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A player home, Located on the edge of the rift: Deep in some mountains.

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        I made this mod as a home for one of my playthroughs. I didn't want the house to be a palace or oversized so it is fairly small in comparison to all the gold laying around. I just like the look of all the treasure, Piled together and stuff. The  fast travel point is already available on the map. If your wondering why I don't have any mannequins it's simply because they creep me out. A lot. So none of those here, and I don't plan to include them in the future on any of my player homes :(

Know Bugs
   the NavMesh on the outside of the cell is a little messy. The creation kit was giving me some issues so I had to work my way around them. Companions will follow you for the most part but wont go up to the forge, or up the stone steps; However the inside is fully Navmeshed nice and clean so your companions will follow you around in there. To get them up stairs to the Second floor you have to point them somewhere, Like a piece of furniture, and after they get up they will run back down stairs. I've tried fixing this but nothing works. So they will go up and walk around perfectly fine, but unless ordered to stay will proceed to go back down.

   If there are any more issues just let me know, and I'll do my best to fix them as soon as I can. :)
If anyone was wondering I used Painterly'enb for Skyrim SE