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This mod transforms the artifacts from dull to really powerful without breaking the game and remain balanced so that you can feel good if you want to be immersive and wear your favorite Faction's set without being weak.

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First of all thank you for checking the mod, please take a look at the description before you decide to install

This mod is alive, I always modify and do changes  buffing nerfing etc, just like Lol/wow patches XD , Also based on people suggestions if they make sense, I decided to make this mod because no other person created a mod that covers all the artifacts.

This mod covers most of the Skyrim artifacts 


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

This mod should work fine with other mods even the ones that change artifacts, but you load the one that you want to take over last, for example if you want my artifacts but you have a mod that modifies dragon masks, load it after mine.

You have to unequip all the artifacts before installing,upgrading or updating this mod to avoid any bugs.

All the Artifacts that couldn't benefit from smithing perks thus can't be upgraded to legendary now do
All the rewarded leveled artifacts are now the highest level, meaning even at level 1 you will get the highest version which is something I consider broken but most of the people request it in other mods.
If you find the above broken, well it should be the game's fault to let you become archmage or nightingale at level 5 lol Just be immersive and nothing will be broken xD

The Dark Brotherhood artifacts

Blade of Woe :  Attack speed fix : Attack speed is like any other dagger now (USSEP had done it already)
Enchantment : health absorption increased from 10 to 20  ( Added bleeding damage 10 damage for 5 seconds )
Value : 3000
I changed the enchantment for obvious reasons, it had capacity of a petty gem lol
Enchantment charges : 5000 / 25 per use.
Material : Ebony

NightWeaver's Band : 10% fortify sneak and destruction > 25% sneak one handed and archery Value increased to 1500

Ancient Shrouded Set :
I disliked how people used to use only the gloves for the backstab damage, now you have to wear the whole set and it's more rewarding.
DB full set bonus passive changed 25 armor rating > DB backstab ( x2 sneak damage for one handed weapons and x1.5 sneak damage for bows)
"If you find this broken it's probably because you use the vanilla sneak"

WARNING : If you didn't install this mod on a new game then maybe the full set passive may remain vanilla, so you will have to change it automatically by removing the spell and adding it again. for example open console and type
Player.Removespell 0001711D
Player.Addspell 0001711D

Any DB gloves gives 25% fortify one handed instead

Armor (Added +50 stamina & 50% Faster stamina regeneration ) Increased armor from 33 >39 to match the rest of the set (between glass and dragonscale).
 Value increased to 2000
Gloves (Added 50% fortify one handed) ( REMOVED DBbackstab )  . | Increased value to 1000
Boots (Added + 25% fortify sneak)  Increased value to 1000
Helmet increased armor from 15>16 Increased fortify archery 35% > 50% (Added 25% Fortify Alchemy) Increased value to 1500
Material : Scaled

The Thieves guild artifacts 

There is a difference between nightingales and assassins, assassins are well, assassins. So they focus mostly on damage and backstab/shot but nightingales are agents of nocturnal, masters of stealth. They don't dish out as much damage, but they are damn good at hiding in the shadows. 

Nightingale armor set :
Nocturnal shrines are protected by those three, the three legends of shadows, a fearsome trinity, known as the Nightingales.

Removed leveled artifacts, you get the best version at any level now. Equipping whole set now grants you 100% Fortify Sneak.
(Some could argue 100% Is way too much, but again, the whole set doesn't a lot of combat stats, Nightingales are supposed to be masters of shadows.)

WARNING : If you didn't install this mod on a new game then maybe the full set passive may remain vanilla, so you will have to change it automatically by removing the spell and adding it again. for example open console and type
Player.Removespell 0001711f
Player.Addspell 0001711f

Armor : Increased stamina from 40 to 50 (Replaced 50% Frost Resistance with 50% Faster stamina regeneration) Value increased to 2000
Gloves :  added 25% fortify pickpocket value increased to 1000
Boots : Fixed muffle effect to be 1.0 You are now COMPLETELY silent. (Added 50% fortify sneaking) increased value to 1000
Helmet : Fortify illusion increased from 17% to 50% (added fortify archery 25%) Value increased to 1500
Material : Scaled

Nightingale Bow : Decreased damage from 19 to 15, Frost damage increased from 30 to 50 Shock damage increased from 15 to 25
Movement slow speed mult 3 sec > 5 sec . Value increased to 3000  
This bow is a little bit too overpowered by the utility slow speed mult it has, so I nerfed the damage and increased the utility/enchantment.
Enchantment charges : 5000 / 25 per use.
Material : Ebony

Nightingale Blade : Increased damage from 14 to 15  Value increased to 3000
I don't feel that it needs any changes
Enchantment charges : 5000 / 25 per use.
Material : Ebony

Thieves' equipment lacked sneak, so I swapped their boot enchantment to be sneak instead of pickpocket, and added pickpocket to gloves.

Guild Master's armor :
Armor : fortify capacity weight 50  > 150 Value increased to 1000
Gloves : % (Added fortify pickpocket 35%) Value increased to 500
Boots : fortify pickpocket 35% > 35% fortify sneak Value increased to 500
Hood : Fortify Barter 20% > 50% Value increased to 750
Material : Leather

IMPROVED Thieves armor
You get to improve 1 part of the set at a point, I changed them as well.
Improved armor : Fortify capacity weight 35 > 100 (Added +50 Stamina)
Improved Gloves : Added 25% fortify pickpocket
Improved boots : Changed 25% fortify pickpocket to 25% sneak
Improved hood : Fortify Speech 15% > 20%
 Material : Leather

Thieves armor :
Didn't change values except on armor carry weight, and I added sneak to boots and moved fortify pickpocket from boots to gloves.
Armor : Fortify capacity weight 20 > 50
Gloves : Added 15% foftify Pickpocket
Boots : changed 15% fortify pickpocket to sneak
Hood : No changes
Material : Leather

Chillrend :Damage nerfed from 15 to 10. Increased frost damage from 30 to 50 Increased paralyze from 2 to 3 seconds  value increased to 2000.
Enchantment : 2500 / 25 per use
Material : Glass

This sword is supposed to be a utility weapon, freezing enemies,  So I nerfed the high damage to make it fit into the lore and in return buff the paralyze 
(If you don't how OP paralysis are, I balanced them in another ESP on the bottom of the page)

Archmage Artifacts

Archmage robes hooded  :  All spells cost <40>% less to cast from 15%, +<100> magicka from 50, and magicka regenerates <300>% faster. from 100% Value increased to 5000

People may argue that 40% is too much, but the hood counts as 15% fortify all spells + 100 magicka and 100% magicka regen, plus, it's supposed to be the strongest piece of mage equipment in the game, you are now the Archmage!

Archmage robes :  All spells cost <25>% less to cast from 15%, and magicka regenerates <200>% faster from 100% Value increased to 3000

Archmage boots : All spells cost <10>% less to cast instead of 40% shock resistance Also (added 100% faster magicka regenerate) . Value increased to 2000

Saarthal Amulet : 3% fortify all spells increased to 10% Value increased to 1000

GauldurAmulet : (OVERHAULED) Gauldur Amulter now gives 10% Magic resist and 50% resist for fire,frost and shock. Value increased to 5000

GauldurAmulet : (OVERHAULED) Now every piece of the amulet gives 30% element resistance. value increased to 1000

This necklace is really hard to get and the health, stamina and magicka is quite not that useful for a necklace, plus the lore speaks about how Gauldur's sons survived against the mages, so what makes you survive magic? Well duh, of course magic resist. Also game lacked artifacts with magic resistance so this was a good touch

Staff of Magnus :Health and Magicka absorption 20 > 40  Increased value to 3000
Enchantment charges : 5000 / 50 per use.

Daedric Artifacts

**Daedric artifacts consume no charges/have unlimited charges**

Here we are, the legendary artifacts should be a lot stronger than normal equipment made by mortals.

DawnBreaker : Fire damage increased to 50 from 10 Value increased to 2000

Ebony Blade :  Scaling changed from 10-14-18-22--26-30 to 10-15-20-30-40-50 Damage increased from 22 to 25 
Value increased to 3000

Mehrunes Razor : Instakill untouched (Added 25 fire damage) Damage 11 > 12 , increased value to 2000

Mace of Molagbal : Increased soul trap duration from 3 seconds to 10 seconds, stamina and magicka damage 25>50 Increased value to 2000

Volendrung : Pretty balanced, no changes , increased value to 2000

Ebony Mail : 
increased armor rating to 75 from 45  Increased poison cloak damage from 10 to 25. (Added fortify sneak +50%)  Value increased to 2500

This armor is a GO-TO for 2H heavy tanks, the cloak does a decent damage that covers up the damage tanks lack, and the
armor rating increase makes up for matching set perk. Also it is really strong early game armor now.

Ring of Namira : 50 Stamina > 100 Stamina. increased value to 2000

Ring of hircines : Added 50 fortify health and 25 fortify unarmed attacks   value increased to 2000

Sanguine Rose : Summon duration increased to 1 hour , value increased to 2000

Savior's Hide : armor from 26 > 50 Magic resistance 10% > 50% Poison resistance 50% > 100% (Added 100% Diseases resistance) Value increased to 2000
Spell breaker :  (added 25% magic resistance) Value increased to 2500

skull of corruption : It's balanced, no changes were made Value increased to 2000

Wabbajack  : It's like dice, left it untouched ( never miss with the percentages if you wanna keep it lore friendly. ) Increased value to 2000

Dragon priest artifacts
 All values changed to 1.000 except for Konahrik which is 5.000 and changed their weight accordingly to armor type

Krosis Increased  (Added 20% fortify pick pocket and Sneak)

Volsung : Fortify speechcraft increased from 20% to 25%, carry weight increased from 20 to 50

Nahkriin : (Changed fortify restoration 20% to fortify conjuring 20%)
Since it's a offensive mage mask, restoration made no sense, so I changed it to conjuring. (Classified as no armor) also armor reduced to 0.

Hevnoraak : Increased armor from 23 to 30 and added 30% magic resistance

Otar : 30% > 50% Resistance to each element . (Classified as no armor)

Morokei : Added 50 fortify magicka. (Classified as no armor)

Rahgot : Fortify stamina increased to 70(USSP did that)

Vokun : Changed fortify conjuration to fortify restoration (added 20% fortify alteration) (Classified as no armor) Reduced armor to 0 

Konahrik :
 (Added all spells cost 25% to cast and 25% magic resistance ) 
(classified as no armor for mages and removed armor rating) And kept the original enchantment
Now it's worthy, but again masks are mainly not for warriors are they? So I made it a mage based mask.
Value 5000

Other Artifacts

Neckromancer's amulet : Added 20% fortify destruction and nerfed fortify conjuration to 20% from 25% increased value to 2500
It's now the GO TO necklace for mages offensive but with drawbacks.

Windshear damage nerfed from 11 to 6 lol incredibly broken.
( Pending on more artifacts, drop your suggestions)

(Added level 4 chaos enchantment to the weapon, 50% chance for each element to deal 20 damage) And kept the original enchantment as well
There was no enchantment so I modified the capacity
2000 enchantment capacity, 40 charges per hit.

Yngol's helm : buffed armor from 21 to 25
Frost resistance 30% > 70% 
Value 165 > 500

Dawnguard DLC Artifacts

Auriel's Bow : This is supposed to be a legendary artifact,  a bow strong enough to command the sun.

Damage increased from 13 to 15 Enchantment sun damage increased to 100 sun damage, 300 against undead value increased to 5000
Both arrows damage increased from 16 to 25, value from 16 to 25
Enchantment capacity increased from 1.000 to 5.000 0 consumption per charge (daedric artifact)

Auriel's Shield : Increased armor rating from 32 to 38  ( Added 70% fire resistance ) Increased value to 3000

Harkon's Sword :Absorbs <25> points of Health magicka and stamina if wielded by a vampire. from 15, Damage increased from 8(USSP) to 12 (Didn't increase it much because this weapon is about life absorption not damage dealing.) Value increased to 3000
Enchantment : changed to 50 per use

Locket of Saint Jiub :  Changed enchantment to ( 25% fortify sneak, one handed and archery )  armor changed  from 5 > 25 armor
(It's the second necklace with armor rating so I kept it that way, this necklace is now amazing for both damage resistance and assassinations I would consider it one of the best )
Value increased to 2000

Okay as mentioned in the lore, Jiub was a freelance assassin, and when he was asked about his life before imprisonment he said he used to kill because of his addiction to Skooma, how expensive it was always demanded killing.
(Plus he drove the fucking cliff racers out of Morrowind)

Dragon born DLC Artifacts

Miraak Equipment :

Sword : (Replaced the 15 stamina absorption enchantment with level 6 chaos enchantment) 
(50% chance for each element to deal 30 damage) Value increased to 3000.
Enchantment had to be adjusted
Enchantment capacity : 5000 / 64 per use 

Staff : Balanced as is.

Mask : Conjuration and Destruction spells cost 40% less to cast. value increased to 3000
Gloves : spell/shout absorption increased from 5% to 15% Value increased to 2000
Boots : spell/shout absorption increased from 5% to 15% Value increased to 2000
Armor :  Spell/shout absorption increased from 15% to 30% Value increased to 3000

Now you absorb 60% of the spells and shouts that hit you coupled with alteration perk that is 90%, Pretty darn strong eh?

Note : All of Miraak's armor equipment now count as NO armor This serves Mage armor perk.

Deathbrand Set.

You get to have the quest to obtain this set starting from level 36, so I had to modify the stats of the set to make it relevant late game.
1 Enchantment per item late game is dull... so I gave the set a huge buff to match the lore, as the Pirate King was a feared legend.

Armor : Now gives 50/100/150/200 Health for every Deathbrand piece equipped.
Helmet : Gives the ability to breathe underwater 10%/20%/30%/40% magic resist for every Deathbrand piece equipped.
Boots : Now gives 50/100/150/200 stamina for every Deathbrand piece equipped.
Gloves : Now gives 25%/50%/75%/100% One handed bonus for every Deathbrand piece equipped.
Equipping the whole set gives 100 armor rating (Same as the original)

Bloodscythe : When wielded with Soulrender Absorbs 15 > 30 health
weakens enemy armor by 50 for 15 sec > 30
Base Damage 13 > 15
Value 2000
Enchantment 3000 > 5000 / 25 per use

Soulrender : When wielded with Bloodscythe absorbs 15 Magicka > 30 Stamina
Base damage 13 > 15
Value 2000
Enchantment 3000 > 5000 / 25 per use

Stormfang : Buffed damage from 17 to 22 and kept the enchantment the same, it was already a level 6 shock damage.
Value 500 > 1000

Bloodskal : Increased weapon damage from 21 > 23
Increased the energy waves damage from 30 > 100
Increased value from 500 > 2000

The 3 dragon priest masks.

Ahzidal : Increases fire resistance by 50% and fire spells deal 25% > 50% more damage.
Removed armor and weight adjusted to 2 for mages.
Dukaan : Increases frost resistance by 50% and frost spells deal 25% > 50% more damage
Removed armor and weight adjusted to 2 for mages
Zahkriisos : Increases Shock resistance by 50% And shock spells deal 25% > 50% more damage
Removed armor and weight adjusted to 2 for mages.

Report any bugs / typos / issues or generally anything you dislike.

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