Skyrim Special Edition

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This is a overhaul that effects races, perks, weather. spells, leveled npcs and items. It also adds custom music, npcs and spells. This makes Skyrim less like entering a Fantasy world and more like stepping into a horror movie.

Permissions and credits
“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”  ― H.P. Lovecraft,  Supernatural Horror in Literature

The Horror Over Skyrim: Shadow of Oblivion
One dark night in Winterhold, an ambitious conjurer, brought together fellow likeminded necromancers from across Tamriel, to conspire with the purpose of bringing back the long lost dark arts of returning the dead back to life and summoning creatures from other planes of existance in the concerted effort to take over Skyrim. Before they could finish their loathsome ritual, the fellow members of the College thwarted the meeting of Darkness, banished the conjurer, and his companions.
What the Mages discovered were dead bodies in varying degrees of decay and much worse, living shells of tortured souls who were preyed upon as test subjects of this sadistic company of dread. The conjurer, who self-identified as the Lightbringer, was called "The Horror",  for they dared not utter his name. The unsettling epithet was murmured, to avoid his affiliation with the College and any investigation into the macabre framework that no sane mind would dare eclipse the most savage recesses of the unknown.
As shadowy clan fled into the night, their leader cursed not only the College, but all of Skyrim as he yelled "I will transcend this breathing life and be reborn in life eternal, with the power of the storm and the beasts of the Tamriel. My might and power will rest on your bones. I will be victorious. I will show you horror! I will shade Skyrim in terror! You cannot kill my unconquerable soul for I am the master of my fate!"
In a blood soaked tome this was found in the writing:
"On the Golden road to silence, I open the once closed long and circuitous route. I brave the arrows of misfortune by keeping secret, and fear neither noose nor fire. By playing the greatest of all games, I am enriched by conquering death, foregoing no expense as I outshine my Master, in it's virtue lies defeated, is to mock the struggles of survival, and to gain at last the key to surpass my own fate."
However this assembly of arcanists did not stop their efforts in spite of their setback. Underground and in the wilds, they went into hiding, only to continue to work and in the darkness bringing forth their frightful will. Oblivion has been set in motion.

Description: Unlike other 'horror' mods, this mod isn't about stringing bones together so the player feels kind of creeped out by the setting they are in, but yet still safe. Or simply retexturing NPCs so they look different. No. This mod makes it that the player can be in danger at any time and there is no safe when walking into a dungeon or walking around the wild's of Skyrim. Part of that is not knowing where the danger is coming from, how strong it is, and actually having NPCs that can kill the player. The atmosphere is to create a sense of dread and paranoia, and even the NPCs can toy with the player. They are the bad guys. They aren't meant to make life easy for the player. Sorry. It's just not happening in this mod. This mod is for fans of horror.

Mod Features:

Deleveled spells, items, and leveled lists. Uncapped Vanilla NPCs and custom NPCs. Increased spawn points and expanded leveled lists. Spells are deleveled for NPCs. Leveled spells are expanded for vanilla NPCs. Vanilla creatures are now faster, stronger and have the ability to knockdown the player. Vanilla animals no longer see crimes or have gold.

Over a 200 new custom NPCs with custom spells/shouts/weapons/combat Styles. New NPCs can control the weather with new weather Spells.

New custom NPCs drop custom spell books, custom armor and custom weapons. They also drop previously unobtainable content. Spells emit light so it can be used to help see.

Custom weather. Nights and interiors are much darker.  Increased Global Events.

Merchants now sell items from DLCs. Taverns include additional cooking and crafting facilities. Crafting and cooking stations give XP. Alchemy perks allow for vanilla restore potions to be upgraded at cooking pots.

Perks are expanded and beefed up to help the player. The arcane armor perk allows for disenchanted special gear to be crafted as well as soul gems to be upgraded. Magic becomes more powerful with perks.

Disabled combat boundary encounter zones. NPCs will keep chasing you so long as they still see you.

All attacks from NPCs give a slight stagger for immersion, and 2 handed attacks from humanoids give knockdown. Any race that had a cooldown for attacks, the cooldowns are gone.

Fortresses, dungeons and towns are more populated.

All traps are now much deadlier.

All creatures have been sped up. All races can swim with some having the ability to fly now.

NPC detection in radar and stealth detection is disabled.

New and streamlined music.

Over a dozen new followers.

The perk trees effected are alchemy, enchanting, smithing, archery, speech, and lockpicking.

Plus more. Too many to name all.


This mods should be compatible with all of the following types of mods:

Follower/follower extension
Player homes
Texture packs

Mods it won't be compatible with are those that change the following records:

leveled lists

Use SSEdit to see all the records this mod changes to see if the collection of mods you are using will conflict. Mods with the same records changed will cause conflicts. I did not test this mod with other mods because this mod is meant to be expansive and self contained.

This mod is meant to be very difficult but beatable (depending on your crafting, perks, and level). The mod is meant to be played with the player knowing  when to fight. If you play this mod like vanilla Skyrim, which is for most people to attack everything they see as it comes by, you will die. Use stealth and cunning. Even vanilla npcs will be hard for players in the early levels. Custom NPCs are really hard. Boss custom NPCS will be virtually impossible to beat without maximizing all crafting skills. The items dropped from custom npcs are there to help the player progress. Don't forget to use them.

You will either need to start a new game or use an unmodded save to use this mod. If you have installed "A Horror Over Skyrim - End Game SE". that will need to be uninstalled in order to use this mod.