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Hidden at 03 Apr 2021, 7:25AM by Colemanallen1987 for the following reason:
So I no longer do any modding, but my inbox keeps filling up with request, there is another modding site I am uploading the files to now. Check there for the mod. Beyond skyrim requested my mod to be removed from here due to a asset somewere being used, could be as small as a chair, idk or care at this point but they will never finish there mods and hinder anyone else from modding to keep up there status. I made 2 giant landmasses Valenwood and Black Marsh as a first time modder in under a year, but the community drove me into not wanting to do this anymore. I am now developing games in Unreal Engine and hopefully will have my first game out this next year. FUCK YOU BEYOND SKYRIM and NEXUS for letting them bully people