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Perks Unbound allows you to skip past perks you don't want or need, so that way you are not wasting precious perk points. The only requirements that have been maintained, with some minor exceptions, are skill level requirements.

E.g. If you are only interested in "Dragon Smithing" you don't need to take all of the perks

Permissions and credits
Perks Unbound - SSE Edition
Perks Unbound - SSE Edition is an SSE conversion of my mod here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/19538/?

The purpose of this mod is to remove all but the skill requirements for perks, so that way you can skip the perks you don't want.

There are some minor exceptions:
- Novice to Master perks are left untouched.
- Steady Hand: Requires “Eagle Eye” to function
- Disarming Bash requires Power Bash for the same reason
- Impact is useless without Destruction Dual Casting.

Installation Requirements
Official Skyrim SE patch or greater.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch is required.

Install Perks Unbound with your favourite mod manager

For a manual installation: Extract the archive to your data folder in your Skyrim directory.

Load Order
I would recommend using LOOT for your load order needs: http://loot.github.io/

Currently, only the Dev build for LOOT support Skyrim SSE, so go here: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1605728-rel-loot-thread-25/

Uninstalling Perks Unbound
Nothing special, so just remove as with your mod manager of choice, or remove the files manually if installed manually.

Upcoming Features
Feature 1:
I was thinking about making some changes to all perk trees that have Novice to Master progressions, or perks that have multiple ranks, and would like some feedback.

1) Merging the Novice to Master Perks (and similar) in their respective perks trees so that once you reach Apprentice, Adept, Expert, and Master skill levels that you'll automatically get the relevant perk for your skill.

2) Merge the Novice to Master perks (and similar) in their respective perk trees and set up the perk so that the bonus increases gradually as you level the relevant skill (Rather than 5 perks with a fixed bonus each).

3) Leave it alone as Vanilla Skyrim doesn't have a lot of perks to begin with.

Feature 2:
Also, should I give the "Perks Unbound" treatment to the Werewolf and Vampire Lord trees as well? That way you can skip past the Werewolf/Vampire perks that you don't want.