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Forces all imperial soldiers to wear heavy armor

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If you are like me and think that an army should have its soldiers to wear the same equipment because, well, that's what a uniform is, then wander no more! here's the mod you were looking for!

There are a couple of mods out there that aim to obtain the same result by modifying the chance of the soldiers spawning with the Heavy Armor in leveled lists. However, i still didn't like the fact that there was still the chance that they would spawn with a studded or light armor (which i don't like in the slightest). So, i decided to take a different approach on the matter.
What i did was editing all studded and light imperial armor outfits in the creation kit, so that they used heavy armor pieces instead. Simple as that. Now, there's just NO WAY that imperial soldiers wear anything different than heavy armor set.
I only edited Skyrim.esm file, so nothing else (not even dlcs, i think) should be required by this mod. As such, it should be compatible with ANYTHING, unless a mod edits the very same outfits. If this is the case, just make sure you load this esp AFTER the other one editing the same files, so that mine will prevail.


-Heavy: all imperial soldiers wear heavy armors. Officers still wear officer helmets.
-Light: all imperial soldiers wear light armors. Officers still wear officer helmets.
-Studded: all imperial soldiers wear studded armors (light bracers, boots and helmet + studded cuirass). Officers still wear officer helmets.
-Mixed: all imperial soldiers wear light armors, except those who wear heavy armor by default (such as officers) who got it replaced by studded armor. Officers still wear officer helmets.


Manual: just place the .esp file in your game DATA directory, and activate it in the launcher and/or your mod manager.

Mod Manager: install this the way you'd install any other mod.

Please note that, if you install this mod on an already started game, you might need either to reload the cell or to resurrect (via the console command) the npc(s) in order for their equipment to update.


Just delete the esp file. Should be safe to do it mid-game, however you might need to reload the cell or to resurrect the npc(s) to make their equipment update (just like installation)

You can do whatever you wish to with this mod, maybe just give me credit if you use it.


IMMERSIVE ARMORS by hothtrooper44 - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3479?tab=description
SEMPER FI (the replacer file) by Rogue1024 - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/693

To do next:

If i manage to do it, and i get permission from hothtrooper, i am planning to make a new esp to assign the Heroic Imperial armor from Immersive Armors mod to all imperial officers, to make them different from common soldiers.