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Welcome to Black Marsh! The land of mystery and danger, little is known about this province until now.

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Welcome to Black Marsh, this mod is a major project it is now 4 times the size of skyrim, and it will take hours to get from one place to another if you were just walking and know were your going. This starts at Lilmoth and goes all the way up to Morrowinds Tear (or the remains). There are no quest but a beautiful swampy landscape i personally made to kill you! I want this to feel more like a traditional RPG with less hand holding, just explore the landscape and dungeons. With the current update i have fixed some long standing glitches and go to Black Marsh go to the inn in Dawnstar in the big room is two books read the first for directions, second book is a portal to black marsh. Each island has a boat to the next or there will be a book portal. This mod is made by just me, so keep any jerk comments to yourself, and if the file size is to big for you then dont download. I am currently working on the quest line and working on western black marsh, from Stormhold to Narsis in Morrowind...Will release that in the next patch...I will try to not add any more files so this should be the last LARGE download. Thanks for all the support!!!

Lore: After the umbriel crisis and the Red mountain exploding Black Marsh has had an awaking, they are now on course to become a power in tamriel and no longer a slave state. Black Marsh now holds Southern Morrowind and now there enslavers now work there farms for them. House Dres is in shambles and Narsis is under the Argonian control. There is a new rise in power in the marsh, they call them selves the New Order in the common tongue. They are searching high and low for ancient artifacts from there great argonian past to bring back the glory days of Argonia. The Argonian council have allowed Imperials into there ports to trade supplies for the use of some of there military weapons and with the dunmer shunning the empire, the empire has now made a new ally against there hated Thalmor enemies. Long Live the New Order!

Just in case you didnt read that, go to DAWNSTAR INN, LOOK FOR A BOOK ITS BIG....Enjoy!!