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My first player house mod that uses the Goldenglow Estate in Riften as a template, but in order for you to complete the house you must complete the "Morfree Lodge" Quest which starts when the game starts. This house could be considered a vanilla house because you can send your spouse their with no other mods and you have to purchase everyth

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Introducing Morfree Lodge:
Location: Behind Riverwood's Sleeping Giant Inn

⦁    Contains exterior decorations along with animals and a rideable horse.
⦁    Contains a Library with plenty of bookshelves and a hot tub.
⦁    There are multiple containers such as arrow container, weapon container, armor container, ingredient container, ingot container, etc.
⦁    Contains a Blacksmith Forge, Smelter, Tanning Rack, Armor Workbench, Alchemy Table, Enchanter, and other things that you will have to download to figure out.

The House will be complete after you complete the"Morfree Lodge" Quest.

This house could be considered a vanilla house because you have to buy the house and decorations and you can send your spouse there when you are married.

Known Bug: When I bought the exterior upgrade, the dog didn't appear for me, but it may have just been my computer.