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  1. lRekol
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    Make sure to check the FAQ on the Description Page to see if any of your questions have already been answered.
    If your question hasn't been answered and involves some sort of bug or issue you're having, make sure you're as descriptive as possible and also provide a link to your modlist using either Pastebin or Modwatch, please do not post your modlist directly into the comments. This will help me help you faster. Thanks.

    Recent Changes
    Version 1.3 Special Edition
    -New MCM Hotkey: Rip Out Heart, Perform the Killmove with a custom Hotkey. Default activation method is disabled when mapped, unmap to use the default activation method.
    -New MCM Hotkey: Spell Power, Cast the Heart Breaker Spell Power with a Hotkey. Will only work if the Spell Power is learned.
    -New MCM Option: Stagger Pulse, Enemies in combat with you will be staggered in the middle of the killmove, giving you enough time to finish it and redraw your weapon.
    -New MCM Option: Cooldown, Choose whether or not you want the Spell Power to have a cooldown.
    -New MCM Toggle: Immersion Mode, Disables Briarhearts Mode and Monster Mode to give a similar experience, but automated. The Killmove and Spell Power will be automatically learned when you become a Non-Beast Form Vampire/Werewolf. Before that, you will only be able to perform the Killmove on Briarhearts. Setup your Magic Arm and Explosive HB settings before enabling this and they will automatically switch on after becoming a Non-Beast Form Vampire/Werewolf.
    -The Spell Power has been changed from a Greater Power with a game time cooldown of 24 hours, to a Lesser Power with a custom made cooldown of 50 real time minutes.
    -Eating Hearts (Human, Elf, Orc, Khajiit, Argonian, and Briar) will now reduce the time left on the Spell Power's cooldown by 10 minutes per heart, 20 minutes per Daedra Heart.
    -Eating Hearts will permanently decrease the overall cooldown time of 50 minutes down to 30 minutes in increments of 5 minutes.
    -Implemented a more strict distance for activation of the killmove, should force you to get closer so the animation plays correctly far more often.
    -Implemented a forced facing change for if you happen to activate the killmove from behind your enemy to better help the animation play correctly.
    -Implemented fail sound and time remaining notification for when the Spell Power is on cooldown and you try to cast it.
    -Spell Power's bleed out effect can now be applied to enemies via a Bash as well as a Hit.
    -Rewrote the way the spell power's forced bleed out works to hopefully be more consistent and keep enemies in bleedout properly for the duration of the effect (6 seconds).
    -Rewrote the main Heart Ripping script to better handle Special Essential NPCs as well as to hopefully be more efficient.
    -Tweaked Heart Stone in hand positioning to look better and to return the slight glowing effect. Only 2 NPCs use this, but whatever.
    -Fixed chest hole positioning for Daedra in Daedric Armor.
    -New MCM features added to the Profile System.

    Hearts Heal
    by zosoab70
    Adds some different effects to all of the hearts when you consume them. Check it out if you're so inclined.
  2. nanashi50
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    Is it possible to use heart breaker on dead NPCs, or another mod that might do that?

    I have a mod that can turn various ingredients like soul gems, hearts, falmer ears, vampire dust, etc. into potions. Realized for an evil character, harvesting hearts for ingredients would be fitting.
  3. Brandhini
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    The moment I saw this I knew I could no longer live without it
  4. WarGetX
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    I don't have the MCM menu like the other mods "VioLens", all others mods works great, I have the last version or SKSE 2.0.10 and Papyrus .dll, any Idea ?

    I need to wait a long time before the MCM works ?
    1. hatirelo
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      Same problem for me. Did someone has a solution ?
    2. veronicallxf
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      same problem
  5. destinyhero
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    hi, I was wonder if it is still possible to support Classic edition?
  6. Darkfalcon59
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    is there anyway to put the cooldown quicker?
  7. rainbeau1019
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    Thanks a ton for this!
  8. Djulie
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    I really like this mod however im having a slight annoying issue, due o the way the mod is set where the enemy has to be in bleed out stance (on knee), im finding it very difficult to get them to that state, its either my weapons/spells are too powerful and will kill them before they kneel, or i have the complete opposite, i have to use the weakest thing possible to bring their health down which takes so long because its not damaging them enough, apart from that i love it.

    Would it be possible to make a re useable (spammable without time restrictions) power/spell that will bring the enemy to this state immediatley please? Atm moment its way more of a chore then enjoyment for me or if you could point me to a modd that has a spell like this i would be greatful.

    But thank you for this.

    Edit if you use tgm the power/spell you provided will be spammable which in one way is great to take advantage of the mod, but in another way.... yeah god mode, grr lol, id rather not have to resort to god mode.

    Edit2. Nevermind i edited the spell myself in sse edit
    1. LUkaZZZ007
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      Could you explain how did you done that? Cause i tried it myself but i really don't know which file i have to edit.
    2. TheCanadianCrook
      • member
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      Necro'ing old comments.. but incase someone else was wondering. I downloaded Creation Kit for the sole purpose to make the power ability spammable (since my weapons/magic are either too powerful or too weak as OP said, I rarely see the 'bleed-out' status on npc actors, and having north of 180-200 mods myself).

      Install Creation Kit for SSE:

      Steps to take once you have SSE CK (may have to scroll down a bit):

      However in the 2nd link there he neglected or forgot to mention 'Set as Active File' after you enable the Skyrim.esm along with the other DLC.esm/update.esm

      Also you may need to use this mod to be load multiple masters:
      (be sure to make a back up of your CreationKit.ini file, desktop folder is fine)
      Final note, I turned off the auto-config checkbox and added a 0.5 on 'Charge' just incase. just tested ingame works like a charm. perfect for your fantasy/anime weebo playthroughs. I will thoroughly enjoy this mod and it got me to get started with CK! even if for minor tweaks like that. knowledge is p o w e r ! Good luck to anyone who is reading this.
  9. ImpOfThePerverse
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    Some instructions on how to actually do this in the game would be nice.
    1. lRekol
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      From the description page:

      "If your enemy is injured enough to fall to one knee (i.e. Bleed Out), you will be able to press the Activate button (Keyboard Default "E", Xbox Default "A", PS Default "X") to rip out his/her Heart."

      You can also toggle on the "Spell Power" in the MCM, which is also described on the description page.
      "Adds a once a day Spell Power that allows you to put an enemy into the Bleed Out state in one hit."

      There are also like 5 videos that show how to do it in the video section.
  10. ender2387
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    Performed the kill move on a ghost, the heart was transparent and I got Ectoplasm instead of a heart added to my inventory. Just wanted to say I LOVE the attention to detail in this mod :)
    1. Shiro26395
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      lol thats really nice
  11. jroberts569
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    So I downloaded the mod via NMM, and the menu shows up to change the settings, but there is no lesser power available or any active effect present. There is no book because it's the latest version of the mod, so I'm unsure of what is wrong with it. I only have this mod downloaded for any combat mods.