Skyrim Special Edition
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This is a port of the original Skyrim mod to SSE with permission from the original author.

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This is a port to SSE of another amazing original Skyrim mod R.B Standalone Followers with permission from the original author, RaisonBlack/heowoo22. Please send him your appreciation if you like his work.

Version 1.1 - Athena, Tina, Iris (Iris was added in v1.1)

Athena(Red Hair)
Solitude - The Winking Skeever
Class - 2H Warrior(2H,HeavyAmor)
Height - 0.96
Weight - 1.00

Tina :  Riften - The Bee and Barb
Class - Ranger(Bow, 1H)
Height - 0.96
Weight - 1.00

Iris :  River wood - The Sleeping Giant
Class - Rouge(1H,LightAmor,Block)
Height - 1
Weight - 1.00


UNP Blessed Body
Caliente's Beautiful Body Edition
Enhanced Character Edit
The Eyes Of Beauty
SG Female Eyebrows
SaLa Hair