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About this mod

Your true destiny lies ahead, only you are able to prevent the end time calamity.

An end-game quest that will take you beyond Tamriel, and the 4th era.

♦ Ultimate Edition: All expansions packed together, plus entirely new contents for you to enjoy.

Permissions and credits


Due to the graphical update on models and shaders that are included in this version, the game will look different from the trailers prior patch 4.0


 [ Introduction ]

 An end-game quest mod that will take you beyond Tamriel, and 4th era.
 Your true destiny lies ahead, only you are able to prevent the end time calamity.
 Embark on a journey filled with wonders and mysteries, with the fate of all existences hanging in the balance.

 The story follows the Elder Scrolls lore and further develops on its own, but as the event is happening in the future, it's up to you to decide that this mod is lore-friendly or not.
 Do not take it seriously, the story is more of a symbolic than other regular quests/mods. Just think of it as a JRPG dungeon crawling mod.

This features many gimmicks from old era games and consists mostly of tight corridors instead of open spaces.
Please note that the vivid, extreme aesthetics of the mod is a far cry from Skyrim.

[ Requirements ]

Main Quest: The Final Cataclysm.

 Complete "The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller".

                              ♦ A character with level 40 or above. (Global Variable: _MODFIRE_LevelToStartMQ)

The quest starts automatically after the player reach both of these requirements.

Bonus Quest: The Serpent God. (New)

♦ Complete "The Final Cataclysm".                  

                                  ♦ A character with level 50 or above. (Global Variable: _MODFIRE_LevelToStartBonus)

The quest starts automatically after the player reach both of these requirements.

[ Soft Requirements ]

 A versatile character that is capable of ranged and melee attacks.

♦ A decent sneak skill. There's some section that is much easier to sneak than to charge right it.

 A lot of defensive gears/spells, or health, to survive being one or two shotted by enemies.

(Still, don't take this mod lightly even if your character meets all of what listed above, you still need good tactics and preparations in order to survive.)

[ Features ]

 8+ hours of playtime.

 New dungeons and creatures design, with custom behaviors and abilities.

 New weapons and equipment with custom animations and effects.

 There's no voice in the mod, but the contents are very, very polished and highly-detailed. You'll never uncover even half of them.

 Challenging boss battles with intelligent AI, a highlight of this mod.

 Follower support. Vanilla follower only, you need a summon follower spell to call your non-vanilla follower.

 Doesn't conflict with other mods, period.
(Keep in mind that this mod uses certain things from the base game. If another mod changes them, that change will be carried over to this mod also.)

[ Locations. Old/New ]

 Nirn Monolith, Exterior.

 Nirn Monolith

 The Pandemonium, Exterior. (New)

 The Pandemonium

 The island of Artaeum. (New)

 The Void.

 Kalpa's End. (New)

[ Installation/Uninstallation ]

- You need to uninstall The Final Cataclysm(Basic Edition), Alterna and Azure-Beta before installing this, and start a new save game.

- Before uninstalling, make sure to get rid of everything from the mod in your character. Weapons, items etc. Make sure no actor from the mod is present in the same cell that you are. Removing spells from the mod is not necessary. You need to use a Savegame Script Cleaner after uninstalling the mod. Still, doing so is not recommended.



This mod is kind of a resource fest by itself, feel free to use anything that was created by me. (All Scripts, around half of custom meshes and textures.)
Basically, just do whatever you like with my content, credit is appreciated, but not required.

If you want to use assets that are modified from another modder's resource or mod, maybe you should contact him/her about that before using them. Also be sure to give them a proper credit.

Translation permission granted, do what you want. Make sure two people don't do the translation in the same language, maybe you want to comment here to let others know before doing so.

You have my permission to upload this mod to other sites as well, just tell me so that I can take a look and instruct on how/what you should put on the page.