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Makes Harborside - Solitude Bridge Home by kiriavark a purchasable home.

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-= Requires Harborside - Solitude Bridge Home v1.1 by kiriavark =-

I made this patch for the beautiful Harborside house mod, for those like myself who prefer to use their hard-earned Septims to purchase their real estate.

This mod makes the Harborside home purchasable, by locking the door and giving the key to Sayma at Bits and Bobs in Solitude.  The price of the key is set at 6000 gold, but varies depending on your speech skills (due to the fact that the key is sold as a misc item) and can be over 18000 gold if you have no Speechcraft.  I've set it to that based on the scenic location and the fact that it's in Solitude, which seems to have expensive housing, but let me know if you think it's should be adjusted.

I've locked the front window of the house on the first floor as well because it was easy to open it and jump through.  I've left the windows on the second floor unlocked, however, so that crafty types can sneak in (maybe using a mod like Sneak Tools).  There is also a note added to the front door of Harborside, stating that the home is for sale and that Sayma is handling it's purchase.  I considered giving the key to Victtoria Vici at East Empire, but in my testing she wasn't...always there.

Same conflicts that the original mod may have had.  May also conflict with any mod that edits the Sayma npc (ID: 0001329A).

This is a replacer esp, so just overwrite the kvHarborside.esp with my version.  Also install the Scripts folder which include DarkFox's script files.  Drop them in your Data folder or use your mod manager, just like any other mod.

Thanks to kiriavark for the beautiful Harborside house mod.

This mod uses the PM_Script_BuyKey script from DarkFox127's Project Modularity resource.  Want to make your favorite house mod buyable? Follow his guide here!: