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This is the two files that you will need to export texture from substance painter for Skyrim

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Hello everyone here are the two files that you will need to export the texture from substance painter to skyrim with the tutorial on youtube :

To install put the Skyrim.spexp in Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf\export-presets
and drag and drop Specularplusroughness.sbsar in your shelf as a filter.

To explain a bit on how to use it.
   - create a new file in substance with your model
   - add a user0 channel
   - Rename your texture set (this will be use for the name of your textures)
   - Bake your model
   - Create your texture
   - add the Specularplusroughness filter on top of your texture layer
   - adjust the filter's parameter
   - export texture
     - chose the skyrim preset
     - chose tga (or anyformat that accept alpha)
     - chose your export location
   - open all your texture photoshop 

 -->  Export every texture in DDS
         _Diffuse_Alpha_S01 DXT5 (for alpha gradiant) DXT3 (for black or white explicit alpha)
         _Diffuse_S01 DXT1 (no Alpha)
         _Normal_Specular_S02 DXT5
         _Emissive_S03 DXT1
         _Height_S04 DXT1

As you can see there is two diffuse, this is because you might not need the alpha part because not all your model have transparency.
S0* is for the slot in the model shader for skyrim