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This mod does just about everything , most other needs mods do but instead of 30 huge bug filled scripts that greatly impact your game, this mod only has 1 small script and still accomplishes the same goals. Alcohol will get you drunk, you need to sleep, stay hydrated, and eat, you need meat and fruit in your diet. Vampires only need to sleep.

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An Immersive Needs Mod for the Conscientious Modder

Remember: if you like it, ENDORSE IT!

Needs mods out there today are far too buggy, too taxing on a system with 4000 different unnecessary huge scripts, or too invasive (ahem looking at you creation club Survival mode). This mod does just about everything those mods do but in 1 simple small script. This mod is lightweight, easy on your system, and ensures the best game performance and compatibility with other mods. As of Version 1.1 Vampires no longer require food or drink but they still require sleep.

  • First person non evasive messages will display when you are hungry, thirsty, etc.

  • You will get hungry every 6 hours and will be notified that you are getting hungry after 5 hours. This will result in needing to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
-When hungry output damage is reduced by 25% and stamina recovers 50% slower. You will be too hungry and weak to hit your enemies at full strength.
  • After 3 and half days without consuming meat you will be notified that you are becoming anemic, after 4 days without meat you will be anemic.
-When anemic power attacks will cost 25% more stamina and stamina will recover 50% slower. Without iron
your red blood cell count is down and you are in a weakened state.

  • After 3 and a half days without consuming fruits or vegetables you will be notified that you are getting scurvy, after 4 days without fruit or vegetables you will have scurvy. 
-Damage taken is increased by 25% and health regeneration is reduced by 85%. Scurvy gives you open sores
and wounds all over your body, and your body will take longer to heal.

  • Raw meat will make make the player 10% weaker to poisons for 5 real time minutes and reduce stamina regeneration for 5 real time minutes.
-When sick your body is weakened from fighting off the bacteria infection thus you will be weaker to poisons and
your upset stomach makes moving around difficult.

  • You will get thirst every 6 hours and will be notified that you are getting thirsty after 5 hours. This will result in needing to have a drink with breakfast lunch and dinner.
-When thirsty buying items will cost you 25% more and Speachcraft is reduced by 10. Vendors will see your cracked lips and hear your horse voice, they know they have leverage.
  • Weak alcoholic drinks are cheap, will not get you drunk, and will quench your thirst, soups, stews etc will also quench your thirst.
-When drinking a weak alcoholic drink, your speech skill will be increased by 5% and you will regenerate
Magicka 5% slower then normal. A little alcohol loosens your lips and makes more friends, but it clouds your  judgement slightly.

  • Strong alcoholic drinks will not quench your thirst and can easily be identified by its expensive price.
-When drinking a strong alcoholic drink you become drunk which will result in a altered visual effect, 20
pound increased carry capacity, 10% frost resistance, but you will recover Magicka 10% slower then normal.
A lot of alcohol alters your vision, makes you feel stronger then ever, and you wont feel the bite of the cold,
but you mind is muddled.

  • Skooma now has a withdraw effect that will reduce magicka regeneration for 8 real time minutes.
-During withdraw your magicka regeneration is servery impacted, you cannot think straight due to the worst
hangover of your life.

  • You will become tired every 16 hours, and you will be notified that you are becoming tired after 14. This will result in needing to sleep at 12am if you wake up at 8am.
-When tired skills will improve 25% slower and Magicka recovers 50% slower. You are too tired to concentrate
and too tired to learn anything new.

New Food Items:
  • Wolves, bears, boars, and other animals which did not drop meat in the vanilla game will now drop meat and can be used in new recipes.

Immersive Food Item Pricing and Animal Pelt Pricing:

  • Food item prices as well as animal pelt prices have been increased for better immersion and balancing. It pays to be a hunter, and it will be harder to buy meat and other rare food items meant for the rich.

Vampire Needs:
  • As of update 1.1 Vampires now only require sleep, they do not require food or drink. Vampires can live off blood alone and do not need fruit etc. to live, and are not susceptible to scurvy or anemia.

  • Skyrim
  • Skyrim Update
  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfire
  • Dragonborn
  • (Patch available in this mods FOMOD) Skytest Realistic Animals and Preditors
  • (Patch available in this mods FOMOD) Better harvesting

  • None - Enjoy a lightweight needs mod that has 0 negative impact on your game with 0 bugs.

  • This mod will need to be put below any mod that alters food items price or stats. Please note that due to the nature of this mod all other mods that do alter food items are no longer needed and can be uninstalled.
  • Mods that alter leveled lists such as You hunger are highly recommended and completely compatible. 
  • There is a Skytest patch available in the FOMOD installer, Skytest is highly recommended but not needed.
  • There is a Better Harvesting patch in the FOMOD installer, Better Harvesting is highly recommended but not needed.
  • Immersive merchants is compatible and recommended its a great mod.
  • Beyond Skryim Burma, is compatible. Burma re-uses all vanilla assets which will all have my keywords thus food there will feed/hydrate you. There are around 20 new added assets from Burma which are all fruits/berries and these are the only assets that wont have my keywords- but they wouldn't cure hunger anyway so its nbd.

Special Thanks:

  • Special thanks to mz1n and his mod Super Simple Needs. His mod was the inspiration of my mod, and hes a gem in the community.

Available Here

Available Here