About this mod

Skin mesh physics for breasts, custom body physics for the rest. SINful CBSMP Config - it's SMP with a fraction of the performance hit.

Permissions and credits
SINful CBSMP Config

What it is and offers
    SINful CBSMP Config is a simple to use FOmod installer, it is a specially tailored config of SMP and CBP that aims to further advance Skyrim's plot device (ie. for medium-large plots). That is to say, it aims to promote a SMP-like experience with a fraction of the performance hit by mean of utilizing the superior yet performance demanding bullet point collision detection for only the breasts, and the inferior yet performance friendly bouncing physics for the remaining butt and belly physics.

    Note: If it isn't apparent already, this mod is specifically tailored for medium-large body types. Light body types does not need nor require this version of SMP, as there would be little (if any) breast collision to warrant it, for those wishing for physics using light bodies I suggest using SINful CBP Config instead.

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Requirements and details
Note: be sure to download the correct files corresponding to the SSE and SKSE version you are running.

Optional, but advisable mods
Note: The mods below are listed to increase overall SKSE performance and stability; as the nature of this mod deals heavily with SKSE, it is recommended that they are installed.

Mandatory Requirements
    1. Install both hdtSSEFramework then hdtSSEPhysics, be sure to have Frame loaded before Physics.
    2. Install the FOmod; choose your SMP margin setting (this setting determine your hand to breast clipping and collision)
        Note: The higher the margin the higher the tendency and more noticeable the breasts will jitter. Inversely, the lower the margin the higher % of clipping.
    3. After installation, Body Slide one last time, to ensure your armor and skin roughly matches your SMP margin setting.
    4. Optional: This mod uses SINful CBP Config heavy setting of 222, if this is not to your liking, please install and use SINful CBP Config and choose the config of your choice. Be sure to have SINful CBP Config loaded immediately after this mod.