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  1. z65536
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    "Address Library for SKSE Plugins" required.
    If you get an "incompatible" error, there is an error log in BetterJumpingSE.log

    --- Changelog v1.7.1 ---
    Fixed crash when enabling perk feature in version 1.7.
    Tweaked to keep momentum until landing.
    Improved compatibility with CGO.
  2. Pubster
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    do i need to start a new playthrough to activate?
  3. Marcorange
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    Hello. I installed it and changed the values in the .txt but the mod isn't working. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be happening?
    1. Warofart
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      Do you have ALL the requirements? That'd be the first place to look.
  4. IRogueCellI
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    Any idea why I'm getting footsteps while jumping?
    1. dasjudd
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      i want to know too... if someone knows a fix, please tell us
    2. euphoricknave
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      An issue with CGO. It's been a longstanding issue with mid-air combat going back years. Has to do with Skyrim's engine and behavior files. I'd honestly be pleasantly surprised if it was ever fixed.
    3. myztikrice
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      Version 1.1.0 fixed footstep sounds while jumping
    4. EdEddnEDE
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      yeah but I don't know if that fix works with this mod, ill have to try. Since technically you are not supposed to be able to jump from a sprint. Seems like Bethesda
    5. Garymmorris5976
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      If its the skipping sound when jumping it a vanilla bug, I believe its a material (sound) bugs in the meshes this mod mite help as I don't use this can't say for sure.
    6. zlostnypopolnik
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    7. BAPWAS
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      Jumping while running has no sound as intended. But jumping while sprinting has the footstep sound playing bug. I take it as more of a vanilla/engine issue rather than a bug.
  5. tefaz
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    After a sprint jump my character isn't sprinting anymore so I have to press the sprint key again. That's kinda annoying.
    1. soundlesspanik
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      It's more immersive that way ;)
    2. RockenJenAnn
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      Sounds like a bug. Doesn't do that to me, or my neighbor, or my roommate, when they play on their PCs.
  6. Saggaris
    • member
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    I had this in the past and enjoyed it so.... I've plumped for an 'old file' hoping it works, I'm not really happy with strings of dependants.

    yours hopefully Mr Cynically Grumpy
  7. blackvulpes
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    just wanted to say that this has been amazing to make my own Monk playthrough, its nice being able to increase my mobility to reflect the archetype.
  8. LustNoel
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    Hi, can anyone help with the setup with this? i managed to download this mod properly but it doesn't seem to activate, am i supposed to edit the text file? if so can i just copy someones numbers to see if it works. currently its set up like this (I've probably did something wrong)

    ; Jump count. Set 0 or 1 to disable. -1 for infinite jumps and any other number for that many jumps total.

    ; Requires perk. Set form ID of perk here (including mod index). Example setting 0x5820c would require vanilla "Light Foot" perk from sneak tree.

    ; Limit fall time. If greater than zero then you can't double jump after being in air for this many seconds. Decimal places is ok now.

    ; Allow jump when sprinting. Set 1 to allow and 0 for normal behavior. It doesn't actually make you jump faster, just allows it.

    ; Jump height multiplier for all jumps (always multiplied).

    ; Jump height multiplier for second jump (multiplied if second or more jump).

    ; Jump height multiplier for sprint jump (multiplied if sprinting and jumping). This also is applied if you start to sprint while in air and doing second jump.
    1. LustNoel
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      nvm found a post saying a older version should work and it does
    2. kroniczin
      • member
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      any issues with that version? also does it affect werewolf form?
    3. CrestFallen223
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      which version did you use I'm having the same issue
  9. TLC77
    • member
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    Hi I downloaded all the required materials needed to run the mod through the Vortex mod manager (except SKSE64) and I still can't jump while sprinting. Please help.
    1. boingboing235
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      what... skse is a requirement...
    2. compleCCity
      • supporter
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      I guess, TLC77 meant "downloaded all […] through […] Vortex […] except SKSE64", which they hopefully installed manually … ;)
    3. AidaTari
      • member
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      you have to find the the SKSE folder in Skyrim's data folder, open the betterjumpingse.txt file and change the values you want to. It has instructions explaining what everything does
  10. T4ct1cs
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    This mod makes something that has been awkward for literally the thousands of hours I have played Skyrim prior to getting it no longer awkward. Endorsed. Thank you for your work Khajiit is pleased.
  11. Harmatia
    • member
    • 55 posts
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    Being able to actually reach jumps without getting frustrated, jump around while sprinting to pass the time, etc. Great mod.