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Removes enchanted cloaks from levelled lists.

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Basically, this mod does a few things:
  • Removes flavor texts from cloaks that had them, so that you can see the enchantment on them.
  • Makes the Greyboard's cloak non-disenchantable (It was lacking the proper Keyword)
  • Merges the Cloak-Dawnguard.esp and Cloak - USSEP.esp
  • Removes the Fortify Health and Magic Resistance cloaks from levelled lists. The enchanted cloaks that were handplaced by the author still exist.

Pretty straightforward, put this below Cloaks of Skyrim (and the Unofficial Patch, of course). Uncheck the Dawnguard and USSEP patch provided by the original mod.
MLU/OMEGA is not required but my 4rd change was made with that mod in mind.

Credits to the original mod author, nikinoodles, and nazenn, who uploaded it for SSE.