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Spells will FAIL if you're not skilled enough. Applies to NPC as well.

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The mod you didn't know you need. Spells will FAIL if you are not skilled enough in magic, and the same will happen to NPC! Now those Novice Necromancers are REALLY novices.

When you start casting a spell the mod identifies which of the five magic schools the spell belongs to and it reads its level [Novice = 0, Apprentice = 25, Adept = 50 etc], which is matched against your magic skill. If you're not skilled enough the spell will FIZZLE.

- Novice spells won't fail anymore at magic skill 20.
- Apprentice spells won't fail anymore at magic skill 40.
- Adept spells won't fail anymore at magic skill 60.
- Expert spells won't fail anymore at magic skill 80.
- Master spells won't fail anymore at magic skill 100.

Messages will inform you when you have reached the required skill. Spells will fail increasingly rarely as you increase your magic skills, at skill level 15 you will have a high chance to cast a Novice spell but you will struggle a lot to cast a Master spell. The mod takes into account the five different magic schools separately: you may suck at casting fireballs, but you may be a master at casting healing spells.

Compatible with *everything*, including modded spells, modded NPC and modded races. Load order: irrelevant. SKSE64 REQUIRED.

MCM is intentionally not provided, but you can configure the mod to your likings if you bring down the console and type 'help fizzle':

'set FIZZLE_EnableDebugMessages to 1' will display debug messages and generate a Papyrus log in your Script\User folder. Defaults to 0.
'set FIZZLE_NPCEndRange to X' where X is a value between 0 and 100 will set the rate at which NPC will fail their spells. 0 disables spell failure completely, 100 will make NPC fail a lot. Defaults to 50.
'set FIZZLE_UnequipFailedSpell to 1' will unequip the spell from the NPC after they have failed to cast it. They will automatically reequip it after a short while. Enable this option if the AI gets confused and you experience NPC circling you without attacking you. Defaults to 0.

All settings have immediate effect and get baked into the save file [and can be reverted at will at any time], so you don't have to type the above commands at each game run, one time per game save is more than enough.

Brief video demonstration with debug messages ON:

Brodual review @2'22":

This mod is a feature of the YASH overhaul, published as a standalone mod as per users request.

This mod won't ever be ported to LE, so don't ask.