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Ceasefire. Threaten. Confidence. Engage. Embolden. Subdue.

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Silver Tongue

This mod adds six new 'abilities' to Speechcraft, namely Ceasefire, Threaten, Confidence, Engage, Embolden, and Subdue. The idea is to encourage the player to train in Speechcraft and allow them to make use of this skill outside of dialogue. Speechcraft and its perks are however not required to make use of the abilities' basic effects. *The perks are not required in the alternate version, requiring Speechcraft skill level instead for better compatibility with other mods.

These abilities (5 lesser powers; 1 power) are automatically added to the player upon entering the game. They will gain additional effects as the player's Speechcraft skill improves, certain perks are unlocked, or certain conditions are met. They also grant minimal skill XP when used.

The abilities work via temporary spells and magic effects plus conditions, with almost no visual effects and NPC spell reactions. This mod adds only four scripts - one for adding the abilities to the player, one for giving the player Speechcraft XP when the abilities are used, one for a Ceasefire effect, and one for the Subdue effects.

  • Tell allies and neutrals to disengage from combat, and persuade enemies from being hostile; Lesser Power.
  • Does not work on most Conjurations (Summoned/Commanded/Reanimated), Undead, and Creatures.
  • Magic Effect: Fear (Basic) and Calm (Non-Basic) + Script
  • Basic - allies; medium range.
  • False Taming* - animals, except sabrecats; small range; requires >5 Food items (none consumed); 1 minute.
  • False Bribery - <Aggressive enemies; very small range; requires Bribery perk (alt version: 3000+ gold; none consumed); 1 minute.
  • Persuasion - <Very Aggressive NPCs; very small range; requires Persuasion perk (alt version: Speechcraft level 55); 1 minute.
  • Intimidation - <Frenzied NPCs; small range; requires Intimidation perk (alt version: Speechcraft level 75); 1 minute.
  • Master - most NPCs; medium range; requires L100 Speechcraft skill; 3 minutes.
  • Spriggan* - Spriggan faction; medium range; requires Kyne's Sacred Trials quest completion; 3 minutes.
  • Wisp* - Wisp faction; medium range; requires The Pale Lady quest completion; 3 minutes.
  • Dragon* - Dragons; medium range; requires Main Quest completion and Paarthunax alive; 3 minutes.

  • Threaten non-allies and animals with your weapons out; Lesser Power.
  • Does not work on most Conjurations (Summoned/Commanded/Reanimated), Undead, and Creatures.
  • Magic Effect: Fear - Hostile
  • Basic - <Cautious targets; <small range; 30 seconds.
  • Persuasion - <Average targets; small range; requires Persuasion perk (alt version: Speechcraft level 55); 1 minute.
  • Intimidation - <Brave targets; medium range; requires Intimidation perk (alt version: Speechcraft level 75); 1.5 minutes.
  • Dragon* - Dragons; medium range; requires Main Quest completion and Paarthunax dead; 3 minutes.
  • Undead* - Undead; medium range; requires Dawnbreaker equipped; 1.5 minutes.

  • Muster your confidence; Power.
  • Magic Effect: Peak Value Modifier - Speech skill
  • Apprentice - +5 Speech skill; requires L25 Speechcraft; 1 minute.
  • Adept - +10 Speech skill; requires L50 Speechcraft; 1 minute.
  • Expert - +15 Speech skill, +50 health; requires L75 Speechcraft; 1 minute.
  • Master* - False Invisibility (outside combat), +100 health; requires L100 Speechcraft; 1.5 minutes.

  • Enter combat with target(s) or break Ceasefire; >small range; Lesser Power.

  • Inspire your allies for a certain amount of time; 5-hour cooldown; Lesser Power.
  • Magic Effect: Rally + Health buff
  • Basic - +Confidence, +25 Health, +55% Health Regeneration; 1-, 1-, 5-minute duration respectively.
  • Persuasion - +Confidence, +100 Health, +100% Health Regeneration; requires Persuasion perk (alt version: Speechcraft level 75); 5-, 10-, 10-minute duration respectively.

  • Turn a defeated enemy into a friend or ally; <small range; Lesser Power.
  • Magic Effect: Fear (Basic) and Calm (Persuasion) + Script
  • Basic - <25% Health or killed; turns target into a neutral.
  • Persuasion - <35% Health or killed; requires Persuasion perk (alt version: Speechcraft level 75); turns target into a potential follower.

- - - - - - -
  • Installation: Place files in your The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\Data folder. Activate the .esp in your load order or mod manager. You can use LOOT to sort your load order.
  • Do not use both vanilla and alternate versions athe same time.
  • Updating: Simply replace/overwrite the old files.