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Re-mastered/mixed 100% (4681 samples) of the original skyrim sound fx. Providing a smoother and plainer sound experience.No hum,no crackle,less masking,high definition low-end,no excessive high-end..and much more! Overall far more appealing to the'll hear things you've never heard before

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100% (4681) of all the original skyrim sound fx samples re-mastered/mixed


Please take your time to read the detailed description below this page!

- Nexus site and NMM has some major problems right now

- on rare occasions you may stumble upon an installation error, due to some limitations of the mod manager

- in this case download this mod manually and activate in NMM thereafter

- the LSFX-Audiosettings.esp file is required ONLY for the additional audio settings

- those sliders may not be set to 100% so plz check out your volume sliders and adjust to your liking!

- you can still use this mod without using the .esp file!!


use Lucidity Sound FX as a base, overwrite with any sound mods you`d like to use

whatever your choice is, you will still be able to hear a lot of Lucidity samples,

even if you get all the audio mods available.


Install the mod with NMM-Nexus Mod Manager

for manual installation:

- unpack the archive

- copy and paste the Data folder over the original Skyrim Data folder - Skyrim/Data

read Installation Instructions inside Data/Docs and Screenshots/Lucidity Sound FX for additional info!!



compatible to any other mods!

as long as you keep their files!


Lucidity Sound FX - New Sounds

a bunch of selfmade sounds..highly recommended!


new altar blessing sounds

a new nirnroot sound

new alchemy sounds

a new level up sound

new skill sounds

and more..lore friendly!


Lucidity Sound FX Teaser

a view sounds out of the main file for pre listening

detailed description

Mod description by user named LuisCypherrr

It makes it easier to hear the special sound characteristics of each sample. Excessive amounts of sub bass were removed that would overpower or muddy the rest of the sample.

Special sound characteristics were additionally emphasised via EQ. For example, when a dragon lands you can clearly hear stones flying around instead of only the thump in vanilla. In Dwemer Ruins pipes and steam noises are easier to hear, which were masked by an overdone bass rumble in vanilla.

As you can see, the vanilla sound is loud in the beginning but its volume falls off rapidly. In game, you will only hear a small part of the sample, because the quieter parts will get masked by other game sounds. The modded sample shows a slower drop in volume, allowing you to hear "more" of the sample.

Several samples that were too quiet and almost unnoticable in vanilla were made louder.

Several volume spikes were reduced, the overall sound experience should be easier on your ears.

And much more!

Great mod, give it a try!

What has been done to those nasty samples?

applied psycho-acoustics to calculate precise harmonics that are related to the fundamental tones of sound

increased intelligibility, restored harmonics and improved clarity...recaptured natural sparkle and punch

added convolution reverb with reference to environment,featuring top quality samples of real spaces

utilized high end analog emulation bass compressor, mid, high, and harmonic processing

applied mid side processing adding depth and changing width on stereo samples

used various Equalizer individually to shape and give character to the sound

used high quality vintage channel analog compression for altering tone

attenuated ground loop hum, DC offset, and low-frequency rumble

reduced some reverb events to get rid of unwanted room info

regulated the amount of phase-compensated lows and highs

added subtle tube saturation to add air and imaging

used subtle delay individually, where needed

created the effect of lower,deeper bass

reduced excess sibilance “ess”+“shh”

zero crossing point looping

to be less technical here are some of the benefits of this mod

clearer samples, removed nasty ringing and other bad sounding parts among other things to make it more pleasant to the ear

reverb/delay..added better room info to the samples..for example birds sound like their actually between trees

of course this is not overdone to keep it all as natural and realistic as possible..however you'll notice it

the clarity when multiple samples are played at the same time, there is far less masking happening

for example,thunder played during heavy snowstorm/wind,you will hear any sound very clear

detailed tone as a result of altering frequencies and compression methods

increased brilliance and presence in otherwise dull samples

no unwanted pops/clicks/crackle while playing loops

less boomy,hum free,accurate and precise bass

no conflicts between other mods!

it is CTD free!


let me know if there are some issues, so i can fix them

let me know if you like or dislike this mod..leave a comment..thx for taking care..have fun!


Nebulous112 / for providing the LSFX-SSE-Audiosettings.esp

Mebantiza / for helping me out with the best possible folder structure

Nexus Comunity / for playing and modding a lot

Mark Lampert / for the original sound design

Bathesda / for the game

My other mods