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Balances Loot by implementing a two tiered "abundance" system, and improves Economy through pricing and Speechcraft skill utilization (without changing skill tree or perks). The goals with this mod are to fix the unrealistic early level wealth accumulation, and the "get the best loot because of your level" system.

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Simply put, the vanilla loot system and economy allows for wealth accumulation and acquiring the best available items (based on level) too easy, effectively making the managing resources aspect of role-playing non-existent.
There are a number of Loot and Economy type overhauls available, this is just my take on it.

Loot Changes:
  • Implement an Abundance system for all items, using a Common / Uncommon / Rare / Scarce / Enchanted approach (CURSE).
  • Character level has little to no impact on what items you will find.
  • This abundance is based on material, value, and potency (for example enchantments and potions).
  • Artifacts are de-leveled. You will find the strongest version regardless of character level.
  • Harvesting is more realistic with regards to how much meat and ingredients found on animals and plants.
  • Gold is everywhere in vanilla (on people, urns, coffins, even on animals). Removes gold where it does not belong.

Economy Changes:
  • Prices for nearly everything has been increased (houses, renting a room, buying a horse travel, etc.)
  • Work is more profitable. Probably not enough to "make a living chopping wood", but still more profitable than vanilla.
  • Hunting is more profitable - value on hides / pelts / and other various animal parts increased.
  • As mentioned above, gold has been removed from where it does not belong; the Loot changes slows the accumulation of wealth.
  • Vendors will have more gold in which to barter, but will also have fewer items (based on abundance).
  • Vendor stock is more specialized. For example only apothecaries will have potions/poisons.
  • More vendors - Farmers, Miners, and Fishermen buy and sell appropriate items (food, ore, fish).
  • Speechcraft impacts pricing to a greater degree.
  • Crime is more expensive, and tailored to each hold.


Take weapons for example. At level 1 you only find Iron and Steel, by level 40 something you are automatically finding everything in Glass and Ebony... everywhere... because you are level 40 something... Ebony should not materialize because you learned how to pick pockets and become a master conjurer.

Instead, weapons of Iron and Steel will always be the most abundant, with Glass and Ebony being the most rare. It is possible that you have an Ebony Battleaxe by level 5. It is possible you never find a Glass Dagger, even after playing to level 100. The idea here is more realistic, not to mention more rewarding for finding that rare item, not to mention how you use it (carefully decide which enchantment to use because you do not know when you will come across another... of course the same goes for when you will find another Grand Soul Gem to do the enchanting).

The below chart is an example of how abundance is implemented. I use the Level simply for keeping things organized. 

This mod uses two approaches (primarily) to achieve loot balance:
  • Global variables to assign the chance of finding particular items in Leveled Lists.
  • Adjusted Leveled Lists to achieve appropriate abundance of material / value / potency.

For example, you open a boss chest and find an Enchanted Dwarven Dagger of Fire. How did you get it?
  • The global variable determined that an enchanted dagger was in the chest (10% chance).
  • The leveled list determined that it would be Dwarven (5% chance).
  • The enchantment itself is random, but the potency is based on a 60% / 30% / 10% for the 3 levels of enchantment.


Due to the methods used, mods that change Leveled Item lists will likely conflict. Utilizing a Bashed Patch will mesh everything together, but from testing thus far you will lose the abundance portion of this mod (the global variable will still work, changing your chance of finding that Enchanted Dwarven Dagger of Fire, but the intended balancing of it being Iron vs. Ebony will be lost).

Load Order

Place LEO low in your order (higher priority) in order to get the benefits of both tiers. Placing before mods that add to leveled list may provide the abundance variable (common, uncommon, rare, etc.), but will likely overwrite the leveled lists which base abundance on material / value / power.


I do not imagine anybody plays any longer without these, but just to be as thorough as possible, the following mods are required:
  • All official DLCs (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn).
  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edtion Patch (USSEP).
  • Cutting Room Floor (CRF).

As of V1.5, if using mods that adjust Leveled Lists, adds items incorporated in to Leveled Lists, etc, a Bashed Patch is required. This will both maintain the integrity of the abundancy system while adding these mods' items in a balanced way.

When creating a Bashed Patch, place LEO after mods that adjust Leveled Lists. In Wrye Bash, mark LEO "delev" and "relev", then build the patch.
Tested Mods:
  • Amulets of Skyrim (no issues)
  • JS Armored Circlets (few JS Armored Circlets left out of 2 or 3 lists)
  • Bandolier Bags and Pouches (No issues)
  • Circlet Helms and Dragon Priest Circlets (No issues)
  • Cloaks of Skyrim (No issues)
  • Daedric Cloaks (No issues)
  • Divine Cloaks (No issues)
  • Fighting Gloves of Skyrim (No issues)
  • Heavy Armory (2 Containers left out; No issues with Leveled Lists)
  • Immersive Armor LEO overrides a few Leveled Lists, but the result is what is intended; No issues)
  • Immersive Jewelry (No issues)
  • Immersive Weapons (No issues)
  • Lore Weapons Expansion (No issues)
  • More Lore Friendly Soul Gems (No issues)

As a side note, if there is a way to automatically set the bash tags in LEO, please let me know and I will do that for the next update.

If you need a tutorial for Wrye Bash, I recommend the following by Michael of GamerPoets (anytime I need a tutorial, he is my 'go-to').
Wrye Bash Tutorial by Michael of GamerPoets

How the Bashed Patch works - Let's look at a simple dagger:
  • LEO replaces the vanilla list with one that contains 35 Iron Daggers, 25 Steel Daggers, 5 Orcish Daggers, etc...
  • Lore Weapons Expansion adds a Silver Dagger entry.
  • Where there was 100 Daggers in the original list (35% Iron, 25% Steel...) there is now 101 Daggers.
  • This provides a slightly less than 1% chance to find a Silver Dagger, and the %s for the other 100 drops slightly as well.


A few things I plan to add for this mod:
  • Vendors for each mine. They buy, but they do not sell... yet. With the loot system, purchasing from miners will be helpful (possibly more realistic).
  • Vendors for each farm. Likewise, they buy from you, but do not sell.
  • Overhaul the Crime and Bounty system as part of the Economy aspect of the mod.
  • A payment/salary "system" for hirelings (possibly all followers). You pay up front... for life? Don't they deserve a cut?
  • Additional costs for maintaining property (considered an upkeep or a tax system).

Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions are welcome.

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