Skyrim Special Edition
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a high res texture replacer for the race mouthhuman texture including vampires. use it with racemenu teeth sliders for best teeth position.
uses vanilla mesh for 100% compatibility

Permissions and credits
please do not upload this or any other of my file packages on any other site!
please respect my wishes! thank you!
if you find any of my nexusmods mod file packages on any other site it is
definitely an unauthorized copy from and uploaded without my permission!
if you think about to disrespect my wishes or to download my mods from a 3rd party site please watch this first:

high res texture replacer for race mouthhuman texture if you are not happy with yours. small mod but for me an important detail i like to share with you. it covers also vampires.

-no artifical teeth glow or artifacts from not existing lightsources
-manually refined normal map from scratch for natural teeth appearance

this is a texture replacer with vanilla mesh included - no 3D mesh related stuff inside.
reason for the included vamilla compatible mesh is that some mods alter the teeth mesh and use incompatible settings. the included mesh will make sure that my teeth replacer works as intended if placed at the end of the load order.

it is not a 3D mod. some 3D mod exist but i like it simple without a risk of compatibilty issues. so i decided to offer this simple but fully compatible version with optimized 3D like normal map.

i recommend racemenu 0.4.7 or better with teeth slider support. u can use it with my better teeth textures for a beautiful teeth experience optimized for your preset. i use a 0.5 foward slider setting for the teeth mesh but this may vary depending on the race and face mesh setup.

most probably not compatible with mods altering the vanilla mouth/teeth settings and files.

for more convenience the replacer files with folder structure for replacement of the standard vanilla mouthhuman files are included.
if you like to use it for your custom races with deviating file structure (ningheim race already included) you have to replace the files with the same name in the appropriate custom race folder. 

thanks to the gimp and nifscope developers, all modders for their beautiful races, bethesda and providing this platform

you are welcome to use this asset for your follower or npc mods. if you credit me in your mod you do not need to ask me for approval.

you may watch my other sse mods here.