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Go on a treasure hunt around Skyrim. Find stuff to use, to sell or whatever strikes your fancy.
UN-install any previous versions, make a new save then re-install. Do Not use any previous version. This is an extensive overhaul.

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RetroDaddy's Treasure Hunt

Delete all previous versions before install!

There is an Orc NPC who will sell you a journal that he has found while wandering about.  He can be found near Honningbrew Meadery near the bridge.  The Journal will direct you to find the corpse of an old Nord adventurer.  On the bridge you can find a note that will add some more content to your game.

Once you find the "Old Nord" there will be a note on his body that will supply you with more information.  Check his body closely and you will find a key to the first treasure.  From there it is up to you how quickly you discover the other treasures.

It will be helpful if you have a "Grid Map" to refer to as you look for the more hidden ones.

This is a Cheat, but it will not be an easy one.

NOTE:  There are 4 versions of this mod.  (1) Main Mod  (2) Variant of main mod  (3) No map marker ver.  (4) Map Marker no Fast Travel.

1 - Map Markers with Fast Travel
(Optional version2: once a chest has been opened, the map marker will be removed from the map.  To enable map markers again, re-read the journal.)
2 - Map Marker with Fast Travel and map marker removal.
3 - (No Longer Supported) No map markers
4 - (No Longer Supported) Map Markers without Fast Travel

This mod adds 21 treasure chests around Tamriel, The initial chest can be found South of The Camp and will give you a Good Hunting bow, arrows, Fur armor to help against the cold and some initial gold to get you started.  At the moment, all the chest locations have an approximate location given by the quest journal from the Old Nord.

The chests are re-spawning and will give you a supply of gold and arrows depending on your characters level.

The items given are about double the vanilla stats, and are modifiable at crafting stations.  You will also receive a recipe to make some arrows and some health potions.

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