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Uniquely illustrated 8K Standing Stones based on the cultural perspective of a 4th era Nord.

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A uniquely illustrated 8K retexture of every Standing Stone in the province of Skyrim.

Current Version: 2.0


  • Every culture might see a Warrior standing watch in the stars, but they certainly wouldn't all see him the same. This mod aims to fix the lack of cultural expression in Skyrim's standing stones with unique illustrations by Koveich.
  • Intricate carvings, clumps of moss and worn mountainous stone crafted by ClearanceClarence brings the stones to life.
  • Birthsigns glow when the stones are activated for a radiant view at night. In vanilla only the stars on the stones glow.
  • The carefully inscribed runes along the opposing sides tell of a glorious battle from Norse mythology:

    Then light shone from Logafell,
    and from that radiance there came bolts of lightning;
    wearing helmets at Himingvani.
    Their byrnies were drenched in blood;
    and rays shone from their spears.

    - Helgakviða Hundingsbana I

Texture art by ClearanceClarence
Vector artwork by Koveich

Update 2.0
  • Every texture has been updated
  • Available in 8K
  • Tweaked designs
  • Added bevel to the edges around the carving for a better look
  • Files are in BC7
  • Tweaks to the meshes so the mod only uses it's own texture files

Update 1.4
  • Remade the metalwork on the stones to a much higher quality

Update 1.3
  • Added the meshes for the loadscreens
  • Adjusted moss brightness on powshrinecircle01, 02, 03, 04 meshes
  • Tweaked the metalwork color and brightness
  • Tweaked the scrollwork bevel

Update 1.2
  • Updated the runic engravings to their proper Norse translation from the original poem

Update 1.1

CC's changes:

  • Updated textures to be more vibrant and natural looking
  • The textures have a more subtle carving effect but the carving now goes deeper
  • Moss has been color corrected
  • Moss on the rocks are now included in the normal map
  • Tweaked meshes to reflect the texture changes
  • Normal map strength has been increased a fraction
  • Diffuse textures have been height optimized

Koveich's changes:

  • Streamlined the Lover's illustration silhouette by moving her arm and reproportioned to compensate
  • Added eyes and facial details to the Lover instead of the negative space present in v1.0
  • Created greater variety in the stroke widths for the Serpent, Apprentice and Ritual stone illustrations for an improved hand-carved effect
  • The Apprentice's staff is now outlined instead of filled