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Explore the tomb of an ancient Imperial Dragonknight Hero and acquire his mighty gear! According to some ancient legends, this set contains the soul of a dragon and the shield can shoot lazors from the dragon's eyes. Of course this is nonsense. You should try it anyways.

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The next chapter in this strange series of unique arms and armor:

The Story
Oh, there once was a hero named Octavus Meriil, 
Who came riding to Skyrim from great Cyrodiil!

A lot of people requested a imperial set. So here it is. I might have gone a little bit too far with the designs but hey, this set is meant to be used only by true hero's of the Empire! This set was originally owned by the imperial general Octavus Meriil. Rumors say, he fought at the side of emperor Varen Aquilarios in the 2nd Era. Dragonknights were the mightiest warriors back then and there were plenty of enemies to slay. It's pretty obvious that a lot of great legends were written in this time. But history shows that even the mightiest warriors cannot avoid death. 
His legend tells that some Molag Bal worshippers in Haarfingar summoned a giant Ogrim, as big as the emperor's ship and as strong as an avalanche rolling down the mountains Octavus knew that this creature would wipe out the life of hundreds of men and women of Skyrim if he wouldnt stop it. 
When he arrived the Ogrim already caused a lot of devastation. He was just about to eat all the horses of the Solitude stables. Octavus drew his blade. He rushed towards him. A giant hand grabbed his body. Octavus disappeared. The sword and shield clunked on the floor. Seconds later two dozen mages from the Guild cast a spell to banish the Ogrim. There was an hour of silence. The local folks decided to build a tomb for General Octavus Meriil. They only buried his sword and shield. His body left Nirn along with the Ogrim. The bards kept singing about the tales of Octavus the Brave for centuries. Today. in the fourth era, nobody even knows h
is name anymore.

How to install?
Just use a mod installer like NMM or Mod Organizer. All the cool kids do this nowadays. If you prefer the oldschool lifestyle, you can manually install it by dragging and dropping the files into the Skyrim folder.

How to obtain?
These items cannot be crafted. You can find them in an Imperial Tomb between the Solitude docks and that lighthouse which Jaree-Ra wants you to extinquish. Ill add a screenshot of the location for all lazy guys.

How to use?
Get them, equip them and kill everything! Both the shield and the sword can be enchanted and tempered. Stats are pretty high, rougly ebony quality.

Version History
31/07/18 - V1 - Initial SSE Port

I want to thank 
Bethesda Games Studio for Skyrim and the CK
Autodesk for 3ds Max
Pixologic for zBrush
Allegorithmic for Substance Painter
Adobe for Photoshop

Please dont reuse or reupload my models or textures without persmission. 
I usually dont give permissions. Especially not for follower mods or faction overhauls. if you want your followers to wield my gear, just install my mod and give it to them.

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