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A large player home at the Throat of the World. Navmeshed and cleaned.

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by DeadricSaber1701

Many ages have come and gone beneath the gaze of wise old Paarthurnax, and in that time,the ancient wyrm has not been idle; he has been watching, waiting, preparing,and witnessed the end of too many things. To ensure that his knowledge is not lost to the ages, a great library has been carved inside Skyrim's tallest mountain, and for centuries the Greybeards have cared for its treasures. In times past, its halls saw pilgrims of all walks of life, from kings to Psijic monks.  But times have grown dangerous, and as the Greybeards retreat ever further into seclusion, all memory of the library has vanished from the peoples of Skyrim.

If Paarthurnax is alive…
Paarthurnax is in need of a steward for his library, someone trustworthy and meticulous, someone who can browse bookshops in Solitude and delve into crypts in search of lost texts.  Or maybe just someone who doesn’t mind the smell of dust and musty books.

If Paarthurnax is dead…
With no challenger willing to climb the brutal heights of the mountain, all of the elder dragon’s possessions are now yours. His legacy is in your hands.

There are two doors:  One is just outside the entrance to High Hrothgar, and does not have a map marker because it’s RIGHT on top of the HH map marker.  The other is at the Throat of the World and it does have a map marker; see the screenshots if you have trouble finding it.

The key is in front of the Throat door to the house, on the ground.
No quest or dialog to get the house; you just pick up the key and the library is yours.  However, accessing the key requires you to walk past the Throat of the World, meaning that you won't be able to access the house until the main quest has sent you there.  Doesn't make much sense for you to be in charge of Paarthurnax's library if you haven't met Paarthurnax!

Scripts?  Yes, but they’re all really light (they’re simple, and they only activate when you do things like flip switches; they don't run constantly) and you don't need SKSE.

Loadscreens?  Minimal
Follower/Spouse Friendly?  Yes!

Kid-Friendly? No :(

Beds/Bedrooms:  1 master bedroom, 2 smaller bedrooms with 2 adult beds each, 6 more beds + 6 bedrolls in a common room by the kitchen. 

Crafting Stations? Everything.  Even has a Skyforge, though you'll need to find a key hidden in the library to access it.
Bookshelves for 1600 BOOKS.  I don’t mean the winterhold-style bookcases that don’t actually show off your books (the library has lots of those too, but I’m not counting them); I mean REAL bookshelves.  There aren’t that many books in the entire vanilla game—including spell books and letters—so feel free to grab mods that add MORE books and be a packrat! I’ve put little labels at the top of some of the bookshelves (i.e.“Maps”, “Alchemy”, etc), to help you sort your stuff, but you can ignore or delete those if you don’t like them.
Lots and lots of storage containers, all safe and non-respawning. Some of them have names to help you decide where to store what (“Food”,“Ingredients”, etc), but the names are just cosmetic; you can store anything you want in any container. 
17 mannequins, 9 dagger display cases, 9 large display cases, 7 shield plaques, 4 weapon plaques.
There’s also a hidden display room with 5 mannequins, 8 shield plaques, 20 weapon plaques, and 18 weapon racks, plus several flat tables for displaying misc objects.
A general goods vendor with 30,000G
A book vendor with rare scrolls, books, recipes, and 10,000G
Teleporters for fast travel within the library
Lots of hidden goodies to discover!  Unenchanted versions of iconic armor, hidden rooms, rare books, that sort of thing.  No “god” items (nothing more powerful than vanilla gear), but some things will be overpowered if you find them at low levels.
All 9 divine shrines, scattered throughout the library.
There are four objects that function as the 4 most popular standing stones: Lord, Lover, Atronach, and Steed.  They don’t look like standing stones, but they work EXACTLY like them.  They should be compatible with any mod that edits the standing stones.
Animated doo-dads, just for fun.
Respawning geode (soul gem) veins…assuming you can find them.
None of the plants respawn! So if you like them, don’t pick them!!

If Paarthurnax is alive he will occasionally stop by to visit.
Lorath: Book/Scroll Vendor
Greybeard Lorath knows every book and scroll in Paarthurnax’ possession, but tending to the massive collection alone has become difficult, so he welcomes your assistance.  He will purchase any books or manuscripts you bring him, and the library has a fair number of duplicate texts that he might be willing to sell to you in return.
Kiera Wintermorn: General GoodsVendor
Kiera is a student of the Greybeards; you can learn a little of her history from Lorath’s journal.  She refuses to leave the safety of the library, but she is insatiably curious about the outside world, and she will eagerly accept whatever trinkets you might bring her: lockpicks, weapons, old lamps, even foreign food—she’ll gladly trade you a handful of useless yellow metal in exchange for such treasures.

DaedricSaber1701 for permission to port and edit The Library of Paarthurnax
Alchemy Clutter Resource
BookSets Resource
Ingredients in a Jar Resource
Food Container Resource
Ingredients Wall Art
OpenBooks Resource
IsharaMeradin:  Wearable Satchel
…IsharaMeradin wrote a really neat piece of code for this satchel resource, to actually store items in the bag.  I originally intended
to modify the code to store books, but I ended up just using the satchel mesh, not the code.  Nothing wrong with the code; I just got tired.

DarkRider, WindmillTilter, Howard David Johnson, & Schattenlos: Celtic Décor for Skyrim I
GendunDrup: Spriggan Statue Resource
Malo/Kalten1979: Malo Statues
Oaristys,Tony67, Lady Nerevar, Saerileth, & JLouisB: Modder’s Resource Pack
stoverjm: Open Books Library
RefurbMadness: Cherrywood Dragon Enchanting Table
Stroti& Tamira: Stroti Resource Pack
Tueffel: Tueffel’s Misc Resources 
And thanks to for the dragon rune font!