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A small mod with a huge impact on the proportions of the wings of dragons. Vanilla dragon wings are just too small to be able to realistically lift a dragon into the air. This mod enhances the skeleton to give dragons flight worthy wings! Guarantied to increase your immersion 101%

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[ [ [Mod Author Rougeshot ] ] ]

Hello fellow modders, I'm Rougeshot and I'm open to any feedback or constructive criticism you may have, but keep in mind that I have a full time career and am in college part time, so it may be a while before I can respond to any comments or questions you may have.  Please be patient with any questions or concerns and I will respond as soon as I am able. 

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I'm simply blown away by the Nexus community,
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If your like me have been disappointed with the vanilla dragons then this mod is for you. This mod replaces the vanilla skeleton with a custom skeleton that increases the wing size of vanilla dragons to give them a wing size that could actually lift them into the air. This mod has kept compatibility in mind, dragon riding, combat and kill move animations should still work perfectly.




This replaces all dragons in game!

Images provided by the talented Limbic2Node

A Fantastic Video provided by the gracious chaodynn 

"Immersive Dragons" on MXR MODS!!!

"Immersive Dragons" featured by Ikari Skyrim Mods!!!


Immersive Dragons uses a custom skeleton for the vanilla Dragons and will overwrite any mod that makes changes to the vanilla Dragon skeleton.  Mods that make sweeping changes to vanilla skeletons e.g."Realistic Ragdoll and Force" should be compatible as long as "Immersive Dragons" is installed after those mods and allowed to overwite their files.

Should be fully compatible with any texture mods, since this mod contains no textures of it's own only a skeleton.  Which also makes it compatible with most other Dragon mods that do not edit vanilla Dragon skeletons.

Here are just a few that I know are compatible.

 Immersive creatures Compatible

Monster Mod - 

Splendor - Drag
on Variants - Compatible

Dragon Diversified Collection SE  - Compatible

KS Dragon Overhaul - Compatible

Typically any mod that resizes the dragons will be incompatible.

Here are the incompatible mods.

Supa Size Ma Dragons - Incompatible

[ [ [ INSTALLATION ] ] ]

Recommend using Nexus Mod Manager or your favorite mod manager.

Install my mod after any mod that makes changes to the vanilla Dragons and click "Yes to all" when prompted to overwrite any files.
There is no ".esp" plugin with this mod.

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