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In the beginning quest (Unbound), you search for some potions in a barrel. What the heck?! Potions? In a barrel? This literally happens nowhere else in the game. Now they are in a chest instead.

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In 'Unbound', the beginning quest, you have to search for potions in a barrel. As far as I can tell, potions are not stored in barrels throughout the entire game, unless the player manually stores them in one (I could be wrong). I have always found this to be inconsistent, and it sets a precedent for the player, making them assume this is something that can actually happen. This was especially confusing on my first playthrough, as I was searching barrels for potions like a chump for ages.

This mod simply places the potions in a chest instead, and changes the quest notification to search the chest, instead of the barrel. That's it.

This mod is just an esp, so can be safely uninstalled/installed at any time. Though I doubt it will matter, as it only affects early game (MQ101), and you can just start a new game anyway.

Thanks and enjoy.