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ElSte17 - UbuntuFreakDragon - Ceruulean - ShinraKishitani

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So khajiit is a dragonborn, no? So how come he cannot assume the form of a dragon, hmm?
This one has a mod for you that will fix that.

Permissions and credits
Burning Skies is a mod originally developed by ElSte17, for the oldrim version click here.
Considering I only ported the mod all credit goes to ElSte17, and if they reserve the right to remove this 
file at any given time.

Burning Skies allows the dragonborn to assume dragon form, working similarly to werewolf and vampire lord except with an even cooler animation.
When in dragon form you can fly and you can use the standard fire breath shout used by regular dragons.
That's basically it, simple but a lot of fun.

Good news!
A user called z65536 has created a patch fixing the CTD on using you attack as a dragon.
You can find his patch here, it can also be found in the requirements for this mod.
All credit for this patch (obviously) goes to him, if you appreciate what he did for our mod
please do show him your support!
-your favourite Khajiit

Do you like the mod?
That's great! now might I ask something in return, if you like the mod please send me screenshots
of you doing what you like best as your ultimate dragon form so I can update the images
on the mod page, of course only if you want to :)
-your favourite Khajiit

-=Install and Changelogs=-
Please read the included ReadMe file carefully before installation.

This mod Requires the following
SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender)
SkyUI (for MCM menu, not mandatory)

Installation: (ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR SAVES!!!)
it's recommended to use NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) for automatic installation
-Download the file
-Open your Skyrim SE Data folder
-Drag and drop (copy + paste) the mod's files into the Data folder
-Use LOOT/BOSS for load order
-Khajiit spits fire

For a more detailed installation guide please refer to modding guides (S.E.P.T.I.M. for instance)
There's also a readme included in the archive

Update 4.0.2
-Should fix Alduin being invisible.
-Still looking into CTDs I know the cause but no solution yet bare with me.

Update 4.0.1
-Never actually expected to be releasing multiple updates but then again I'm not advanced enough with   skyrim modding to expect to do things right the first time around.
-Comments noted the ESP being outdated which is possibly the cause of most reported CTDs
-Oldrim ESP is now converted to Skyrim SE ESM, I expect this to fix most if not all CTDs
-Updated the readme, the info may seem worrying but in reality this goes for any mod I'm simply protecting   me and the others who worked on this mod.

When updating first backup your saves (always should) then remove the old mod and reinstall the update
An important thing to note is that with this update you CANNOT simply drag and drop as the new ESM will NOT overwrite the old ESP.
If you're updating manually do the regular save backup, remove the old ESP and replace it with the new ESM
I hope this fixes your problems, 
signed your favourite Khajiit


Original description (Oldrim):

By ElSte17 (Diabloblanco) and recoded by UbuntuFreakDragon
Revisions by Ceruulean

You must have Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE Version 1.7.0 +) and own a legitimate copy of Skyrim.
No complaints, it’s essential for the mod to work properly!

The MCM menu is optional, but to use it you need SkyUI.

Burning Skies FAQ

SKSE website

Please backup your saves before installing this mod!

- Please follow all instructions for updating and uninstallation, found on this description page and in the Readme file.
* The creators are not responsible for any save malfunctions caused by failure to read!
> "Burning Skies" is a script-intensive mod! For optimal performance, limit the amount of scripted mods in your load order!