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Adds playable Atlantan Race that specializes in a warrior-centric play-style while also having the stature to show for it. With New Passives, Traits and Powers. Compatible with all DLCs and other added races.

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For The Atlantean Race, visit: The Atlantean Race - Powerful Warriors 

All who hail from the mystical lands of Atlantis are blessed with enhanced physical prowess. It is known.
Accordingly, Atlantans deal and resist greater amounts of physical damage whilst also having the stature to show for it.
During pinnacle moments, they can knockdown anyone that stands in their way.

Origins - Atlantis
Height - Males = x1.25 or ~7'6, Females = x1.20 or ~7'2

+25% Extra Innate Physical Damage Output
+25% Innate Physical Damage Resistance
+25% Applied Stagger And Stagger Resist
25% Chance For Regular Attacks To Cause Slight Stagger
20% Chance For Powered Attacks To Drop Enemies
+50% Base Carry Weight = 450 Starting CW
Advanced Regenerative Healing Factor = 1%HP/s
Levelled Enhanced Unarmed Combat
Knock Down Immunity

Atlantan Power - Power Attacks Drop Enemies To The Ground, x2 Physical DMG Output (30 Sec)

Kinetic Charge - +40% Move Speed & Charging Towards Enemies Knocks Them Back (10 Sec)
Swift Swings - +40% Weapon Swing Speed (10 Sec)

-50 Magicka (50), +50 Health (150), +50 Stamina (150)
+10 Skill Points: Two Handed, One Handed, Heavy Armor, Light Armor. Total Starting Point Bonus = 40

Base 15 DMG. For ref, Khajiits = Base 22 DMG, Sapien/Elven Races = Base 4 DMG
25% Chance For Regular Unarmed Attacks To Cause Slight Stagger
All Powered Punches Cause Stagger
20% Chance For Powered Punches To Displace Enemies Completely
12.5% Increase In Distance Of Reach
Unarmed Damage Levelling (+10% Increments Every 10 Levels Up To +100% At Level 100)

Starting Magicka = 50, Magicka Regen Rate = 0.5x, Spells Cast Are 50% Less Effective.
Atlantan Size, Density & Mass Prevents You From Being As Proficient In The Arts Of Stealth.
Sneaking, Lockpicking & Pickpocketing Is 25% Harder. The Sound Of Your Movement Is Also 25% Easier To Detect.

There is an optional main file version which has no nerfs applied to magicka/stealth whatsoever if you prefer.


The Atlantan outer appearance resembles that of other humans except that they are significantly greater in size, strength and durability. So upon superficial observation, it isn't outright apparent that one is actually Atlantan despite the size. It's whats on the inside that counts, after all. For this reason, this race will make use of the existing Nord presets and related assets in your game. The intention was to also allow players to have the freedom of using whatever custom assets they please when designing characters of this race.

RaceCompatibility For SSE
-Skyrim Special Edition. Make sure you have DLCs enabled for Special Edition. They're Enabled By Default.

-IDRS - Improved Disabled Race Scaling - Prevents size scaling to 1.0 when interacting with certain in-game objects.
-Player Size Adjuster & 1st Person Camera Fix - Allows the alteration of 1st person camera view according to the heights of different races.


Tested to be compatible with all DLCs and other race mods so long as you have installed RaceCompatibility For SSE.

If you feel like tweaking certain aspects of this file using the CK or SSEEdit, just search for records beginning with the prefix 'RXY'.


Relevant mods used in screenshots/video:
-Skyrim Re-Engaged ENB by Firemanaf
-Jedi Sith Light Armor by Alduin78 and Zzjay
-ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
-Vivid Weathers by Mangaclub
-Wearable Lanterns by Chesko
-Floating Health Bars by Expired
-OBIS by Inigoblade and the OBIS Team
-Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor and Weapons by FrankFamily

For too long, Khajiits have been really the only viable race to choose for a pure/mostly unarmed play-through if a player wishes to do so and successfully. They have 5.5x more base unarmed damage than other Sapien/Mer races. The other races (except Argonians) have a pitiful base 4 points worth of fist damage. It's just not wise to think one could go far relying only on their fists if they were anything other than the catmen/women. Also, the lack of any kind of stagger/CC when attacked by unarmed power attacks from any able one of any race just isn't okay. A full-blown hook to the side of the jaw should set an evenly-matched opponent back. The enhancements that come in v2 aim to at-least add another race other than the Khajiit that can go quite a long way by using their fists, despite still being better off using actual decent weaponry. It would also make sense for this race of sizeable strength/stature to deliver colossal blows and have a general reach advantage. In terms of raw unarmed damage output, the felinistic race still remain on top due to the slashing>cause bleeding capacity of their razor-sharp claws. (22 Base DMG vs 15). However, The Atlantans do hit harder and therefore will have the potential to setback their opponents depending on the power of their attack. Overall, the intention was for the Atlantan unarmed damage output to be significantly higher than other races, yet still remain below that of Khajiits. However, they make up for that damage gap by opening up further attacking opportunities by setting back their enemies whilst delivering their attacks. As of the latest update (v2.2), unarmed damage auto enhances with higher level experience. So you will eventually become the uncontested #1 choice race for unarmed damage output. This change makes it at-least so that your base unarmed damage output does not remain static all the way through your game-play.

It is to be noted that the reach of unarmed attacks is still less than reach distance of attacking with a dagger at hand. It is also to be noted that both magnitudes of staggers caused by normal and powered punches are less than the magnitude of the stagger that is caused when one is power attacked by a one-handed sword. Do keep in mind that during Atlantan Power Phase, all physical damage output is doubled and so powered punches will deliver quadruple the base unarmed damage (15>60). So once a day for 30 seconds at least, you will be the king of potential unarmed damage output. As of v2.2, base 30>120 at Lvl 100.

It is still better off to use actual decent weaponry during fights/battles especially during higher level game-play, however this update just aims to raise your unarmed combat stakes just that little bit higher than normal and doesn't make that particular play-style completely useless. Weaponized combat stats/abilities remain unchanged with the version 2 updates. Cheers.

In version 2.2x - The main file aims to balance out the slightly powerful physical combat prowess of Atlantans with compromizations applied to stealth and magicka-related skills/stats. The Atlantans will have: -50 Starting Magicka, -50% Magicka Regen and 50% Less Effective Spells. Greater Size also has its Drawbacks: 25% Reduction in Sneaking, Lockpicking and Pickpocket Abilities. The sound caused by your movement will also be 25% easier to detect. These changes should better encourage a pure or specialist warrior-centric playthrough. While you are now less potent in the stealth and magic sector, it's not to say that you can't become a revered sneak thieft/assassin or an established wizard later on in your play-through if you really wanted to. You just now actually have to put proper effort (workaround) into attempting to master skills other than those relating to direct physical combat.

The nerf changes to sneak, lockpicking, pickpocketing and movement sound would make sense as with increased size, density and mass comes drawbacks to proficiency in the stealth department. Your presence ought to be more detectable. Your manual dexterity in the ways of locksport and copping items whilst on one's person would also be hindered with increased hand size. Atlantan physiological order expends extensive energy resources in the development and maintenance of exceptional physical condition. Consequently, the majority of processes which involve the storage and utilization of magickal energy are typically - though not always - hindered in Atlantans.

To compensate for these stealth and magicka-related nerfs that come in v2.2x, slight further enhancements to relative physical prowess has been added:
- Advanced Healing Factor = Constant 1% HP/s (Contrast to Vanilla Race Regen of 0.7% HP/s and 0.49% HP/s in Combat.
- 20% Chance for Powered Weapon Attacks To Drop Enemies
- 25% Frost Resistance

Atlantan physiology is slightly different to that of humans. One difference is that the anatomical structure of Atlantans is of higher density, allowing damaged tissues to have enhanced interactions with factors that mediate the healing process. Atlantan blood possesses a greater concentration and more diverse array of regenerative factors that also contribute to the advanced healing relative to other human races. This helps to increase the overall durability of Atlantans significantly.

NOTE: The 'Atlantan' Race is not a typo. You read that right. This race is not associated/related to The Atlanteans. The origin of this race - Atlantis - is also unrelated/separate to the more commonly depicted version of Atlantis. (Trust me, if it had been otherwise, water-related abilities would have been the first things I would have assigned to this race). So I chose a different demonym for this race (Atlantan) which also happens to refer to the people of the Georgian state of Atlanta, lol. Again completely unrelated. It also doesn't help that the file cover image happens to be oceanic blue. Anyway, apologies for any inconveniences caused due to this naming convention. In hindsight, should have went with the racial name 'Atlanton' to avoid some of the uncertainty.


-Casana the Colossan - A Warrior Companion (StandAlone)
-Raelyn of Atlantis - A SpellBlade Companion (StandAlone)
-Ultra Cloak - Combined Elemental Cloak Spell With Reduced Cloak Graphics FX
Enhanced Atronachs - With Levelled Summons

Regarding Atlantis And Her People:

Information pertaining to the mystical lands of Atlantis is scarce. Most of which is known remains arcane knowledge that is kept firm within the bounds of the scholars of the land. ‘To keep the integrity’, so they say. Atlantans that resided in Tamriel have dispersed none that can be said about their homelands - Atlantis - an oath vigorously preserved. The arrival of an Atlantan in Tamriel is an occasionality itself, with there being no recorded instance of two or more Atlantan dwellers within the continent at any given time in history.

Despite this, there are some universally accepted viewpoints shared across Nirn. Perhaps the most notable of all is that those who trace their origins to Atlantis are blessed with enhanced physical, intellectual and magical traits. The few that have emerged in Tamriel over the centuries were all witnessed to have been fairly tall and sturdily built in stature. They possessed exceptional strength and capabilities that exceeded those of average man/mer. They are also said to have been blessed with unique abilities that aided them in whatever their endeavours. With that, they achieved incredible feats that the ordinary can only dream of and were hailed as legendary wizards, warriors and more during their time spent in Tamriel.

In addition to the observation of the apparent signs, grand maesters and major scholars of established institutions conduct various and elaborate tests to confirm whether or not an individual has blood of Atlantan origin before officially recognizing one as of Atlantan status. This has and always will continue to be a custom practise in order to discount those who claim themselves as Atlantan - when in fact they are not - however many feats achieved or quality attributes they seem to possess.

The rare, separated arrivals of these powerful individuals of foreign origin sparked natural curiosity and inevitably led to many questions being aroused among native citizens of Tamriel. The most prominent inquisition whose answer remains a mystery relate to that of the exact location and geographical properties of the mystical lands of Atlantis. The Atlantans that have set foot within the land of the nine provinces have vowed that they would spill no knowledge of their homeland. It it not known as to why such information has to be concealed away from the realm of common knowledge. Atlantans are reported to have used various methods of transportation via many different entry points to bring themselves to this continent. These range from teleportation via portals or magic, dragonback, landing ashore at different locations around Tamriel etc. These observations have given not even the slightest hint pertaining to the perceived direction which befalls the land of Atlantis within the heavens relative to our very own location. It is no surprise then that scholars remain in dispute as to whether or not Atlantis herself exists in a physical or ethereal plane. We cannot say for sure. This has led to some even questioning whether or not the actual existence of Atlantis is real or just a widespread fantasy. Though it cannot be denied that Atlantans are indeed absolutely of other-worldly origin due to extensive laboratorial analysis supervised by various maesters, apocatheries and scholars alike. Atlantan blood is said to be enriched with unique and powerful substances which is unlike anything other that is found within the rest of Tamriel’s species and life forms. These unique identifier substances as well as other physical identifier characteristics are shared by all Atlantans and are thought to be a key component in driving some of their powerful characteristics and abilities. These identifiers are what is searched for when one undergoes testing, after which when positive, one is officially classed as Atlantan. While all Atlantans share common attributes such as being great in stature and physically strong/durable, each and every one wielded unique power(s) that would greatly aid in their destined path in life. These powers were extravagantly exceptional and included having certain extra physical capabilities, certain resistances or exceptional capabilities of the mind etc.

Atlantans are widely regarded as being noble in nature, having harnessed their abilities to engage against greater evils. The arrival of an Atlantan has always coincided with periods in history where Tamriel and her people were experiencing terrifyingly troubling times caused by an unrelenting dark force or mutual enemy(ies). Due to this, many believe that Atlantans are sent as an assignment of fate - destined to aid a nation in overcoming the raging and at times surreptitious wars against overwhelming entities and other threats which would otherwise be impossible to succeed...