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You've already sacrificed enough by wearing milkdrinker robes. Keep your hands and feet protected and benefit from Ordinator's robe-based perks!

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The phrase "if wearing robes and no light or heavy armor" is the bane of my existence. Wearing robes already bars you from receiving most of the wonderful perk effects and bonuses from Ordinator's light armor and heavy armor trees. Wearing a full set of robes only lets you benefit from a possible three perks! Bah!

What Does This Mod Do?

This mod lowers the requirements of any robe-based perks in EnaiSiaion's beautiful perk overhaul Ordinator. The condition "if wearing robes and no light or heavy armor" originally required you to wearing a clothing item in your body slot (e.g. a tunic, college robes) and no armor. This mod changes that condition to "if wearing robes" and nothing else. Meaning as long as you are wearing a clothing in your body slot, you can wear as many armor pieces otherwise and still benefit from perks such as Energy Shield, Robes of the Magi, and protection spell bonuses too! To balance out the potential power boost first level of Mage Armor gives a 75% increase in potency, rather than the original 100%. The last two perks still give 50% each, allowing for all three ranks to give 175% bonus armor instead of 200%. I also plan to balance out the other perks too. Additionally all other robe-based perks (except Energy Shield) have their magnitude reduced by 5%.

Is This Balanced/Lore-Friendly?

I am a heavy believer in BYOG (Balance Your Own Game). For me, robes aren't treated as a class of gear like light armor or heavy armor, but just a lack of armor. Especially with Ordinator, wearing one piece of clothing immediately cuts you out of gaining perk effects. Here are some reasons you may need this mod.

  • In the vanilla game, pre-enchanted clothing items don't exist in random loot. You can find Apprenctice Robes of Destruction, or Steel Boots of Muffling, but something like Barkeeper Shoes of Sneaking cannot be found. Meaning that barring unique items like Cicero's Shoes, the only randomly generated enchanted gloves or boots you can find are light or heavy armor. And if you're a mage (without this mod) you're shit out of luck.
  • The aforementioned being, well, mentioned, the only way to get non-unique enchanted gloves or boots is by making them yourself; and maybe you don't want to spec into enchanting every god damned time.
  • You can get around this with the combined effort of the mods Lootification or Loot and Degradation, but Lootification for SSE (for me at least) is super buggy and doesn't work. That was the only way for a mage to use Ordinator's perks and have cool gloves too; until now!
  • What if you want to wear a dragon priest mask with robes?
  • Maybe you use True Armor or Know Your Enemy and want some specific stat boosts from armor types.
  • Maybe you want to look like a Vigilant of Stendar and rock the steel boots/glove combo. Aesthetics are important!
  • Maybe it's all of these reasons, none of them, or any number in between. Do whatever the fuck you want!


Just download the file, and move the .esp into your Skyrim Special Edition/Data/ folder. If you use Mod Organizer, just make sure your .esp is on the top level. Make sure to load this after Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp.


Just a legit copy of Skyrim and EnaiSiaion's Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.


This mod will definitely have issues with other mods that rebalance protection spells like Stoneflesh and Ebonyflesh. This may include mods that change hit shaders of said spells. If it doesn't work with a mod like that, let me know and I'll make a patch.

Plans for the Future

I want to balance it a bit more. I know this kind of mod is something quite a few people would like to use, but maybe more tailored to their game. Lowering the potency of Robes of the Magi or Geomancer would be a start. Energy Shield is also interesting because it can be altered to change the reduction drop off (when your magicka falls below half) to start earlier or fall steeper depending on how many armor pieces you are wearing. Which is cool. But a lot of work to do the formula correctly. But who knows, I might do it if there's a big enough demand for it.


EnaiSiaion for one of my favorite mods, Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim