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This is a mod that add a revisited Daedric Armor for light armor style and Gameplay with new weapons and enchanted gear!

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Be the Hand of the Daedra
I made a Light Armor version of the Daedric Armor, so if you are a stealth player (like me) or you just play with light armor now you can play with a daedric set
. I also made a buffed version of daedric sword, bow, dagger and arrow.
You can get all this new items crafting them at a forge. If you want you can also craft a buffed version of these items with Broken enchantements.
The hood: buff archery
The cuirass: elemental resistences and invisibility while sneaking
The gloves: buff one-handed, lockpicking, pickpocket
The boots: buff stealth
The sword: drains
The dagger: flames
The bow: ice and other broken stuff

Enjoy this mod and if you want become broken without logic, but magic!