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Craftable skooma and moonsugar

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Inspired by BETTER Better Skooma, a simple mod to make skooma worth using, worth making, and worth selling.

From BETTER Better Skooma:

  • New effect when using skooma. Everything gets w e i r d.
  • Value of skooma raised to 2,000 gold, reflecting its scarcity and illegal status in Skyrim.
  • Cook your own skooma at cooking pots. Requires the Physician perk for Alchemy, moonsugar, and nightshade.

New in Best Skooma:

  • Cook Redwater skooma, worth 3,000 gold and even stronger! The recipe requires fire salts in addition to the normal ingredients.
  • Coat weapons in skooma! Adding some salt to the recipe thickens up the skooma, letting it be applied to weapons like a poison. On hit, it attempts to apply a strong Paralyze, Fear, and Frenzy effect for a very long duration at the same time. Works on pretty much anything.
  • Cook moonsugar! It's not the easiest thing to find in Skyrim, but if you have the Physician perk you can cook down 5 spiky grass pods to produce a bowl of moonsugar


  • Possession and sale of skooma should be a crime. Getting arrested with skooma should result in it being confiscated like a stolen good.
  • Most people shouldn't be willing to buy skooma unsolicited.
  • Skooma addicts will be willing to buy it, though. If you sell enough, you might be approached by representatives of wealthier nobles looking for a supply of the good stuff.
  • Distributing to dealers who give you a cut.
  • Shaking down rival dealers in every city.
  • A quest to set up a skooma production supply chain, and avoid investigations by hold guards. Grow all that spiky grass someplace discrete!!

Full Disclosure:
Best Skooma started as a port of BETTER Better Skooma, with permission from the original author, Toxikyle. The scope has since expanded a LOT.