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Welcome to Black Marsh! The land of mystery and danger, little is known about this province until now.

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Black Marsh is the mystery of Elder Scrolls Lore. Venture to the remains of Lilmoth after the Umbriel crisis, through the dark swamps to Black Rose. Fight creatures you have never experienced in Skyrim. Welcome to the land without the empire and were nature rules. Dont expect Black Marsh to be easy, everything living in Black Marsh is made to kill and keep outsiders out.

So after the current release Black Marsh is larger than Skyrim, it can take around a hour and a half just to walk from one side to the other, there are the 3 first Islands Lilmoth, BlackRose, & Helstrom, from there go by ship or cave to the northern parts of black marsh and southern Morrowind. See the remains of Tear after Red Mountain landed on it and how the great slave hold of Thorn is running after Argonian take over.

Welcome to Black Marsh, the land of mystery and danger, a land not for man nor mer. This follows the events after
the Red Year and the Umbriel Crisis, and things have changed for Black Marsh,
Morrowind, and the Empire. Parts of Morrowind are now occupied by Argonians
backed by the Empire. The Argonians made a deal with the Empire for their help
to occupy and hold these once slave cities. During the time of the Argonian
army reaching into Morrowind and getting their revenge on their one-time
en-slavers. Umbriel wrecked havok on the south of Black Marsh, instead of the
Armies in the North coming down to help their kinsman they stayed in Morriwind
and continued to make the Dumner kneel. The south refuses the help of the Empire and will not bow or join them in any union. This has caused a divide between North and South Argonia. The
North accepts being part of the Empire to watch there once tormentors kneel and
burn, the South wants a free Argonia and will not take the hand of the Empire.
Welcome to Black Marsh.

Guide: Head to Windhelm, past the dock toward the ocean you will see a boat, get on the boat and enter Black Marsh, this is how to you will go to most places in Black Marsh....Find a boat and go inside... 

Each island has a boat, that will take you to the next place, on the 3rd Island there are 2 paths you can go by boat or through a portal in the temple. There are also Portals to Oblivion through the land as well as dungeons. There are 4 total islands...

If you cant find the boat Console COC Dock1