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Spill blood of your enemies, make them scream out of pain, spread their intestines and brains all over the place, dismember, decapitate, eviscerate, burn, freeze, electrocute. Yes, we can! All Again For SSE!!

Permissions and credits
I Want To Give A Shout Out To Pritster5 For Porting This Mod First To SSE. If It Weren't For Him We Wouldn't Be Able To Experience This Wonderful Mod Again On SSE. He Gave Me The Permission To Add His Port Here On the Nexus. Go To His Page And Support Him For His Work! Thank You Pritster5!!


This Mod Is Severely A Work In Progress, The Current Build Of The Mod Is Not The Representation Of The Final Build. Any Bugs Or CTDS That You May Experience Please Report To Me and Pritster5, Thank You For Your Understanding. 

This Mod Is A Patched Version Of The Deadly Mutilation Fan Fixed Mod, Simply Patching Vanilla Meshes And CBBE Meshes To Work With SSE.
(Scripted Mod, Requires SKSE64 and SKYUI!)

The Mod Has Two Versions Available:
- Vanilla (For Vanilla Meshes, Works With UNP Meshes)
- CBBE (For Of Course, CBBE Meshes) --- Made By Pritster5

:: Notes :: 
At The Moment Theres A Bug When Using A Warhammer To Crush An Enemys Head, The Textures Of The Skull and Brain Will Tend To Flicker Slightly After The Head Crush Animation But Only When Looking At The Model Or Area, But No Worries It Wont Cause A CTD. Will Soon Work On A Patch To Fix This Issue.

:: Compatibility :: 
This Mod Requires These Mods To Work Functionally :

- SKSE64

Mods That This Mod Supports
UNP Body Fit Armors And Clothing (Optional)
- CBBE Mod

Unfortunately this mod from my knowledge is only for the mods listed above, if this mod is compatible for other body replacer mods please let me know.

::: Installation and Load Order ::

Notice: I Was Using NMM To Install These Mods, Dont Know If It Would Work The Same For Mod Organizer

1. Download the Mod
- If You're Using Vanilla Body Meshes Or Using The UNP Mod, Download ONLY The Vanilla Version
- If You're Using The CBBE Mod, Download ONLY The CBBE Version

2. Install XPMSSE First. During The Installation Of XPMSSE, It Will Give You The Option To Install The Deadly Mutilation Patch For It

3. Install D.M. And Let It Overwrite XPMSSE (This Also Applies To UNP Mods AND CBBE Mods)

4. Load The DeadlyMutilation.ESP File After XPMSE.ESP

5. Make Sure To Keep Both Mods At The Bottom Of Your Load Order

:: Credits :: 
- Lamer1000 (Creator Of The Original Mod)
- Shesheenku (Creator Of The Fan Fixed Version)
- Pritster5 (Person Responsible For The Patching of CBBE Meshes and First Release Of The Mod For SSE)