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About this mod

- About 20 new or reworked armor sets
- Fake Medium Armors implementation
- Dragonborn armors and weapons integrated into mainland Skyrim
- Standardized and immersive re-equipment for Legion, Stormcloaks and Thalmor
- Unique outfits for named NPC (supports Immersive Armors and Interesting NPCs)

Permissions and credits

Total Equipment Overhaul
It includes about 20 new armor sets, all of which are 100% lore-friendly and immersive.
It adds new Bosmer, Breton and Cyrodilic Armors.
It adds new generic Nordic Armors like chainmail and brigandine/coat of plates.
It adds lighter versions of Dwarven, Elven and Glass Armors.

Total Equipment Overhaul...  FAKES MEDIUM ARMOR TYPE!
It renames Light Armor skill and type to Light-Medium Armors, and adds a lot of new armors to implement full range of medium and light armors.
All medium armors are fully integrated into leveled lists and are assigned to unique NPCs.

Total Equipment Overhaul...  REBALANCES LIGHT ARMORS!
In vanilla game Light Armor is superior to Heavy Armor. TEO changes this.
- Heavy Armor is left untouched - so it is strong, heavy and expensive.
- Medium Armor has same armor rating as Light Armor before, but heavier and more expensive.
Still, Medium Armor is on the average two times lighter than Heavy Armor.
- Light Armor has it's armor rating cut in half, but it's weight and value is left same.
So, if you are using Light Armor, now you should totally avoid direct combat.

Scaled Armor now has new helmet, not "hide helmet with stupid little horns".
Elven Armor is renamed to Altmer and is now stonger, on par with Orcish.
Steel Armor no longer is matched with imperial boots and gauntlets.

Nordic weapons and Nordic Carved Armor now are widely used in mainland Skyrim.
Chitin and Bonemold Armors also can be met in mainland Skyrim, together with other foreign equipment from Cyrodil, High Rock and Valenwood.

Orcs now will much more often wear Orcish Armor, nobles will no longer wear armor or weapons of lower quality.
Bandits may have Draugr Armor, and bosmers, bretons, dunmers often wear armor from their homeland.
I have specifically set up a lot of armor/weapons outfits for many named or generic NPCs in base game or other mods.

It switches value, rating, weight and lvl list positions of Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Daedric and Dragonbone weapons to make them more consistent with the lore.
This very functionality is also implemented in Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade.
Vanilla: Orcish < Dwarven < Elven, Daedric < Dragonbone
TEO: Dwarven < Elven < Orcish, Dragonbone < Daedric

Total Equipment Overhaul... OVERHAULS ARMIES AND FACTIONS!
Stormcloaks get more serious officer armor and more various soldier equipment.
Dawnguard fighters, except of their common medium armors, get new Plate Armor.
Thalmor gets several types of LOTR-inspired armor from Noldor Armor Pack.
Legion now gets 5 sets of equipment (Perfect Legionnaire required):
Heavy for footmen, Light for couriers and quartermasters, Medium for archers, Templar for high-ranking officers, Plate for low-ranking officers and Penitus Oculatus.


New game is recommended to get armor/weapon distribution fully working.

This mod requires from you to have three other mods installed:
Armor Rating Redux SE (Hyperbolic/Morrowind mode)
Improved closefaced helmets
Perfect Legionnaire - Imperial Armor Reforged 6-0
(you don't need "Full Helmet Open Face" patch, but I recommend you to also install Gladius, Red Cloth version and Shield

Download "Models and Textures" and "Main ESP" files of Total Equipment Overhaul.
Move Total Equipment Overhaul.esp low in your load order.
If you have TEO.esp, move it to the very end of your load order.

When you install everything, download zEdit 0.4.2 or later version here: github releases page
zEdit is a new program by mator, author of Mator Smash , Automation Tools for TES5Edit and Merge Plugins xEdit Script

Choose portable version, unpack it somewhere.
Now download "Patcher" folder of TEO and unpack it to the "modules" folder in your zEdit directory.
You must have "index.js" file in your "zEdit/modules/teo" folder.
If you did everything right, when you load zEdit, your patcher window will look like this
Press "Build" and wait until it builds.
Rebuild TEO.esp every time you change your load order.

WARNING: when you build patch, zEdit creates cache for all your mods, which is kept in zEdit/profiles/Skyrim/patcherCache.json.
TEO creates a lot of new records, and cache makes sure that, when you
rebuild your patch, all those new records keep their formID, and your
saves are not screwed.
This cache is super important. You must keep it. You can't change it. If you lose it, when you run patcher next time,
it will create records with NEW formIDs, and previous records (lvl
lists, outfits, armors, weapons, recipes) will  be lost.
I'm not really sure if your save will be still playable after this. Maybe, you
will just run into a few naked NPCs, which will be reverted to normal
save using "resetinventory" or "recycleactor" command.
But I'm not sure about it. So, it's better to be safe than sorry.

This mod is designed to be used together with some other mods.

Comprehensive Sleeves Pack - check also it's optional files
Practical Female Armors - load it before Comprehensive Sleeves Pack.
Cleric Armours of the Nine Divines - to be used together with Populated Skyrim mods
Jarls Clothes Replacer
Forsworn Armor Redux
aMidianBorn Steel Plate Armor -
for the amazing chainmail sleeves
Immersive Armors
- read Compatibility section.
Guards Armor Replacer - use Minimal ESP


LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons
Real Bows
Legendary Skyrim Crossbows
Heavy Armory - New Weapons - don't install True Orcish Patch
Animated Armoury - Rapiers Pikes and Halberds with third person animations - install Plugin Leveled List Version. Don't forget Heavy Armory Patch
Royal Armory - New Artifacts
Lost LongSwords (Classic only)
Dawnguard Arsenal (Classic only)
Unique Uniques

Immersive Patrols

Populated Skyrim HELL EDITION (or just Roads and Cities. NPCs from these two modules have unique outfits, assigned by TEO)
Interesting NPCs
(if you have Immersive Armors installed, Interesting NPCs will get unique outfits from Immersive Armors!)


Don't merge Perfect Legionnaire and Total Equipment Overhaul plugins!

Immersive Armors:
Since TEO 1.1 Immersive Armors are fully supported.
TEO has some overlapping with IA, but it's not a problem.
Many of Immersive Armors are converted to the Medium Armor Type.
None of Immersive Armors are distributed to lvl lists.
I believe they are much more suitable as unique outfits for important NPCs.
So, a lot of named NPCs from vanilla game and from the mod Interesting NPCs now will get unique outfits.
I put a lot of thought into it. For example, Orcish tribal chiefs now will wear Warchief Armor, and Hunters of Hircine - Hunter armor.

However, you must disable IA scripted distribution.
Use Alternate Start - Live Another Life, and, while you are in a prison cell, go to the IA MCM.

1) At the Armors tab, disable distribution for ALL Armors. If you want, you may leave several armors enabled.
2) Shields tab is ok as it is.
3) Third tab is ok as it is.

Wait until Immersive Armors has finished it's configuration. Then choose your start options. Don't choose Legion start - it had some problems for me.

Other patchers:
Bashed patch must be built before TEO.
True Realistic Item Weights and True Medieval Economy must be built after TEO.

Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes:
It's compatible.

True Soldiers - Guards Stormcloak and Imperial Legion Armors Fix:
All features of this mod are included in TEO.

Compatibility is too hard to implement, so I won't do it.
If you want to rework my patcher, I'm OK with it, but I warn you - my code is pretty complicated, quick and dirty. I won't spend a couple days to refactor it, so I release it "as is", as MVP.
Maybe I will refactor and polish this code at some point in the future, but that's not guaranteed.

Armor mods:
TEO is a dynamically built patcher, so it is pretty much compatible with everything.
However, you will have to manually add list of the armors that are to be converted to medium in /resources/mediumArmorSets.json.
If you want correct lvl lists, you will also have to edit mediumArmorMatches.json and outerArmorMatches.json to get lvl lists correctly rebuilt.

I will add full support for other mods in later versions of TEO, by user request.

But, well, there is such thing as consistency. I believe that TEO together with mods I listed above create a finished picture:
- all armors are warm enough for cold Skyrim (with Comprehensive Sleeves Pack, obviously)
- a lot of historically accurate chainmails, none of which look like retextured clothing
- all stats are balanced and consistent with looks of the armor
- all closed helmets show eyes in the eyeleads
- most helmets don't have those impractical horns

Another problem is with mods that change lvl lists on the fly, like Immersive Armors. These mods basically interfere with my medium/non-medium lvl list system, and cause inconsistencies - this, obviously, isn't critical, but still, isn't good.

NPC mods:
All NPCs from other mods are scanned by the TEO patcher, and their equipment can be changed. Sometimes it might look wierd. In such situation please write me and I will set something specific for them in uniqueNpcOutfits.json.
You also can do it for your own game, this file is pretty self-explanatory.

Weapon mods:
They are fine, as long as you don't get scary warnings in the patcher log window. This would mean that "True Orcish" part of the patcher fails to change attributes for some of the weapons.
This can be fixed in the resources/customWeaponTypes.json file.

Example: you installed a mod that adds Orcish Sabre.  You get a message that says non-enchanted Elven Sword cannot be patched, because patcher finds more than one Orcish match for Elven Sword (because patcher basically searches all non-enchanted swords with word "Orcish" in EditorID, and now it finds two of them - "OrcishSword" and "OrcishSabre".
This means you must specify "Sabre" as separate weapon type, so patcher will once again now there is only one match for Elven Sword- and that is the vanilla Orcish Sword.
So you open resources/customWeaponTypes.json  and add new item to the list. If your weapon has EditorID of "OrcishSabre" then you set your "Key" as "sabre" (lowercase). If your mod also contains some "long sabres", you should add word "longsabre" to the list of forbidden keys.
Now patcher will now what to do with vanilla swords and, if you also have Dwarven and Elven Sabres, their stats will be dynamically swapped, as it is intended by the "True Orcish" part of the patcher.

Problem is, that when I update my mod, you will lose your changes, unless I add them to customWeaponTypes.json myself. So don't hesitate to ask me about including compatibility for other mods.


I want to thank:

- matortheeternal, for developing zEdit and all the help I got from him.
The very possibility that this mod actually exists is because he created zEdit.
This guy is just amazing.

-Ali Bengali
, author of Perfect Legionnaire, and navida1, author of Improved closefaced helmets.
While my mod doesn't contain any of their assets, these two mods are required by TEO for Legion and Dwarven equipment, and even if it didn't rely on PL and ICH so much - they are just too good to not use them.

- hothtrooper44,
for allowing me to rework distribution of Immersive Armors to make it more compatible with TEO.
Now I managed to do this as I always wanted - TEO nearly doubles amount of generic low/medium level armors in game, and IA provides unique outfits for named NPCs, who are now really memorable.

- all mod authors, that set open permissions or specifically allowed me to use their assets in this mod.
You can find full list of their mods, credits and descriptions of what I took in the "Permissions and Credits" tab.

List of authors who have created full armor sets that are now included in TEO:
VAultMaN30 - Yet Another Guard Armor and Early-Middleages Helmets pack, edited by aicy and NorthWar
Maty743 - Bosmer Armor Pack, Noldor Content Pack and Matys Mithril, with ground models by giggityninja
Lestryagain - Truly Light Elven Armor (male), Truly Light Elven Armor (female) and Truly Light Glass Armor (female) (together with OperatorCactus)
lumps - Heroic Stormcloak Armor
patobek - Crimson Ranger Armor
Baraban - Witcher 2 Style Dawnguard and Standard Heavy Plate

List of authors who have created some armor parts, which are now included in TEO:
cyrkon - Medium and Light Dwarven Armor
rahman530 - Lore Friendly Armor Pack
Delincious - Shields of Skyrim
Franklin Zunge - Brigandage
Omesean - Einherjar Armor
Batmanna - Warmonger Armory
QuickFox - Open Faced Dwarven Helmet
Afrotoast42, Lordofwar, Redxavier, TH3WICK3D1 - Witcher 2 Armor Collection