around but can't figure out why that is happening.)

Hope you guys like it.

UPDATE: Had to reupload the file. If the 1st person female armor was bugging you, then please update. She was showing normal Elven armor past her gauntlets. Sorry for the issue. Everything should be perfect now!