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ElSte17 - UbuntuFreakDragon - Ceruulean - ShinraKishitani

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Burning Skies: Flyable Dragon Races IV

By ElSte17, UbuntuFreakDragon, Ceruulean and ShinraKishitani

Disclaimer: Neither ElSte17, nor UbuntuFreakDragon, nor Ceruulean, nor ShinraKishitani
can be held responsible for save corruption and/or other damages to your Skyrim installation.
Like with any other mod installing this is at your own risk, however reported problems will
be looked at if provided with requested information.
It is HIGHLY unlikely this mod will cause any damage to your PC, in fact if you follow the guides
nothing can go wrong assuming you have a legit copy of Skyrim SE and legit OS, but should this
happen then none of the modders can be held responsible, by installing this mod you agree
to this statement.

it's recommended to use NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) for automatic installation
Simply click the "NMM" button next to "Download:" and let NMM do the work for you
-Download the file
-Open your Skyrim SE Data folder
-Drag and drop (copy + paste) the mod's files into the Data folder
-Use LOOT/BOSS for load order
-Khajiit spits fire

It's very, VERY important to use LOOT/BOSS for your load order as it can and will prevent CTDs
For a more detailed installation guide please refer to modding guides (S.E.P.T.I.M. for instance)

------------Updating / Uninstallation--------------------------------------------------------------

It's recommended to use a clean save after installation, however for updates this is not required.
-As always be sure to backup any saves you wish to keep, in case something goes haywire.
-Now either using NMM or manually uninstall the old version of burning skies.
-Now download and install the update, and use LOOT/BOSS for load order.
You should be good to go
In case of corruption etc: remove corrupted save, reinstall the mod, copy backup save into saves
folder and retry, if this fails contact me on nexus.

For update 4.0.1 specifically (ONLY 4.0.1!!!):
Instead of step 2 & 3 you can simply remove the old ESP and replace it with the new ESM file,
that's all there's to it.

When uninstalling the steps are the same as for updating except you stop at step 2
There is the possibility of save corruption due to how Skyrim handles script mods
so be sure to have a backup or start a clean save.

-----------Default Controls------------------------------------------------------------------------

“WASD” to move
“E” to fly or land
Steer with the mouse
“Spacebar” to increase altitude
“X” to decrease altitude
“V” to roar

“G” to fly forward without awkward animation (Old Flying Method only)
“L-Shift” to reduce speed (Does not actually work)

Note: these controls are mapped to default actions so they will change if you change the
associated action with vanilla controls, displayed in parentheses.

“M1 - Left Click” to bite (Right hand attack)
“M2 - Right Click” to tail smash (Left hand attack)
“M1 + M2 Simultaneous Click” while moving left or right to wing bash (Dual attack)
“Ctrl” when grounded to rest, or when flying to perch (Sneak)
“CapsLock” to toggle speed (Toggle Always Run)

-----------Changing Controls-----------------------------------------------------------------------
If you don’t have SkyUI, the controls are stored as globals and you can change them ingame via
console, preferably while untransformed. The basic command is:

set to #

Variable must be one of the following:

-=Dragon settings=-
FDRdragonracenumber (The # ranges 0 - 8, each number a different species)
FDRdragonscalesize (0 is small, 1 is normal and 2 is large, normal is recommended, use small on low-end pcs)
FDRdragonshouttype (0 is fire, 1 is frost, defaults to fire)

-=Key Binds=-
"#" must be a number assigned to your keyboard keys (every key has a number that your pc recognises as that key)
Here you can find a list of keys and their corresponding numbers: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Input_Script
Under "DXScanCodes" use the number under "Dec" that corresponds to the key you want bound to the action.

FDRkeyFly (Start and stop flying)
FDRkeyTransform (Hotkey for transformation; can be disabled)
FDRkeyConstant (Old Flying Method only)
FDRkeySlow (Doesn't work please ignore)

-=Flight Type=-
FDRflyingmethod (0 is old, 1 is new)

-=Misc Settings=-
set # to 0 to disable or 1 to enable

FDRenableTransformKey (enables you to bind a key to transform rather than using the power)
FDRenableHeadtracking (whether your dragon form's head follows the mouse movement or not)

Save and reload your save for the changes to take effect.

The Mod team
ElSte17: Original creator, basic framework, found most of the Workarounds to prevent CTD's, etc.
Ubuntufreakdragon: For FDR Revamped versions, scripting, logic, automatization.
Ceruulean: For Version FDR BS 3.1.0, MCM menu
ShinraKishitani: Port to Skyrim SE and possible future updates

Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim SE

Version 4.0.1 Changelog

-Oldrim ESP converted to SSE ESM file
-Updated ReadMe file