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This mod recalculates the way critical damage is quantified and applied in Skyrim so that it levels with your character and is appropriate to the weapon being used. In short, this fixes Skyrim's broken Critical Hit system. Updated for Skyrim SE and VR. No complicated scripts. Just math. Compatible with all weapons and safe for your save game.

Permissions and credits

I was tired of the broken Critical Hits system in Skyrim. Vanilla critical hits are based on a calculation that uses a weapon's base stats (regardless of leveling, upgrades, or enchantments). After level 10 or so, the system is useless.

I decided to re-work this problem without scripts. Critical Hits are now based on your Stamina level, which should increase as you level up.

--Critical Damage--

Critical Damage is now based on your stamina level. This was the only way to synthesize "leveling up" without using scripts. The more points you have in stamina, the more damage your critical hits will do. Daggers do the least critical damage and Warhammers do the most. The better type of weapon material you have, the
more critical damage it will do. (An iron dagger does less critical than a daedric one).

Critical Damage in this mod is calculated as: Weapon Crit effect Multiplier * (Fixed Percent) * Stamina = Extra Damage Applied.
(How I determined the fixed percent, if you are interested, is explained at the end of this document)

Example: An Iron Dagger has a base critical effect multiplier of 2, base damage of 4. Let's say your stamina at character level 3 is 110. Your
damage for your critical strike will be 2 * .0825 * 110 = 18.15. That's (dagger's crit effect mult * my calculation * your stamina) = 18.15 extra damage.

Copy to Skyrim DATA directory, or install with MO2 or NMM as usual.

After loading your game, check your Active Effects - you should see the mod listed there.

SPECIAL THANKS to Sthaagg for creating the script that adds the perk.


In the optional files I have included a patch for Valdr's lucky dagger, which becomes massively overpowered once this mod is installed. The patch changes Valdr's dagger to have slightly more damage than a steel dagger and have slightly more combat speed compared to a normal dagger, but removes the increased crit hit chance. There is also a texture file which gives it a shinier look so that you can tell it apart from a normal steel dagger.

Also in the optional files: A different hierarchy of crit damage, by popular request.  From most critical damage to least:  Daggers, sword,s, waraxes, maces, bows, greatswords, warhammers, battleaxes.


For those interested, I will explain my calculations:

As for the fixed crit percentage amount, I based it first off of a multiple of stamina and then worked backwards. I started with a set of weapons that I modified to have a crit damage of 1. Then I set the multiplier fields in the perks to multiples of stamina. (.25 for daggers, .50 for swords, 1.5 for warhammers, so on). I adjusted these numbers until it did what I wanted, which was "my weapon damage plus about 25~50% on a critical hit". Then I needed to account for every
weapon having a different crit damage in their critical data field. The tedious and incompatible way would have been to make every weapon have a "1". Instead, I used the iron weapons as a starting point, so that every other weapon would be "more" than an iron weapon. For example, I took the iron sword - it has a crit  damage of 3. Turn that into a decimal that when multiplied by 3 will equal 1 -> 100/3/100 = .33. multiply that by the .50 of stamina. you get .1250 of stamina. Now when the iron sword does critical, it will do (your stamina * .1250 * 3). If it's a Daedric Sword, it's critical damage is 7, so with my math it willdo (your stamina * .1250 * 7). If you only use iron weapons, you'll end up with a fairly even 25% of your stamina for daggers, 50% of your stamina for swords, 60% for axes, and so on up to 150% for warhammers. The iron crit values are dagger=2, sword=3, waraxe=4, mace=4, greatsword=7, battleaxe=7, warhammer=9, longbow=3. My fixed values are .0825, .1250, .1500, .1875, .1429, .1714, .1667, .1650 respectively. This accounts for 25%, 50%, 60%, 75%, 100%, 120%, 150%, and 50% of stamina, respectively.

Base damage is not part of the equation. Let's take at this modified bow donated by Mur4s4me as an example:

In the "damage" section of its critical data field it says it has 15 crit damage. My original adjustment is based on a bow with crit 3 doing 50% of your stamina on a critical hit. (3 * .1650 * stamina). The .1650 is my "fixed amount" based on a crit of 3. Our modded bow with 15 crit damage multiplier will do 3 times the "normal" amount @ crit 15. If yourstamina is 100, a bow that has a crit of 3 will do an extra 50 damage. Our modded bow will do an extra ~250 damage at crit 15.  Both bows will do more damage as your stamina increases (as you level up).

Note: the % Mult has no effect. a "1" means it will do critical damage, a "0" means it will not.  The flags and effect field are there if you want your weapon to cast a spell onto the target.  If you de-select "on death" and put a spell code into "effect", then the weapon will cast that spell on the target every time you score a critical hit (you could conceivably make your weapon set things on fire or maybe drain life every time it does a critical hit).  If you have "on death" selected, it will only cast the spell after the target dies (this is more for visual special effects, like enemies turning to ash, etc).


The SE version of this mod is compatible (aka plays nice) with other mods that affect Perk skill trees and criticals, like Ordinator for example.  Also compatible with all weapon mods, unless they introduce a new "type" aka other than two-handed, warhammer, bow, etc, in which case it will need a patch (for example: mods that add guns). The only thing this mod adjusts is the calculatemycriticaldamage modifier for the different weapon types using keywords. It shouldn't matter where you place this mod in your load order.

Be aware that any modded perks that say anything about "increasing critical damage" will increase it in addition to this mod. If you use both mods, you may find your character becoming overpowered eventually. Until a patch exists, you may wish not to give your character those perks since this mod already adds a balanced amount of crit.

====Revision History======

v1.01 - Script by Sthaagg added that adds the perk upon game start. Added function so that perk appears in active effects.