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This mod organizes the equipment of the Stormcloaks and Imperial Legion to better suit armies and what is said ingame.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
This mod organizes both sides of the Civil War's equipment to better suit armies and what's said ingame.

It was converted from Skyrim so please put in the comments if there are any issues that came from converting it.

Most of the mod is focused towards to the Imperials because Stormcloaks didn't really have much to fix aside from separating bows to make the archer role a spawn and giving the Stormcloak officers their helmets While the Legion had no one bar Officers and Hadvar in Heavy even though practically everyone is saying otherwise.

Bethesda's classifying the Imperial Armor you get from being outfitted.
Heavy:    Imperial Helm, Imperial Boots, Imperial Shield, Imperial Bracers and  Imperial Armor
Medium: Imperial Light Helmet, Imperial Light Boots, Imperial Shield, Imperial Light Bracers and Studded Imperial Armor
Light:     Imperial Light Helmet, Imperial Light Boots, Imperial Light Shield, Imperial Light Bracers and Imperial Light Armor

To Simplify
Heavy = Infantry. Medium = Archer/Marine/Light Infantry. Light = Scout/Courier. 
Cavalry = Heavy with the full Helm. Officer/Legate = Heavy with Officer Helm.

Stormcloaks don't have much in terms of equipment organisation with only really Officers and then everyone else. But did sort out the Archers getting their own AI instead of everyone getting the same weapons and AI and also created a shield so they could wear Ulfrics banner on their shield.

Quotes regarding certain Imperial armours within the game. 
Imperial Light Armour. 
"For your sake, I hope you took that armor from a dead Imperial scout..." Stormcloaks Sided Guard 

"Judging by your armor, I'd say you're an Imperial scout. If so, well met." Imperial sided Guard 

"Light armor for scouting detail" Beirand. 

Imperial Heavy armour reference. 

"Legion soldiers gleam like fresh fallen snow and clank like a kitchen. They head this way, we'll know it." Stormcloak Soldier. 

"This armor is damn heavy" Imperial Soldier 

The Imperial Soldiers will now be equipped (listing armor and weapons)

  • (Heavy Infantry)Legionnaires: Imperial Armor, Imperial helmet, Imperial Boots, Imperial Bracers, Imperial Shield. Imperial Sword and Steel dagger.
  • (Light Infantry)Legionnaires: Studded Imperial Armor, Imperial Shield, Imperial Light Boots, Imperial Light bracers and Imperial Light Helmet. Imperial Sword and Steel Dagger.
  • Archers: Studded Imperial Armor, Imperial Light Boots, Imperial Light bracers and Imperial Light Helmet, Steel Dagger, Steel Arrows, Imperial Bow and Imperial Sword.
  • Scout: Imperial Light Helmet, Imperial Light Armor, Imperial Light Boots, Imperial Light bracers and Imperial Light Shield.  Imperial Sword, Steel dagger, Imperial Bow and Steel Arrows.
  • Battlemage: Imperial Armor, Imperial Bracers, Imperial boots and Torturers hood.(Beth used those hoods on the mages in the into so it stuck) Imperial Sword and Steel Dagger.
  • Equites: Imperial Helm(the Crested full helm), Imperial Armor, Imperial boots, Imperial Bracers and Imperial Shield. Imperial Sword and Steel Dagger.

Choose one ESP you only require one.

Things changed.   (Readme will contain the changes related to the version you have downloaded)

Imperial Legion/ East Empire Company Mercenaries

  • Light Armour replaced with Heavy on General Tullius. (He's the General he should be wearing the best armour available and he's better skilled with heavy then light) 
  • Leveled lists for Imperial Solders and Guards allowing Heavy Armour and Imperial Studded to be chosen with their corresponding role. 
  • Imperial Light moved to Imperial Couriers and the Legionnaires in the scout encounter. 
  • The armour and name that the Legionnaires wear will determine what weapon they use for example if they spawn in heavy armour they will be using the Imperial sword and Imperial heavy shield but if they spawn in Imperial Studded they will be using a bow. 
  • The Soldiers using CWImpeialSoldierGear have been given a new Leveled list CWSoldierImperialGearNotGuard/Archer to avoid any comparability issues with Guard equipment and to keep the weapons tied to the soldiers actual role. 
  • The Castle Dour guards have been added Imperial Heavy. Tight space would be bad for fighting with bow's. 
  • Fort Commanders have been given Imperial Heavy with Officer Helmet so they look like the commanding officer of the fort. 
  • Hadvar has been added Imperial heavy with no helmet to better explain from going from Imperial studded to Imperial heavy the next time you see him. 
  • Tullius has had an Imperial Shield added a General going around without a shield during a Civil War just asking for a Sniper to take him out.(siege version has apart of outfit normal version has it added to inventory)
  • The Legates have been had their bow's removed and shields added. Rikke keeps her Steel sword but has an Imperial Shield instead of Steel one.
  • The Cart drivers in the opening have been given heavy armor due to their proximity to the General and that they stay near him later in Helgan. 
  • The Prison Guards of Dawnstar, Windhelm, Riften(When the Imperials have taken over) and Solitude have been given heavy armor and those with the key have been given the no helmet version unless there is only one version then the will all wear helmets like Windhelm for example.

  • East Empire Company Mercanary's have been given their own outfit.  (Not in "Imperial Legionary's Organised Just Soldiers") 
  • Dragon Bridge guards have been added Imperial gear to suit their names of Imperial Soldiers. (Only in "Imperial Legionary's Organised" not in the other two  files) 
  • Imperial Bodyguards now wear only full heavy. (Rexus will have full Imperial heavy. For a guard of a *Spoiler* he seemed under armoured)
  • The Imperial Soldiers have been a given its own outfit to help avoid the Heroic Imperial(Immersive Armors) appearing on the non-command Legionaries. Due to scripting this does not work as I intended.
  • Marines/EEC Merc have their own Leveled list gear.(i.e CWSoldierImperiailGearMarines) It will decide between 1h with bow and 1h with shield.
  • Imperial Battlemages now spawn. Battlemages use Apprentice level spells from the Schools of Alteration, Destruction, Conjuration and Restoration. Battlemages should spawn more often then Stormcloak Spellswords but less the Imperial Archers and Legionnaires.
  • Imperial Soldiers have had some renaming allowing for Imperial Legionnaires, Imperial Archers and Imperial Scouts to appear.
  • The Legion now has its own captain spawning. The Imperial Praefect uses Imperial Heavy with either a steel greatswords or Imperial Sword with Shield.
  • The Imperial Legion has had their racial and gender diversity to better suit what is said in the Lore and ingame(Morrowind not Oblivion since that is the Imperial Watch) the Races of Bosmer, Altmer and Orsimer will only appear in one role.
  • The Imperial Controlled forts will now have mounted patrols starting from said fort to a city or settlement within the same hold. The mounted NPC is called an Imperial Equite. 
  • Fort Sungard has an extra patrol that is on foot but double the size of normal patrol to emphasize the danger in the Reach for the Imperial Legion considering the Reachs Terrain with Forsworn and the Stormcloak Rebellion. 

  • Imperial Quartermasters can now appear in different genders and races. (races being all humans and orcs)
  • Fort Commanders and the Imperial Praefect have been given the voice of Commander and a Characterlist which chooses their gender.
  • Khajiit and Argonians have been added to a new character list that works for Forts and military camps while also being added to the scout encounter. They will appear in Medium with heavy shield at forts and camps to show some form of light infantry. (Skyrim's civil war battles always seem to be sieges and the encounter with Imperials and Stormcloaks look more like two patrols that just encountered each other)
  • Patrols from Greymoor to Whitewatch tower and Dunstad to Agnas Mill have been added.
  • The Outfits you choose when you get outfitted have been edited to allow weapons to appear. (Heavy = Sword, Medium and Light 15 Steel arrows, Bow and Sword)

  • Imperial Warhammer is now available at Castle Dour. (Warhammer on table is free to take for players but those in the Armory will count as stealing)
  • Imperial Tribunes now spawn in battles. (rarest chance to spawn also has the possibility to spawn with a warhammer or sword and shield.)
  • Named Tribunes now appear near the Named Legates at Camps and Jarl buildings. (killable but respawn currently don't know how to remove the essential tag when they lose the war)
  • Saddled Horses at Imperial controlled Forts and Camps have been given the Imperial Saddle.
  • The line "This Imperial Armor is damn heavy" should now only be said by soldiers wearing Imperial Heavy then just any Imperial Soldier.


  • Stormcloak officers have had they weapons specialized and been given the outfit of their armour with the head piece.
  • Stormcloaks that spawn with a one hand and a shield will have a chance to have a Stormcloak shield. (just a duplicated and renamed Windhelm Guard shield. They needed at least a shield with their symbol on it.)
  • Stormcloak Spellswords will now spawn for the Stormcloaks. The Spellswords use Apprentice level spells from the Schools of Alteration, Destruction, Illusion and Restoration. Spellswords should not spawn as much as Imperial Battlemages.
  • Stormcloak Soldiers have had some renaming allowing Stormcloak Archers and Stormcloak Scouts to appear.
  • Stormcloaks have had their own Captain added to the spawns for Civil War encounters. (Fyrir was from a friend since I know more about the Romans then the Norse) 
  • The Stormcloak Controlled forts will now have mounted patrols or patrols going by foot starting from said fort to a city or settlement within the same hold. The mounted NPC is called an Stormcloak Ridder. 
  • Stormcloak Berserkers now spawn for the Stormcloaks. (Same spawn chance as Imp Tribune. Use a twohanded weapon or dual wield nordic weapons)
  • Ulfric now has a shield in his inventory. (No outfit change just placed in his inventory. Shield is Nordic)

Non-Garrisoned(Cities) Stormcloaks have been given their own leveled lists and one of those two an outfit so they will equip a shield at camp and forts.
Patrols have been added to the Stormcloak controlled civil war forts. Due to what the Nords are based on the Stormcloaks get less mounted patrols and more patrols on foot. (Greymoor, Dunstad and Sungard are the only forts with a mounted patrol. what would have been a mounted patrol elsewhere is now a foot patrol for the Stormcloaks)

I haven't touched on the guards of the Stormcloak taken areas as the guards would have three options which amounts to a smaller ranged attack against dragons when the Legion would have two options.

That which counts for Both

  • Imperial and Stormcloak Soldier corpses will now actually have weapons. Seemed a bit odd to die without their weapons scavengers can't have been there if they still have their armour.
  • NPC's race spawn chosen by the leveled races have been altered to give the correct AI in the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloak spawn so those that spawn with a bow favor ranged fighting compared to their melee loving counterparts.
  • Renamed the Soldiers manning the catapults of the Siege of Whiterun. (Imperial Ballistarii and Stormcloak Catapult Crewmen)
  • Imperial Quaestors and Stormcloak Hirdmenn appear now. They are just tougher soldiers.
  • Imperial and Stormcloaks now get unique classes that better suit their role.
  • Quatermasters for both Legion and Stormcloaks have had their vendor chests edited to include only the equipment that their faction uses. (Imperial Warhammer is not included.)

Things that are currently being worked on.
Possible dual wielding variants for Stormcloaks.
Compatibility Patch for Cloaks of Skyrim.
Food and maybe potions at Civil War Quartermasters.

Things possibly Subject to change
Stormcloak Berserker: Name change and outfit change.

The Leveled lists. Altered or Added
  • Created a ArmorImperialHeavySetNoShield for the cart drivers so they do the checklist animation during the games intro since them wearing a shield wouldn't let the animation play. Rexus also uses this.
  • CWSoldierImperialGearNotGuard: Created so the Imperial Soldiers gear choosing their weapons won't conflict with the Imperial Holds that didn't rebel and compatibility to any mod that has guards using CWSoldierImperialGear)
  • CWSoldierSonsGearSoldier: Used by the Stormcloak Soldiers really just has the bow and arrows removed so the AI actually works with their equipment.
  • CWSoldierSonsGearArcher: made for the Archers that spawn on the Stormcloaks side.
  • LitemSoldierSonsShield: Added *Stormcloak Shield.
  • CWSoldierImperialGearArcher: Created to give the Archers their arrows without having that one arrow just spawning and infinite arrows for all.
  • CWSoldierImperialGearMarine: same as notguard but Imperial weapons are removed for the one below this is choosing its weapons
  • LItemSoldierImperialMaineWeaponAny: Choses from the below for the Marines weapons
  • LitemSolderImperialMaine: Allowing for the Maines to have a varied equipment(1h and shield/1h and bow)
  • OutfitSoldierImpeiralArcherMedium: Leveled list for same name just with armour type listed on it same for the three below this.
  • OutfitSoldierImperialArcherMediumNoHelmet Same as above
  • OutfitSoldierImperialHeavy Same as above
  • OutfitSoldierImperialHeavyNoHelmet Same as above

  • CWEImperialCaptainWeapons: Imperial Captain Leveled Lists
  • CWEImperialCaptain1handShield: Same as above
  • CWESoldierImperialGearCaptain: Same as above
  • LItemSoldierSonsWeaponAnyCaptain: Stormcloak Captain Leveled Lists.
  • LItemSoldierSonsWeapon1hCaptain: Same as above
  • LItemSoldierSonsWeapon2hCaptain: Same as above
  • LItemSoldierSonsGuardWeapon1hCaptain: Same as above
  • LItemSoldierSonsShieldCaptain: Same as above
  • CWSolderSonsGearCaptain: Same as above
  • CWESoldierSonsGearOneHanded: allows for the Stormcloaks with the outfit that allows for shields to have onehanded weapons to go with it,
  • CWESoldierSonsGearTwoHanded Same as above but with the use of twohanded weapons and no new outfit.
  • CWPlayerUniformImperialHeavy, CWPlayerUniformImperialLight and CWPlayerUniformImperialMedium: Imperial Sword, Imperial Bow and 15 Steel arrows added Heavy version only gets sword.
  • CWEImperialArtillaryCrewOutfits: Created for the outfit of the Imperial Soldiers manning the Catapults.
  • CWEImperialTribuneGearSword: Used by Named Tribunes.
  • CWEImperialTribuneGearWarhammer: Same as above.
  • CWEImperialTribuneGear: Used by Generic Tribunes
  • CWEImperialTribuneWeapons: Same as above.
  • CWEImperialTribuneWeaponShield: Same as above.
  • CWEImperialTribuneWeaponWarhammer: Same as above.
  • CWEBerserkerSonsGear: used for Stormcloak Beserkers.
  • CWEStormcloakBerserkerWeapons: Same as above.
  • CWEStormcloakBerserkerTwoHand: Same as above.
  • CWEStormcloakBerserkerDual: Same as above.
  • *check Item Created for what this is.

Reverted (i.e Outdated and removed changes)

  • CWSoldierImperialGearNoTorch/NoTorchNoBow: removed the Imperial weapons so the armour would determine the weapons.
  • ArmourImperialHeavySet/NoHelmet: Added Imperial Sword and Imperial Heavy Shield. 
  • ArmourImperialStuddedSet/NoHelmet: Added Imperial Bow and Steel Arrows. 
  • ArmourImperialLightSet: Added Imperial Bow, Steel Arrows, Sword and Imperial Light Shield. 

  • CWEArcherClass
  • CWEImpInfantryClass
  • CWEImpBattlemageClass
  • CWEImpOfficerClass
  • CWESonsInfantryClass
  • CWESonsSpellswordClass
  • CWESonsOfficerClassMelee
  • CWESonsOfficerClassRanged
  • CWESonsBerserkerClassMelee

  • csCWSoldierMagic: Used on Battlemages and Spellswords
  • CWEcsBerserkerMelee: Used on Beserkers. (Melee part of the name wasn't intended but forgot to edit that out)

Outfits Added or Altered.
  • ArmorImperialCavalry: Outfit for the Imperial Equites.
  • ArmorImperialMarine: One of the EEC Merc's Outfits
  • ArmorImperialMage: Used on the two in Helgen and on the Imperial Battlemages.
  • ArmorStormcloakMage: Used on the Stormcloak Spellswords
  • OutfitListSoldierImperial/NoHelmet: Removed Light Armour and added Heavy armour. 
  • OutfitListSoldierImperialOfficerTullius/NoHelmet: Removed the light armor gauntlets and boots and added the Heavy versions of them. Renamed the NoHelmet to NoShield as a General wouldn't be going around the battlefield without a shield and I'd rather the General have a unique helmet. 

  • CWEOutfitSoldierImperialArcher: Outfits for the Legionaires
  • CWEOutfitSoldierImperialArcherNoHelmt Same as above
  • CWEOutfitSoldierImperialInfantry:  Same as above
  • CWEOutfitSoldierImperialInfantryNoHelmet Same as above
  • CWEOutfitSoldierImperialLightInfantry: same as below.
  • CWEOutfitSoldierImperialLightInfantryNoHelmet: Used on the beast races that now spawn for the Imperials in Forts and camps. 

  • CWEStormcloak1h&SOutfit: Stormcloak outfit that also has the shield leveled list for those with the correct leveled list to have a shield equipped at the same time.
  • CWEImperialArtillaryCrewOutfit and CWEStormcloakArtilleryCrewOutfit: created for the Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers manning the catapult. Outfit contains Imperial Heavy and Imperial Studded with no helmets for the Imperials.
  • CWEStormcloakBeserker: Created for the Stormcloak Beserker.

NPC's Altered.

  • ENCSoldierImperial*race*M01MaleSoldier: Given the Imperial Heavy armour and AI changed to csCWSoldierMelee
  • ENCSoldierImperial*race*M02MaleSoldier: Given Imperial Studded and Ai changed to csCWSoldierMissle
  • ENCSoldierSonsNordM/F 03, 03 and 06: Given Iron sword and CWSoldierSonsGearArcher Ai changed to csCWSoldierMissle
  • ENCSoldierSonsTemplate: removed CWSoldierSonsGear and replaced with CWSoldierSonsGearSolider
  • MQ103ImperialSoldier/SonsSoldier(Jagged Crown): made to fit with the changes. For Example the Imperials now use the template data so their gear is chosen by the race of the 01 or 02.
  • CWFieldCOSons/Hold: Outfit changed to have the full Stormcloak officer set and the named officers have had their weapons specialised. (Rift and Falkreath are Archers the rest is up to chance. One of them has Reach as an Archer a little random thing I put in)
  • TreasCorpseCWImperial/Sons: Made actor base the soldier leveled list and only ticked use inventory.
  • Alethius: Missed from when I did the Civil War corpses having nothing but their armour
  • CWSoldierImperialUseCatapult and CWSoldierSonsUseCatapult: Names altered and given outfits to suit their role.
  • CWFortCommanderSons/Imperial: Given officer gear and renamed(Stormcloak) if needed.
  • CWFortSoldierImperial :Edited to allow for Legionnaire spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFort04SoldierImperial:Edited to allow for Legionnaire spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFortSoldierSons:Edited to allow for Soldier spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFort04SoldierSons:Edited to allow for Soldier spawns at Forts and Camps

NPC's Added
  • CWESoldierImperialMImperialBattlemage: Imperial Battlemages
  • CWESoldierImperialFImperialBattlemage
  • CWESoldierImperialMBretonBattlemage
  • CWESoldierImperialFBretonBattlemage
  • CWESoldierSonsNordMSpellsword: Stormcloak Spellswords
  • CWESoldierSonsNordFSpellsword

  • CWFortSoldierImperialArcher: Added for Archer spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFortSoldierImperialMage: Added for Mage spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFortSoldierImperialOfficer: Added for Officer spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFort04SoldierImperialArcher: Added for Archer spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFort04SoldierImperialMage: Added for Mage spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFort04SoldierImperialOfficer: Added for Officer spawns at Forts and Camps

  • CWFortSoldierSonsArcher: Added for Archer spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFortSoldierSonsSpellsword: Added for Mage spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFortSoldierSonsOfficer: Added for Officer spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFort04SoldierSonsArcher: Added for Archer spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFort04SoldierSonsSpellsword: Added for Mage spawns at Forts and Camps
  • CWFort04SoldierSonsOfficer: Added for Officer spawns at Forts and Camps

  • CWELCharScoutImperial: Allows for those that appear as Imperial Scouts to be chosen from races that suit scouting from the recruitment pool in Skyrim
  • CWECavImperialFort*name*Follower1/2 or Lead.: The Soldiers in the Mounted patrol
  • CWEHorseFort*Name*FollowLead/Follower1/2
  • CWEFortSungardPatrolImperialCaptain/ Infantry1/2/ Archer1/2 and Battlemage: The footpatrol from Fort Sungard.
  • CWEEncSoldierSonsNordF04/05FemaleNord & M07/09MaleNord: the increase Stormcloak to help keep the Captain and Spellsword spawns down.
  • CWEEncSoldierImperial*race*F/M01/02Female/Male: The Npcs that make up the Racial and Gender additions to the Legion
  • CWEEncSoldierImperialKhajiitM/F01, CWEEncSoldierImperialArgonianM/F01: The added beast races to the Imperial Legion.

  • CWESoldierFortImperial Actor base for Npcs in Forts and camps.
  • CWELCharSoldierFortImperial The leveledcharacter list for the above
  • CWELcharsoldierImperialPatrol: Seperates the captains from the leveledCharacter list for patols.(Only used on patrols of 3)
  • CWELcharSoldierSonsPatrol: Seperates the captains from the leveledCharacter list for patrols. (Used on all patrols but the patrol leader)
  • CWEImperialTribune: Tribune that spawns for civil war battles. 
  • CWEImperialTribune*Hold*: The Named Tribunes that Spawn at camps and Jarl buildings.
  • CWEStormcloakBeserker: Beserker that spawns for civil war battles

Item Created.
Windhelm's Guard shield duplicated and the copy was renamed as Stormcloak shield.
Imperial Warhammer: Duplicated and renamed from champion's cudgel. (Can be upgraded at a grindstone)

The mounted patrols use packages from Jayr848's Horses on Patrol

Conflicts with other mods
While this mod shouldn't conflict there might be some that change the outfit of the Imperial Soldiers, Guards and the East Empire Merc.
There are also mods that give the Imperial Soldiers of their mod their own outfit when in turn this mod misses since they aren't using the same outfit/Leveled list as vanilla Soldiers and Guards.

Anything that touches the Garrisoned Soldiers (Guards) place it after if you wish for those changes. Ones that add females to the guard roster should be compatible

Immersive Armors: The Issue people were having with practically every Legionnaire in Heavy having more in Heroic is resolved The generic ones will not look like they are paid enough to get Heroic Imperial.  Scratch that due to a Script Heroic Imperial is put on wherever Imperial Heavy is placed (I'm not knowledgeable enough about scripts to touch it.
If you want the Knight thing off the certain Officers i.e either the Legates or Fort Commanders either untick soldiers(in MCM for IA) or just say in comments

Cloaks of Skyrim: Due to CWE using its own outfits the cloaks added to the Legion and Stormcloak Soldiers do not appear.

Mods in Background in the Screenshots
Wet and Cold: any Cloak and face covers that may appear
Personally converted with a tool Sleeved Imperials, super sleeves and Improved closed face helmets. (I was getting a bit OCD about the sleeved thing but i also remembered I did need to be able to see the face of the Ridders and Equites just in case)
Slightly Better Imperial Shields
Imperial Chainmail Armour. Texture works fine for SSE.

Source for the Nordic names for the Stormcloaks
Ridder and Hirdmenn

Versions of this mod with the mounted patrols can't be reuploaded to steam. 
For the packages used for the mounted patrols ask Jayr848 for it credit for it also goes to him.


Bethesda for Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls Series.
Jayr848 for the packages used in the mounted patrol.